The Star of Switzerland: 7 Facts about Zürich


after 25 episodes we've reached the end

of the switch series we've covered every

single Canton of the country but one so

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talk about the last but ironically the

most famous was Canton 2d hello and

welcome to 7 facts without a doubt the

most famous place associated with such

land is Zuri with 1.5 million people

living here this is the most populated

Canton and all of Switzerland and most

of it is occupied by the city of Zurich

and its surrounding metropolitan area

despite being a highly urbanized but not

very big canton zurich has a

surprisingly diverse landscape with

mountains foothills plateaus lakes and

forests and it's a damn great place to

live Zurich has a higher index of human

development than almost any independent

state in the world and any other

sub-state region which isn't that

surprising thanks to good policies and

administration Zurich has become one of

the world's main financial centres a

banking and insurance R&D and high-tech

manufacturing hub aside from the local

companies hundreds of international


have subsidiaries present in Zuri like

aliens BMW Coca Cola General Motors

Google HP IBM and so on

now that's one hell of an accomplishment

we know theory is important today but

what about in the past while the city

itself has been continuously inhabited

for over 2,000 years it was founded by

the Romans as to Rico although the area

was already settled by Celtic Helvetii

tribes once the Romans retreated in 401

AD the allamani Germans started moving

in as was the case in most of Western

Europe the fall of the Western Roman

Empire initiated the Middle Ages and a

struggle for power between various noble

families began such was the case with

Zurich - until 1218 when it became a

free Imperial

city of the Holy Roman Empire the lands

acquired by this city-state are still

under Zurich's rule to this day as the

territory of the canton before we get to

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right with that said let's go to fact

number three with a population of over

400,000 people the city of Zurich is the

capital of the canton the city itself

has an urban agglomeration that extends

well beyond the city limits and even the

canton limits

thus reaching a total population of 1.8

million people this city is one of the

world's largest financial centers but

also one of the wealthiest on the planet

quality of life is not too shabby either

Zurich having been repeatedly nominated

as the European city with the best

quality of life with such great stands

it's easy to forget that it's also a

delightful and fascinating place for

tourists it's many attractions include

dozens of museums a well-preserved old

town filled with medieval and

renaissance buildings and enough art

both in and out of museums to keep

tourists happy for a week at least once

you're done with that side you can step

into the modern quarters of Zuri where

restaurants shopping streets clubs and

pretty much anything else you might want

await you


because the wreck is so famous and a

major player in the financial sector

many if not most people believe this is

the capital of Switzerland but that's

not right

while it is true that it held this title

for a very short while in the 1800s

Zurich is most definitely not the

capital of the entire country

in fact Switzerland has no capital city

at least not one defined by the

Constitution unofficially Bern is the

country's political center and it is the

de facto capital of Switzerland

everybody in the world knows that

Switzerland is a fiercely neutral

country and does not participate in any

walls or take sides

and yet Switzerland has been bombed

during World War two by the Americans by

mistake the first accidental bombing

happened in 1944 when the US Air Force

was attempting to bomb Ludvig - Nam

Huynh in Germany but instead targeted

Schaffhausen as you can imagine this

caused the considerable diplomatic mess

the investigation cited weather

conditions and navigation errors as the

causes for the bombing and the city was

compensated four million dollars for the

various damages but only one year later

the USA Falls bombs re thinking that

they were hitting a schaffen bull in

Germany b-24 bombers hit Zurich with

12.5 tons of high explosives and 12 tons

of incendiaries killing five people at

virtually the same time other bombers

dropped 12.5 tons of high explosives and

five tons of incendiaries on Basel

have you ever considered visiting a

place that has nothing to offer no well

if you change your mind

Zurich has exactly what you need the

no-show Museum is a special kind of

Museum one devoted to nothing its

purpose is to show how the concept of

nothing has manifested throughout over

time it's basically a display of the

arts of the imperceptible minimalism

absence or destruction the concept may

not be the easiest to wrap your mind

around but it is certainly intriguing

and one of the highlights of Azeri visit

today Switzerland is still divided

between Protestant and Catholic regions

although this has increasingly become

less important but did you know that the

Reformation of Switzerland started in

Zurich Zurich was the focus of the Swiss

Reformation that by huldrych zwingli

swingley attacked the custom of fasting

during Lent exposed the corruption of

the ecclesiastical hierarchy promoted

clerical marriage and attacked the use

of images in places of worship these and

other radical ideas led to significant

changes in civil life and state matters

in zuri and spread to several other

Canton's of the old Swiss Confederacy

thus initiating the Reformation in

Switzerland this Reformation caused the

rift between many small communities and

Canton's alike and sparked various

religious hostilities but that is a

whole other subject on its own please

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