Where to stay in Phuket?

hey everyone we're staying at the

beautiful Centauri grand - in Phuket a

hotel that we stayed in when it was

brand new about eight years ago well we

have another fantastic stay stay tuned

and find out welcome to globe guys




so this entire group before tells is one

of our favorite chains whenever we stay

in Thailand and it's one of our

recommendations for anyone visiting the

country it so is a very well welcome and

this was no exception and here we are

arriving with master kitchen a welcome

drink so everyone welcome to this entire

grand Phuket and I'll tell that we

stared at before about eight years ago

absolutely loved it so much so we

decided to come back and there do a

review for you guys so the room that

we're in today is a ocean facing deluxe

spa room and as always we're going to

start off by giving you a tour of the

room so this is a main bedroom

you've got the bed there and then you

get bit the best thing going on and

panasonic flat-screen TV i mentioned it

was a spa deluxe room and that's because

if we had go out into the onto the

balcony if i can get out there

it's got a spa buff so definitely be

making use of that some nice comfy

chairs become chilling to watch our Sun

sets on the ocean view that we've got

obviously we're going to show you the

rest of the hotel in this review in due

course but this is the resort built into

the into the shrubbery and the hills

it's actually a Portuguese phim door

tell even though we're in Thailand so

you might be able to pick up on the

other parties theme there with the

flamenco colors anyway really nice view

so back into the room you have to always

remember that those open now it's not

inwards so back into the room we go

member long corridor to the to the

outside door and that's where you've got

all the storage space so a big wardrobe

separate shelves there for your shoes

always comes in handy for us always

bring loads of footwear from our

storage space and have a little wardrobe

got a nice wife robes which have been

informed you come by which is that way

of saying don't Nick them because

remember last time I quite like the

minibar as well so you've got your

bottles of wine my big bottles

not quite miniature bottles of spirits

but you know they're not huge ones Eva

it's a medium-sized ones no I'd have

murdered this before the spirit of

Phuket how long Bay not sure what that

is no she's sure I'm not sure if it's

some kind of June not some kind of Vogue

or maybe it's it sounds written it so

I'm right

I've got all the soft drinks down there

in the fridge got some beers in there as

well not sure that's the new Heineken

logo not seen anything like that before

so that's the main part of the room and

this is a bathroom so first impressions

are fantastic you have a kind of

separate toilet area so in a nice toilet

area in there that's all good can use a

phone as well if you need to make a call

or cut imagining them anyone need to do

that that particular party but here all


the main bathroom ends so first thing

lots of storage

I think is quite good so will that will

absolutely use it up because I drew my

hairdryer nice big sink water pressure

is acceptable all right with some nice

toiletries I've gotta turn the water off

so nice compromise your toiletries all

right I thought we'd get one to two

couple of towels off yep we need more

towels but we've got two towels there

and then you've got the big centerpiece

which is this big spa shower so it sends

a column there you know it's a rain

shower I thought that'd be Jets fashion

but there's no jets but you know it's

gonna be a lot of a shower without

shadow Vidal clearly plenty of space in

there even for a big ole flight me

alright and another another really nice

touch of these rooms is you have this

dividing door so this door actually

creates you can open it and what that

then does is make the room open plan

just like that so you can be in the

shower looking out at the view you can

be in the shower if you wanted to be

watching the telly or you could be in

the shower having a conversation

somebody on the bed so you know what can

you say it's all good so it's a

beautiful room and yeah we can't wait to

spend some time in it so let's continue

with our with you this entire brand is

set in a student location and the hotel

grounds are extensive and extremely well

manicured with lots of palm trees and

accepted plants there's a mums water

features and winding pathways until you

live around the resort







this infinity pool is set well away from

the main pools and is in fact albums

only so even though it's a great hotel

for families and I still got away from

children it's really relaxing here it's

calm and extremely chills the pool

itself is second it's a beautiful views

of the Andaman Sea you can enjoy a

cocktail or a cold beer while Slade in

your lounger or in the water we spent a

