The Best Place to Stay in Phuket, Thailand

all right well I'm booked just a bus to

Phuket so we're gonna drive there thing

for two and a half an hour two and a

half hour drive then possibly go to the

elephant sanctuary for Jen's birthday

ready Jen there's a bike rental place

down here gotta find a pike that's a

wild bus ride little bumpy stop switch

buses like three times but no yeah

actually I don't know if we're walking

the right way yeah oh yeah be our ticket

our hotel it's about like 1.3 kilometers

I think 720 700 meters

so it's time to walk to it

our lines are hilarious like walking

down the side of the street

move five loaves homemade burger I

believe this is the old town who get

where we're staying

I don't see any tall buildings though

that's like where our


yeah the most interesting colors well we

went the wrong way

we got sick texts in China Donny was in

the Fast & Furious movie and it's Honda

Civic that was the taxi ride and

expensive we could have got a whole bike

today not sure well again they were

waiting for chicken




go house where nice view kitchen now

we're headed to the sky blue

oh wait we got to do the bathroom shower

and another bed cool down 14 she's in


letting that alright let's just one or

water testing to consent






we got 3% lunch we're gonna go get some

dinner didn't I what do you want she

kept at Rice I guess again

never can go wrong in Bobo look good

send it bone Appetit

we're living off the rice right now very