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Hey guys, in this video we are going to talk about Zurich, Switzerland’s largest City

and economic center.

It has a population of about 430’000, but there are at least 1.3 Million people living

in the outskirts of the city.

Zurich is well known for its financial industry, its university and for having a high quality

of life.

Although it is by far the most populated city in Switzerland, Zurich is not Switzerland’s

capital city - but instead it’s the city of Bern which can be reached in less than

one hour by train.

And in case you didn’t already know: Switzerland is located at the very center of Europe, and

please don’t confuse Switzerland with Sweden or even Swaziland on the African continent.

The climate in Zurich is quite balanced, the winters are not too cold and in summer, there

are only a few weeks of intense heat.

So that’s why a lot of Swiss people like to visit Italy, France or Spain during summer,

since all these countries are in very close driving distance from Switzerland.

If you like to ski or snowboard, you can easily spend your winters vacation in the Swiss alps,

which are not even located a two hours drive from Zurich.

In addition, it’s impressive that you can even see the Swiss

alps right from the city center.

Isn’t that beautiful?

In Zurich, people speak Swiss German.

Nevertheless, newspapers and tv series are all in German, because based on the fact that

every Swiss canton has its own version of Swiss German, there are no grammar rules for

that language.

In Swiss German, the City of Zurich is actually called “Züri”.

The people of Zurich are told to be restrained.

In the mornings, you barely see people smiling - instead they are all focused on work and

on earning money.

There is a huge international community in Zurich.

English and French are understood by most of the citizens of Zurich.

People from countless other countries are immigrating to Zurich, in order to get a better

paid job or just to enjoy the high quality of life.

People who work in Zurich, earn the highest salaries worldwide.

On average, a worker in Zurich earns almost 5900 dollars per month, which is really impressive.

Not even New York or London can keep up with those numbers.

The main reason for that is that there are tons of international companies located in


Especially the financial sector is strong, with global players like UBS or Credit Suisse

headquartered in Zurich.

But even huge American and Asian IT companies settled down in Zurich, like Apple, IBM, Cisco,

Samsung, Huawei, Dell, HP, Microsoft and Google.

Google actually built its largest site outside of the United States in Zurich, having almost

5000 employees there.

But besides all this, housing prices have skyrocketed over the last 50 years.

During the 1960ies, Zurich's population was shrinking and nobody wanted to live in the


Now, people can’t even find affordable apartments to rent.

A two bedroom apartment located in the center of Zurich can cost up to 1.5 million Swiss

Francs, which is equivalent to 1.51 million dollars.

And what about other costs?

Unfortunately, not only apartments are expensive, but also daily goods like food, household

goods and services.

Switzerland ranks first on the Big Mac Index, meaning that you have to spend more than six

and a half dollars to get a Big Mac.

For the amount of money you spend to live in Zurich for a month, you could stay in Prague

or Lisbon for more than 2.5 months or in Istanbul for almost 4 months.

There is a small observation tower situated on a hill in the outskirts of Zurich, which

- in the past - could be climbed for free.

But now, people have to spend two Swiss Francs just in order to get to the top of the tower.

So in Switzerland, money makes the world go round.

Zurich is a city located at a river and a lake simultaneously.

At the Lake Zurich, people like to swim, ride their boats or just to have a great time in

the park.

Water from Lake Zurich runs into a river called Limmat.

It flows through the whole city and people enjoy riding down the river using their rubber


Zurich was ranked first worldwide in terms of quality of life for seven years until 2008.

Since then, it is ranked at second place right behind Vienna, the capital city of Austria.

But there are three more Swiss cities ranked in the top 15 cities with the highest quality

of life, which can all be reached within 2 hours of traveling.

Bern, Basel and Geneva.

People in Zurich argue whether it’s better to live on the right or on the left side of

the Lake Zurich.

While on the left hand side of the lake, there are more companies and better access to highways

and public transport, on the right hand side there are more wealthy people living in prestigious

city districts.