lot of our time chillin on the infinity

edge of a pool and you can relax and

having fun is first away and you don't

have to swim far to go drink




and then it's max the fun set marks a

beautiful grounds we showed you earlier

it's a lazy river where you can let a

large rubber ring chase you on a gentle

manhood strawberries are from the

bridges food channels but if you want

something a bit more adventurous then

you have the water chute so we're at one

of the water shoots here and Ryan's

gonna come down the chute any second now


too much action for you or if you mark

the beach in person then you in love

because literally on the doorstep of the

hotel it's beautiful camera beach it's a

huge Beach that stretches a couple of

miles and never gets crowded like a

neighbor in the Tong beach so it's

really easy to find your piece of

paradise here the water is like stepping

into a bathtub and it's very nice

this entire grandeur for several

different restaurants for casual

poolside dining you have a full side

diner that offers traditional Thai

dishes the F word burgers




for more formal dining you have coast

which offers bistro style food and mer

for your Italian fix wave of Italian

food and the state was also amazingly

good meanwhile you have the cove which

offers themed

or you can eat buffets on different days

of the week and after all that food you

might want to visit the gym or if you

want to continue the relaxing lazy theme

you can always treat yourself at the spa


well remember you don't always need the

spa and the gym to relax and get some

exercise you can do both by taking a

walk around the beautiful hotel grounds



so it's our last day and it's suddenly

going home the video is not finished

just yet stay tuned because coming up

next is our verdict on the hotel by

magic here we are with our civil and

conclusion to our review here at Sentara

ground in Karon Beach in Boothville

Phuket so we've done this before on

another video and what we're gonna do

this time is we're going to categorize

our thoughts our feelings and we're

gonna give a score out of 10 so one

being the worst and everything the best

so the first category is the actual room

sort you think about the room open the

room is really nice we've got a spa spa

deluxe room there are number eight

different room categories

where you have kind of standing rooms

with no spa but with very large

balconies they're called periods a

little that's where we stayed the last

time we're here we set my other foods

and they're really really nice

you don't get the spa that we've got

here we do it up an extra-large that's

right and they're all the tax rooms as

well they're physical pools on their

balconies all sweet and then there are

actually pool villas as well we have

your own in court basically instead of

private villa within the hotel grounds

to be used so so a variety of room are

things for me I've looked this room but

I think whilst have enjoyed the spa the

it actually encroaches a little bit onto

the space in the room because it takes

up a little bit and whereas I haven't

been in the previous all sort of places

before I've realized how big and

brilliant having all our spaces

especially on the balcony

but talking of space the the bathrooms

are huge here yeah so with regards your

baptists power to which we've already

mentioned a C&S was on the balcony but

we've also had a big massive monkey

shower a rain shower yeah nice I'd say

she's charming cubicle boy it's it's

bigger than emotion much bigger than

shower cubicle

trust me maybe it came out of the video

but you can fit probably three people in

there easily yeah so you know and it's

so marble and it's really really


so our scarf for the room is roll please

9 give it a 9 so hopefully you can still

see a system is just going down behind

this you know you can hear it that's all

that matters I guess

so actually we did need to reject the

light a little bit because it was

getting really dark so hopefully can see

us so without further ado it's on to our

next category which is the rules so yeah

it's really important for us that we

have really nice pools and the hotels we

do spend a lot of time around them and

this was no exception

the centerra grand here in Phuket really

has delivered there are so many options

so many different pools adults-only pool

lovely chill various fantastic but the

main Avila pool or the main pool sorry

there has a children's section with us

from the bar you've got plunge pools

you've got lazy rivers water slides

you've got everything

there's nothing does not have a pool

there isn't here you know so it's great

and we mentioned I in the video that way

what about favorites and cools it's

actually infinity pool and that's in

part because it's adults on this it's

really chilled out really quiet the only

noise you've got there's no music even

though the only noise you have is the

