Zurich Neighborhood Tour - Living in Switzerland, Morning Swiss Coffee!

good morning hope you're having an

amazing day at smart Queens I'm in

Zurich Switzerland we're staying at this

hotel which is called hotel Zuri and

this is one of the the most budget hotel

options I could find for three of us for

a room with Michel with a baby that's

our room right up there on the top floor

and I'm just gonna give you a quick

neighborhood tour let's walk around Dirk

and let's see what's around this morning

it's about 7:00 a.m. so we're gonna go

have coffee and I'm just gonna show you

a neighborhood tour typical neighborhood

tour in Zurich let me just quickly tell

you about the hotel that we're staying

in it's a business budget hotel for

Zurich but it's still not cheap we paid

how much did we pay even like four three

adults one baby so it's still not cheap

at all but that was on a spur of a

moment trip to to Zurich that was one of

the cheapest hotels I could find it's

the room is actually very nice very

clean very new the location the location

is in a local neighborhood area kind of

these are kind of like business business

blocks and it's not too far away from

the old town from the center of Zurich

it's a quick you can jump on the trim

and you'll be in the center in the old

town in about less than 10 minutes so

it's not far if you're coming from a big

city one of the things that you'll

definitely love about Zurich is just how

quiet it is it's such a such a nice

relaxing peaceful city and it is very

pedestrian friendly and very biker

friendly as well

all right we made it to the railroad

tracks from here we're getting into a

more a little bit more of a beautiful

neighborhood and there are lots of

typical little apartments most of the

most of the apartments are just three or

four stories and they have nice little


it's Zurich really is an incredibly

beautiful city let's cross over here

there is a park just down here that I

want to show you oh okay just stumbled

into it one thing you'll find that

you'll love about Zurich is that there

is fresh water drinking water everywhere

you go I love that about any city that I

visit having fresh water like this it's

fantastic all right let's continue yeah

it's just such a great city to walk in

and if I had a bicycle I would love that

- all right made it to the park this is

just a typical neighborhood park in

Zurich it's a really nice Park

all the parks are really nice this one

is not close to water but it's still

nice there's a volleyball court big

expansive grass and just lovely trees


no relaxing at the park this morning

young and I are in desperate need of

some coffee so we are walking on our way

to try to find a coffee shop there's one

oh there's one that I kept passing when

we were taking the trim that looked

really good it was always busy and it's

not too far away right in this



this is the tram station and this is a

this is what a typical tram looks tram

station looks like in Zurich it's one of

the easiest ways to get around if not if

you're not walking or biking one of the

easiest ways is to take the tram and you

can get from the major neighborhoods

into the old city into the downtown of

Zurich easily and there's lots and lots

of signs I think we can take any train

premiere we're just going one stop

there's a there's a good cafe or just

down the road

okay okay

remember to press the button that opens

the doors sometimes


there's okay there's the catheter in

there got a length all right let's get

out we that was just one stop I knew it

was right here but we're actually in

kind of a rush we're leaving Zurich this

morning on the train too so we need to

we needed to save some time and then the

cafe is back this way right okay this is

a little bit more of a busier area than

where we're staying it's a little bit

more commercial there are little shops

little restaurants cafes a little more a

little more life happening around here

and for the tracks I think it's I think

you can just cross the tracks

it's called cafe lung or cafe lane let's

just say here you in the front this will

be good double espresso or double

macchiato maybe every time that have

cast plan on the trim this this coffee

shop has just been packed completely

packed and there are still some empty

seats here but that's because it's only

7 a.m. in the morning but I'm here in a

very soon it will be very packed but

this is a very typical Zurich Swiss

style cafe they have an idea they even

have a nice indoors well they definitely

have to have nice indoor sections here

too because it is extremely cold in the

winter but in the summer time most

people just love to sit outside on the

street people watch drink coffee oh my

god and just hang out and enjoy the well

it's kind of cool today it's fantastic

weather but enjoy the summer weather

thank you

being ordered a cappuccino I ordered a

double espresso macchiato which has been

one of my go-to coffees in Europe I love

it so much

it's yeah that is that is a coffee right

there a fantastic coffee and also young

and I ordered a little croissant to

share oh yeah that is what you want your

cousin to feel like it's crusty it's

light and airy which bite should I take

first the the crispy side which is over

here or the gooey side

I'll go crispy crispy bite first

that's an incredible castle so buttery

and flaky like oh this is absolutely

fantastic sitting here at just the

neighborhood take pickle swiss cafe but

a very good swiss cafe the coffee is


the little pastries that you can order

our amazing and then you just sit here

and people watch and this is fantastic

we finished with the coffee we had the

two cups of coffee we had the croissant

our total bill came to twelve Franck and

all of a sudden starting to rain so we

go then we're gonna take the tram back

to our our place


okay and this is our station which is HR

we splats that's gonna do it for this

little neighborhood zurich morning walk

it was a that coffee was the highlight

of my morning walk this morning but

Zurich is really it was raided I know

it's been rated as one of the the

highest standards of living in the

entire world many many years it really

is a beautiful city it's what I love

about it is it's so pedestrian friendly

we took the tram only because we're Anna

Wintour her to rush for time so actually

I have to end the video right now and we

gotta run to the train station to to

catch our train back to Germany and the

old town is also beautiful and you can

check out my full video about Swiss food

and exploring old town on my main

channel I'll post a link in the

description box and other than that I

mean I'm here during the summer so the

weather is fantastic the weather is

perfect I know in the winter time it's

freezing cold I'm kind of scared of the

winter time but anyway overall it's it's

really a beautiful city to visit or to

live in if you have a chance and that is

a neighborhood tour of Zurich thank you

very much for watching please remember

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I'll see you on the next video