Where to stay in Phuket Patong - Budget Hotels near the Beach, Nightlife, Shopping #livelovethailand






one of the essential things before

visiting Phuket is to choose your

accommodation so before landing in this

tropical island that attracts millions

of tourists each year due to its popular

touristic attractions and the crazy


you have to know where to stay in order

to make the best of your three


so in this vlog we are going to show you

some of the budget hotels that are near

the beach nightlife and the shopping

area in order to ease your decision

while you are booking your accommodation


two of the main popular points in Fatone

area are patent beach and its popular

nightlife walking street bangaluru and

staying near these areas will save a lot

on you from transportation cost and

tooktook scans so in this vlog we are

going to concentrate on the hotels that

are located in a walking distance from

the mentioned attractions


SOI San Saba is the street facing the

popular nightlife walking street

Bangalore in which you have many budget

hotels restaurants and massage shops the

gig hotel is one of the budget hotels

that is located in SOI San Saba

this hotel is renovated lately and it

has standard and deluxe room a rooftop

swimming pool and the pleasant stuff and

its location is perfect for doors are

willing to stay in a walking distance

from the crazy nightlife but not for

early birth that like a calm night since

SOI San Saba is busy street that stays

lively till the morning light


Amata Resort is located on the main road

of button which is called refugees

parallel to Patong Beach facing the

famous Christina massage


this hotel is 10 minute walk to the

beach and the nightlife but in a calm

area where you can have a good night's

sleep it has three buildings and

different types of rooms from standard

to developed and two swimming pools and

many other facilities that can make you

stay a pleasant experience


besides all the mention it has massage

shops tour office and laundry servers

and the 7-eleven on its main entrance so

all in all it's a good choice to enjoy

your stay

near all the attractions


sleep with me hotel well as you hear

starting from the name the hotel seems a

cool place to stay

newly built hotel that is also located

in the main road of Platon area it is

also a calm place to stay and the rooms

are quiet comfortable with unique colors

and good amenities




millennium resort patent pockets located

in patent pockets most exciting

destination that never sleeps

millennium resort patong beach just a

5-minute walk to the world-famous patong

beach five-star millennium resort phuket

offers luxury accommodation surrounded

by tropical landscapes this hotel is not

considered a budget hotel but if you are

into luxury in the middle of all action

and shopping since its adjacent to the

mega mall junk salon that is a perfect

place for shopping




the Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa is

centrally located the hotel offers is

access to the vibrant entertainment and

shopping district with the stunning

Patong Beach and the variety of

memorable tourist attractions just a

walking distance


this is the tallest building in flat

honk where you have two wings in the

Royal wing and the main wing it has a

beautiful pool and lot of amenities like

spa and indoor bar and the restaurants

and much more


this hotel is one of the best hotels

that combines budget and luxury and it's

a good for families and solo travelers


Fateh on beach hotel well if you like to

stay just 100 metres away from the beach

then Patong Beach Hotel could be

considered one of the luxury hotels that

offers you the privilege to stay just at

the beach and moreover a couple of

metres from Bangalore Road nightlife






it has many types of rooms that fits

your budget a beautiful swimming pool a

gym and a restaurant with a great



Patong hotel is perfect for couples and

families who want and easy access to the

beach and at the same time to be close

to the nightlife and shopping areas so

as a summary patent has hundreds of

luxury and budget hotels that can fit

your style and expectations but in order

to enjoy the best of it it's better to

stay around the popular attractions like

the Patong Beach that is always a good

place to swim and relax


or the popular nightlife that get crazy

after the sunset


or even its mega malls that offers your

local and international products






so taking those mentioned points into

consideration and choosing the best

location according to your expectations

will make your stay a memorable holiday

in Phuket


I hope this vlog was helpful for you to

have an idea about the areas in patent

and the kind of accommodations you can

book before traveling to Phuket






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