Furthermore, there is more sunshine on the right hand side of the Lake - so maybe that’s

why it’s called “The Golden Coast”?

In Zurich, there are more than 1200 drinking fountains, which makes this City the City

with the most drinking fountains in the world.

Tap Water is absolutely drinkable in whole Switzerland.

Another interesting fact about the center of Zurich is the “6-o’clock” square.

It used to be a quite dirty place with a lot of parking places.

And during the second world war, there even was a rapeseed field right in the center of

the square.

Then, in 2003 the people of Zurich voted to restructure the area in order to make it more

pleasant for people living and visiting Zurich.

After that, they built a massive underground car park and constructed a square, where people

now like to hang out, meet friends and spend their quality time.

While building this pedestrian zone, construction workers found remainings of a neolithic community

living here in the years of 11’000 BC.

Since we already are talking about Zurich’s history, there is yet another interesting

fact about Zurich.

During 1916 to 1917, Lenin, the leader of the Russian revolution, was living in Zurich.

His wife wrote down that they enjoyed the fact that in Zurich there were many revolutionary-minded

young people from different countries.

Moreover, they liked the Lake Zurich and the fact that there were better libraries than

in Bern, were they were living previously.

Also, there is a rumor that he still has a bank account at the cantonal bank of Zurich,

holding a little more than five Swiss Francs, which back than was quite a lot of money.

Another considerable advantage of Zurich are Zurich’s educational institutes.

The technical university of Zurich also known as ETH, is an university with one of the world’s

best reputation.

In 2019, it was ranked third of the world’s top universities specialized in the engineering

and technology sector - surpassing universities like Oxford, Berkeley University of California

or even Cambridge.

Many international students are studying at this university.

In fact, more than 50% of the students are not Swiss citizens.

Even physicist Albert Einstein was studying and teaching at this university.

Zurich is relatively clean and has low criminal rates.

There are not too many green areas, but based on the fact that Zurich is surrounded by some

hills, there are a lot of opportunities to spent some time in the woods in order to get

in touch with nature and to relax.

Public transport is truly at the cutting edge.

Not only in Zurich but in whole Switzerland, trains, trams and busses follow a strict time

table and you can absolutely rely on those plans.

All public transport facilities are quite clean and there are epic two-story trains

bringing people to their destinations all around Switzerland.

However, public transportation in Switzerland is expensive.

Even Swiss people have the impression that public transportation in Switzerland should

be cheaper.

Another interesting place to visit is Zurich’s main shopping street called “Bahnhofstrasse”,

which is located at the very center of Zurich.

It has dozens of stores where you can buy chocolate, watches and other high luxury goods.

This street ranks 9th worldwide in terms of rental prices.

The amount of sales per square meter is absolutely jaw dropping and can hold up with other famous

shopping streets like the upper 5th avenue in New York City or Causeway Bay in Hong Kong.

That’s even more impressive if you consider how tiny Zurich is compared to those cities.

In winter, the city administration installs glamorous decoration lights, which are recommendable

to see.

In the upper part of Zurich, there is a city area called 5th circle, where you can find

some taller residential and office buildings.

They don’t even surpass the 200 meter mark, but for Swiss standards that’s already quite


Additionally, there are a lot of bars, restaurants and nightclubs, where young people like to

pull allnighters.

In fact, Zurich is the city with the most night clubs per capita in Europe - but because

there are not many people living in Zurich, the variety of night clubs is still relatively


The world’s biggest techno parade called “Street Parade” is annually taking place

in Zurich.

More than one million people all around the world participate in this event.

There are some local people of Zurich, who go on a holiday trip during those days, just

to flee from the festival’s craziness.

But if you prefer to party and to listen to techno music, you definitely have to consider

to join this festival for at least once in your lifetime.

To sum up, you definitely have to see Zurich if you are traveling to Switzerland.

For sure it is not the cultural center of Switzerland, but it is definitely the economical

and financial center.

There are a lot of cool places to visit and I’m sure that you will enjoy your stay.

Have you ever visited Zurich?

What were your impressions?

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