Where to stay in Phuket. Our 6 awesome Tips!

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choosing a hotel or any other type of

accommodation may be one of the most

important parts of your travel planning

and some say that up to 50% of your

travel experience depends on it

therefore we want to keep you simple yet

effective tips on how to choose the

right place to stay in Phuket when

looking for our hotel some people jump

to hotel booking websites right away and

later find themselves lost in an

overwhelming abundance of options tip

number one to make your search easier

you should narrow it down first of all

choose which area you'd like to stay

true there are many options to stay in

Phuket it has almost 36 small and big

beaches you can stay in Phuket town or

in the Tala area or even lesser known

places after all Paquette offers about

2,000 accommodations scattered all

around the island tip number 2 when

choosing our hotel always keep in mind

that less popular areas have fewer

tourists it has less infrastructure

shops places to eat and fewer

transportation options tip number three

for first-time visitors we recommend to

stay at one of these beaches lingham

Beach Karon Beach kata beach

Patong Beach Bang Tao Beach Kamala Beach

yeah noe Beach Surin Beach tip number

four keep in mind that all beaches are

unique and different each one of our

beaches has a unique atmosphere and

environment which will define your whole

travel experience for example

Patong Beach is famous for its parties

in crazy nightlife it has a lot of bars

and clubs whilst lesser-known ya know

Beach has only a couple of hotels set in

jungles and only one shot tip number

five remember that hotel prices in

Phuket may be almost 50 percent higher

in peak tourist seasons compared to low

tourist seasons peak season is from

November to April and that's due to

poquette's awesome weather during this

time tip number six when you decide the

cost the time and the location

to the travel booking website and read

reviews you do not have to book your

accommodation there your agent may offer

a better deal but it's still good to

know what other people say thank you for

watching this video and if you want to

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