Zurich, Switzerland: 5 Mistakes Tourists Make

Hi and welcome to Zurich, Switzerland! My name is Greg and today I will introduce

to you my five mistakes, I think the tourists often make when they visit this

wonderful, although not capital city of Switzerland.

So, the first mistake is obviously not coming to Zurich. Often tourists skip

Zurich because it doesn't have the mountains, it doesn't have to snow,

it doesn't have the cheese, although it has chocolate! You land here you take the

train, you rent a car and youy bypass Zurich and you will never come back.

But Zurich has got a lot to offer. We've got a very rich history here!

Zurich is a big part of the reason Switzerland is as it is today.

So, as you can see here is the distance from the airport to the city centre where we are

here right now. It's not that far, it's a 10-minute ride by train.

Now, also there is the general misconception that people in Zurich are

very rich, people in Zurich only care about looks, money, aesthetics and luxury,

but I can assure you this is not the case. Of course a certain part that does,

but most of us - we don't. So don't worry about it.

This means you do not need to dress up, you do not need to rent your luxury car because we can tell by the license plate anyways.

And just come here, be yourself and have a good time!

But when you visit Zurich, many people make this mistake.

They only stay around District 1 as you can see here with the many stars, that's District 1.

District 1 is sort of the old town and

you can tell by the way the buildings are. The buildings are very small the

buildings are... The roads, the alleys are very narrow,

sometimes not even two people fit. So this is the old town. But Zurich is very

rich in history, so this is what you will find around this area here.

If you shouldn't visit only District 1, what should you visit?

You may not know but Zurich, back in the day, maybe like 30 years ago, had a huge drug problem.

And this problem affected this area here mainly. And this is area of Districts 3, 4 and 5.

So, these districts were a bit rundown back in the day but obviously

with time more people being interested in Zurich, these districts have been

remodeled and renovated and are now very nice places to see.

So, a few arts and culture spots here, but mainly residential with great food, great nightlife.

If you are into nightlife then Zurich should be on your list, definitely.

This is happening around here. As I see a lot of tourists only staying in this

area and being here, coming on Sundays walking up and down Bahnhofstrasse,

seeing nobody, shops are closed, very disappointed... I think it's important to

say that a lot of other districts are on the rise now as well and worth a visit for, so...

Do everything! Or, yeah... Go a bit outside as well.

We see a lot of tourists that come to Zurich

and eat at restaurants that only the travel guide or he tour guide suggests.

Okay? These restaurants are in a District 1.

One very famous one is next to Paradeplatz, there are two or three

fondue restaurants in Niederdorf as well which are very famous, but you can eat

the same food at other restaurants as well and still have an authentic feeling.

So, you head to District 3, 4 and 5, there are wonderful restaurants as

well or maybe check out on TripAdvisor and sort of filter out these restaurants

that you see in the travel guides, because other restaurants are just as

good as well, okay. And one other example is as you can see we are here at

the Sechseläutenplatz. Sechseläutenplatz is next to the lake, it's near Bellevue and

around here there are some places where you can get takeout food as well.

So, if you would like you see there's some chairs here, there people around.

Have some takeout, eat here like a true Zurich person. Also if you like, you can

have a bottle of wine here and it's absolutely no problem. If you would like

as well, you can just go straight over to the lake and enjoy your dinner, lunch

breakfast, whatever it may be there.

So, take out around Bellevue for example: the famous sausage at Sternen Grill. Although it's veal and pork, so if it's a

religious problem for you, maybe not... Around there's pasta place called Tschingg,

which you could visit. Or, there's some pizza places as well, which you can take out your pizza.

So, the fourth mistake is visiting Zurich by car. There are several reasons

for this: reason number one is parking. Parking is very scarce in Zurich. It can

get very expensive sort of... like the day parking rate in a Parkhaus, we call it,

it's off street in a building, you pay about 50 Swiss Francs per day. On street the maximum

probably you can do in the city centre is two hours, and you will not do

anything in two hours and come back. So that's number one. Number two: there is so

much traffic it's not even funny anymore. This is also point.

You basically don't want to spend inside of the car all the time, unless you have

rented out a really luxurious rental car. So what you do with the car? I suggest you

come maybe one or two days before you leave again and you drop your rental car,

if you took one, at the airport and then take a ten minute train ride back

downtown. That's it! And you save 100 - 200 Swiss Francs in rental car costs, just like this.

So, although it's not the best day to have this example but

many people would say (that live here) that you shouldn't come visit in winter,

because normally in winter it gets very foggy it gets very overcast,

for sometimes weeks at the time. Today is bit an exception we have wonderful

sunshine and it's actually getting a bit warm, I have to say. So yeah, in January, February

maybe not the point for you to come to Zurich but definitely if you

plan to come, plan a couple of days in summer. The lake, beautiful around the lake...

People basically live for the lake here, and the river. You can have a

fantastic time here in summer, maybe the best time in all of Switzerland. To show

you what the lake looks like, follow me around.

So, it's January now, I had to get rid of my jacket because it's quite warm and this is your pro tip of Zurich.

If you come, come when the weather's great because Zurich people

their mood is according to the weather, their life is according to the weather.

So, if the sun's out, they're out. Good time, wonderful, even in winter as you can

see here. Enjoy the lake for a bit in winter with me and take care, see you soon and bye bye!

Also we've got more videos about Zurich coming up hopefully soon, so you should

check them out as well. Bye bye!