How EXPENSIVE is Zürich? Switzerland Budget Travel Tips



I just got off the train here in the

city it's a really interesting train

ride over from Billy and Sona because we

went through the guitar tunnel we were

traveling at over 160 miles an hour

that's the deepest railway tunnel in the

world it's like eight thousand feet

below the Swiss Alps and it's also 35

and a half miles long which it's really


well right now I'm heading over to the

hostel to check in just made it to my

hostel for the next few nights

I'll be here for only two days and then

I'm leaving Switzerland I'm gonna just

unpack right now and then figure out

what else I'm gonna do here today it's a

quiet quiet little street not really a

lot of a view but I like the area


I'm heading off into the center of the

city to see I've already been here a few

times so I'm really trying to figure out

how to really cover the city and maybe

do something interesting that will be

interesting to you guys and also to me

but it is nice to be back here I do miss

this place

it is a really cold mushy today though

but I just climbed out to the top of the

lindenhof this is this really cool open

green space in the centre of the old

city you get gorgeous views of the

surrounding area this is my favorite

part in the entire city it's a really

chill spot to just grab a beer grab a

book and just check out the gorgeous

view here


and if you're into chess you could come

here and play chess with the locals it's

a really popular thing to do here during

the summer there's like dozens of people

out here playing you know why people

always say that so it's aloneness

super-expensive end it definitely can be

but if you know how to travel right you

can get away with staying here pretty

cheaply my hostel is about $59 a night

but you could also instead of going out

to eat at a restaurant you could go to

the local supermarket to co-op here the

major supermarket in town it's really

good they have a wide variety of takeout

foods and there's also of course street

vendors and isn't it ironic that as I

said that I wandered out onto

Bahnhofstrasse ah this is one of the

main streets here in tunic and it's one

of the most expensive streets in the

entire world there's plenty of exclusive



Cole Street is heavily pedestrianised

but if you don't feel like walking you

could also take the take the tram which

starts out at about 2 francs and 70

cents I believe but if you have that

half fare card like I told you to get a

couple days ago and then be quite a bit

cheaper to

restaurants on the fourth floor


I think I got enough food you got a beer


alright guys I think I got enough food

here I really don't know what I got but

I got a bunch of salads meats and pasta

all of this costs 1995 including the

beer of course now if you don't drink

take the beer out it's only 14.95 and

the lady at the counter actually told me

to come back and grab more food because

they didn't grab enough and yeah just

everything looks so good when here's the

cool thing about Swiss beers


well guys I think that is it for today

just started raining again and I'm

heading back into the hostel hopefully

you guys did enjoy today's video if I

did show you how it can be pretty

inexpensive to visit Switzerland if you

know where to go and how to plan things

out instead of just eating at

restaurants and just wasting money down

the drain

but as always leave me a thumbs up if

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you guys in the next one