Where to Stay in Phuket // Our Favorite Unique Resort

so you're headed to Thailand for your

vacation and you're asking yourself

what's the best place to stay in Phuket

is if the Phuket resorts or it was just

the best hotel on the beach in Phuket

that you can find well we recommend you

stay at their resorts because their

reserves can control your experience

they can keep you away from the

craziness that is the crazy tourist

capital of the world of Phuket become

and they have bubble baths



this resorts called the slate it's a

luxury resort formerly known as the

Indigo pearl Maggie and I actually came

here nine years ago for our honeymoon

and we're back again and the reason

we're back is because this is the most

creative artistic resort most unique

resort we've ever stayed at in our

entire lives Phuket and before the

tourism industry was known for in the

mining industry tin mining especially so

they've taken all those elements of

industry being copper steel rebar gears

chains and they've meshed it with lush

jungle tropical rainforest so every part

of the resort is curated to give you

this kind of steampunk chic feel and

it's just the most unique thing we've

ever experienced

three swimming pools the main ones right

here behind me it's very large it's got

nice water features and the surrounded

by this rainforest jungle vegetation

stuff if it's too loud and noisy for you

because all the little munchkins rolling

around they've got two other pools that

are for adults only one of them has a

nice swim up bar and then the last one

is an infinity pool when it's very

peaceful and quiet


all right all yeah

let's talk about the room so you're

staying at a luxury resort do you want

to spend most of your money on the room

or the experiences the room we're gonna

show you is kind of like a the mid-range

room we've got your basic rooms very

other end you've got the private pool

pillows which we can't show you because

we're not staying in one our room is

quite nice though the bed's incredibly


the designs really cool just like the

rest of the resort on the outside they

have a bathtub which you saw in the

intro and here's a nice place to lounge

on the balcony especially if it's




you know we're just lounge about at the

resort by the pool there's lots of

activities you can do or your family

they have archery lessons they have

mountain biking they've got stand-up

paddleboarding they've got kayaking kite

boarding did I say that crab boarding in

addition to that there's lots of fitness

classes there's yoga there's Pilates

there's muy Thai which we tried now it's

very interesting there's just tons to do

your part not gonna get bored


talk about this fall I wouldn't normally

spend too much time in a video doing a

reviewer resort talking about the spa

but this spa is probably the nicest fall

I've ever seen

they have several deluxe rooms where you

check in and you have a bath and a

shower and give you a massage

the prices are about comfortable to

America you get two hours for two

hundred dollars and considering how nice

it is think it's a good deal but the

coolest thing is a signature room which

is like this giant like a giant like

wicker basket fame nest and you go up

there super secluded and quiet and again

the design and creativity is top-notch

food and beverage you're probably

wondering about food and beverage but

first we're going to tell you about

beverage because that's how we roll in

this channel there's a few places you

can have a drink we're at the Tonga tin

syndicate right now is like a western

themed steampunk Panem bar there's

another bar called the rebar which is

upstairs above the river restaurant a

Japanese restaurant there's also the

swim-up bar at the adult-only pool and

you can order drinks at the other poles

if you want as well


secondary to beverages is your food

options so there's quite a few

restaurants you can eat at you're gonna

spend between 12 and $18 per meal and

here at the black ginger reaction

neither reservation there's a set menu

it's like $35 and there's a more

expensive one for $45 this will have

side items you can order for like 7 to 8

dollars $10 and free rice


the restaurants on a nice body of water

and you have to take this raft to get

back and forth to where the guests are

staying to the restaurant it's really


amazing ambiance here



raining it's the rainy seasons those

raining what is that totally looks like

a fish what is it doing

why is the fish it's a fish out of water

why is there a fish over here