Where To Take A Girl On A First Date | 22 BEST Ideas!

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today's video this is a highly requested

video as I had so many of you men asked

me where do I take woman on first dates

and in this video I'm going to give you

a list of things that you can do to take

this woman on a first date or even a

second or third date these are all great

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confidently in the direction to attract

that woman of your dream now first dates

can be a little overwhelming sometimes

and you're like I don't really want to

take this woman out on a stravagant

five-star dinner and spend 100 200 300

dollars on her on the first time meeting

her because let's just say that can put

a huge hole in our wallet if we continue

to date woman so first dates keep it

light keep it simple and really try to

get this to know this woman to really

see if you want to take her out to

dinner in the future but also to see if

she wants to take you out to dinner too

so let's get started I'm going to just

give you a list of possibilities that

you can take this woman out and really

impress her so depending on your

character and depending on the type of

man that you are and once it's

comfortably for you go ahead and pick

these and I want to hear from you

tell me below which one that you like

the best now let's get started first

idea dates you can take her carding this

is so fun because you can have fun you

can laugh together and you can also kind

of be competitive also rock climbing is

a great great date as well because you

can encourage each other you can

actually do something which is kind of

adrenaline rushing especially if the

both of you are really physically active

you can take her to a lounge to have

drinks or casual lounge where you can

just pick out our d'oeuvres and things

like that or maybe a jazz lounge

something like that so search your area

go on Google and see what in popular

jazz lounges there are next would be

maybe add a picnic to like maybe an

outside park maybe they have some

outside festivals and art show going on

or a music concert and some festivals

actually have live jazz there

during the day day dates are truly

amazing because if you like them you can

even spend more time with them another

one would be take her to a basketball

game a hockey game a baseball game a

soccer game or football

wherever the country you're watching but

these are all really fun activities to

do especially if she does like sports so

ask her when you're having conversation

with her

before you take her on on this date I

wouldn't recommend this if a woman does

not like sports don't do this next would

be maybe water activities if you were to

live somewhere like Miami or Chie live

or California or anywhere that's there's

water basically you can take her water

skiing kayaking jet skiing to being a

boating I mean there's so many water

activities that you can truly do that

some of them are really adrenalin

rushing or even take her to go scuba

diving or whatever it is that you would

like to do do something like that

because it also gives you the time to

experience this how she reacts to things

how she does when she's having fun maybe

when she gets scared how does she act

because typically when you take woman on

pretty daring dates you share this type

of bond because you start to you start

to have this bond because of the fact

that maybe you're doing something that

is adrenaline rushing or daring together

so it creates hormones and it creates

the serotonin levels in her head to

really get closer to you and you develop

and use different type of attraction

towards another max would be a painting

so I know maybe this wouldn't be up your

alley but you can always make it fun you

can bring a bottle of wine and I know

there's some areas in other countries

and in the United States where you can

look up and they have painting

activities painting workshops and things

like that and that's a really good idea

you can also bring a bottle of wine if

you want and if you don't drink then

that's okay too

you can bring like a little cheese and

crackers and maybe some soda or some

juice whatever you would like or some

tea or coffee whatever it is

next would be a great idea is take her

to a show maybe a comedy show the reason

why I say she comedy show because

if you've watched any of my videos I

tell you not to go to theaters on the

first date because you can't interact

and have conversation some coaches talk

about going to theaters and I don't

understand why because you don't we

don't have time to waste do you want to

see if this woman is of value to your

life and if you have that connection

with the woman the reason why I say

comedy show is because it's totally

different typically when you go to a

comedy show you have time where you're

having drinks because they like to you

for you to kind of communicate with

other people that are going to be in the

show because they like to warm up the

environment before you actually get to

the act so this gives you time to

actually talk to each other a little bit

and enjoy and it's not like you can't

really talk to each other in a comedy

show every once in a while when they

have times where they just take breaks

and things like that so that's also a

great idea it doesn't have to be a

comedy show it can be any type of show

as well now there one would be visit

like a farmers market maybe like on a

Sunday when they have the farmers market

around your areas and they have like

little art shows and where you can make

smoothies where you can get fresh fruit

fresh vegetables whatever it is and just

take her for a walk and go to a farmers

market next idea would be take her to a

zoo or a Botanic Garden that's really

beautiful especially the Botanic Garden

and if you are watching it and you are

in Miami a Botanic Garden that's really

amazing and I forgots Fairchild Gardens

and you can actually take her in a

butterfly cave like that's amazing with

a bunch of butterflies it's and it's be

big so it's not like you're swamped with

butterflies for anything but it's really

really beautiful so a botanic garden or

a zoo if she likes animals will be

really fun to do together next is pretty

interesting and I don't know if you've

heard this before but in a scape room

have you ever heard of a scape room this

might sound a little creepy but I

promise you it's not keep on watching an

escape room is where you both have to

use your mind together in order to

escape the room so there's like

activities it's like a mystery solver

like you have to solve things in order

to get to the next room in the next room

which is your exit so it's really really

fun because you guys can loosen up a

little bit especially for you

introverts this is a great date for you

because it loosens you up and stops

taking off the pressure to really talk

to each other face to face or you can

loosen up and do the activities together

so afterwards you've kind of already

warned up to each other next one would

be who a sunrise or sunset meet up this

is really beautiful especially a sunrise

meet up I mean that's pretty awesome

maybe you guys could meditate or do some

yoga on the beach together if you did a

sunrise meetup or a Sun a sunset meetup

would be really nice too you can do it

anywhere at a park a picnic anything

like that or a beach or top of a

mountain depending on where you live

that's a beautiful beautiful thing to do

and then you can also go bike riding

together maybe plan a date where you're

just bike riding together because you

both like to be active another idea

which is really fun and that can get her

out of her comfort zone and you too is a

trampoline park I mean this is a workout

all in itself but it also gives you some

time to really have fun together and

really get down and dirty really let's

just be honest because you guys are

gonna be sweating and if you're gonna be

doing this trampoline park but also it

gives you time to just really get to

know each other and have fun and let

loose so that's another good one for you

introverts and then lastly you can have

ice cream or go to an arcade together

get coffee those typical things and then

also what I love too is one of my

favorites is just volunteering together

I've talked about this so much to you

men in a lot of my videos it's about

having your own life and never

separating your life to make hers more

pleasurable because that's not the truth

what happens is when you're cultivating

a relationship where you're dating

someone and you have your own separate

activities the way to do it is for them

to see it so if you volunteer you're

really active in a community or have a

specific foundation that you dedicate

your time to bring her along see how she

likes it let her take a peek about how

awesome you truly are if you liked

today's video I want to hear from you

which one are you gonna try and you've

probably never thought of before or

which one have you tried before give me

a comment below because I love hearing

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