trickle into the waterfall into the

broad it's really really nice so what's

our school then Tom booth so we can't

give the pools here at the center and

ground anything less than a 10 so a

really good result absolutely so let's

move on food so food yes om breakfast as

far as I'm concerned one the most boring

meals of the day and you know it's just

a necessity just to set you up for the

day where thriven is it's a big deal so

we stayed bed and breakfast and what did

you think of the breakfast the breakfast

is good the dog there was a good variety

which is a massive choice actually

you've got you've got hot food you've

got cold wind you up cereals you've got

your drinks you've got bakery you've got

deli you've got loads of moles of fresh

fruit and items like that so there's

nothing really for breakfast you could

possibly want that you couldn't get so

for me there's no more they could do

from a better perspective you're are

there are over restaurants across the

hotel and you've got an Italian cuisine

and restaurant you have a Thai

restaurant and then you've got a coast

which is quite informal and you've got

pool bus while we serve food and we've a

our car in a couple of restaurants

food is really nice beautiful and you

will see that popular in the video maybe

as well so we know where state and

depending knew you're booking for you

can have to do in this hotel half board

and full board as well so something to

bear in mind that so what the foods for

food we're going to give eight enough

eight point five good solid school I

think so our last category before I move

on to the overall sum up of the hotel is

service and the service is being really

really good when you're walking around

the grounds of the hotel or whether you

come across whether it be maintenance

people maids reception staff they all

say hello which is really nice it is

Thailand we call Thailand the wondrous

smiles right um and it certainly lives

in Greece in this hotel seriously

everybody you meet has right says they

would stop and say hello you know he

Castro better than that service wise but

there's nothing more they could have

done we had them call it an issue with

our shower when we first arrived at the

door because properly around more well

actually they ran towards Randall's to

sort of say look how the room and we

told them that the door wasn't closed

properly and 5-10 minutes later the

engineer was here you know and it was

sorted you know we could

that's for anything more you know

they're coming twice a day the cleaning

room they give you a turndown service

your place you get the complimentary

water every day there's nothing more

that you could do really and that goes

for their guests kind of relations stuff

the restaurant stuff the housekeeping

it's been great so you know I don't

think there's anything more we can give

us at banner and over ten end of a 10

out of 10 for the centerra grand so that

brings us up to our stomach we'll start

with the location of the hotel it is a

really nice location you've got Karen

Beach literally three miles south and

that smart family we saw quite small and

a bit more laid-back and chilled out and

then about six or seven miles or six or

seven minutes even ride away north in

that direction

you've got the tongue which is a big

massive resort a big party party resort

so if you want all your bars or clubs

that's where you go so the scent our

ground here in Phuket is right in the

middle some variable between the two

between the two is also a great location

everyone that we've come across we've

already mentioned have been really

really friendly the entertainment and if

you've got kids we've seen lots of

entertainment for the kids and there's

various different entertainment for the

adults as well doing the day of work

night it seemed very low-key but the

fact that you've got to resource we

leave the spirit with you and

integrating distance that's that's

probably why you know I think for me you

know the proof is in the fact that we've

come back here at a second

a second time so you know the example

question being wouldn't we come back to

this hotel yes we would and yes we have

yeah you know we came here what seven

years ago with two thousand two thousand

seven yes seven half years ago and we

definitely come here for third time as

well yeah so we can't really recommend

it so our ultimate score for the cetera

ground here in Karen beach in Phuket

Thailand what we're gonna give them

there and nine nine nine out of ten nine

out of ten yeah you know that's a

fantastic school you know with this

hotel with absolutely absolutely

white old Ivan at the start before we

started this video that we should have

stood up and end in this video we have a

sitting down but if we stand up the Sun

is gone started behind some clouds but

it's still a great view so before we

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