Top 4 Beaches in Phuket Thailand - Best Choice for Singles, Couples, Families

the beaches of Phuket there are over 30

beaches in Phuket and today we visited

the top four most popular beaches

because we want to let you know which

one you should go to that's what this

channel is about the bottom line is Pat

song beach is the best beach in our

opinion on Phuket because of the size

how clean it is the way they've

developed it the amenities that offers

for single people families couples

pretty much anyone it's just an awesome

Beach and it's our top recommendation

however the other three most popular

beaches have really special unique

things that they offer as well and you

should watch the rest of the video to

find out what that is and then we have a

killer recommendation for you at the end

of the video that you definitely want to



this is that song Beach it's the most

popular beach I would say in Phuket and

for obvious reasons it's very clean it's

very convenient there's resorts all up

and down there's a very not big but

bustling city town behind you with lots

of restaurants bars massage parlors

tattoo parlors oh we saw there's a

bikini contest like every Wednesday so

it's that should give you an idea of

what kind of vibe and kind of feeling

you've got going on at this Beach so if

you're interested in a nice quiet serene

experience this is not the beach for you

if you want some hustle bustle some

activity lots of things to do like jet

skiing and going out to nightlife

there's lots of nightlife here like

clubs and everything riding around on

scooters just energy as Maggie would

call it a happening Beach and this is

the beach for you


so when you look at this beach you're

probably thinking well how much does it

cost me to stay there because then you

look in the distance you see these giant

resorts that look really fancy really

expensive but if you pull up Google and

you just do a quick search you'll find

that there's hostels for nine US dollars

so anybody can stay here that's what

makes it super nice convenient it's also

it makes it slightly crowded but we're

here in the offseason and it's actually

not that bad not ten minutes south from

pat song beaches karon beach and our

first impressions are that it's a very

family-oriented Beach there's probably

2% more children running around here

since we're honest brokers on this

channel will just tell you what we see

the beach is not as clean there's not as

much touristy thing to do I don't see

many parasailers and jet skis there are

some I don't see many people offering

ice cream and massages on the beach

things like that but there are a lot of

families here so maybe it's in general

just safer and less hustle-bustle less

nefarious activities yeah so that's

that's Karen Beach

I don't know it's still very pretty it's

a nice beach it's nicer than a lot of

beaches I've been to


if you're looking to relax you don't

need all the energy and hustle bustle of

the beach that is Thailand maybe this is

your beach maybe Karen reaches perfect

view because you can lay on this Beach

and just chill a night out you're gonna

get solicited you're not gonna get

harassed and we're gonna ask you if you

want a massage you want to go to the

local Cooter's there's a half-off

special on wings you're not gonna get

that here you can really just relax and

maybe if you're a couple that's what you

want and if you're a single that's what

you want last okay so I keep saying

clean up the beach then you clean it up

I just want to make a point that it's

not that dirty I keep saying they really

need to clean it up but compared to

other beaches we've seen in other

countries it's not that dirty a couple

bottles laying around some old netting

from fishing they would take a clean it

up in a day it's not like sound like


hey Egypt is dirty from what we saw this

is kata Beach kata Beach is the

southernmost of the three biggest most

popular beaches in Phuket it's not like

Karon Beach it's not as quiet relaxing

this doesn't seem to be as popular as

popping his pet song Beach so it's not

like summer right in the middle as you

can see there's a lot of people here is

because there's a smaller beach only 1.5

kilometers long so everyone convinced on

the same stretch of sand

there's jet ski rentals a lot of surfing

in fact the surfs here pretty good it

looks like there's a surf shop and

there's surf lessons and a lot of people

actually out there surfing so if you're

a surfer maybe the place you want to

come it's a cool Beach it's pretty and I

would say as far as criminis it's

cleaner than Karon Beach but doesn't

seem to be as spotless and pristine

Patong Beach so that bothers you how


Kamala Beach Kamala Beach is one of the

top four popular beaches in Phuket but

for some different reasons another one

there's a very small beach it's very

quaint it's very low-key and the reason

for that is that it was hit the hardest

in a tsunami in 2004 so after that wave

came through and kind of cleared off all

the establishment wiped out all the

trees all the buildings they were able

to intentionally develop this area

afterwards so what they've done is sold

a lot of the property that was wiped

clear to some resorts you've got resorts

right off the beach to get more privacy

and they've established these clean

Beach zones but they don't allow

umbrellas they don't allow vendors in a


massage parlors tables people aren't

running around trying to sell you stuff

it's just the beach the ocean and then

palm trees so it's very like I said it's

clean and it's low-key and it's just

natural if you like a nice natural Beach




now that you've made it to the end of

the video we're going to tell you the

most pro tip of how you should do this

of the four most popular beaches pick

one that you think best fits your vibe

what you want and you can afford the

lodging however that works out and

here's the killer

pro tip rent a scooter for next to

nothing and all these beaches are like

10-15 minutes away on very easy roads

that go up over mountains and wine

they're actually really fun to drive on

rent the scooter and spend a day at each

beach you can just drive up at like 9:00

in the morning park your scooter hang

out have some drinks jet ski whatever

you want to do and buy time it's ready

to go after dinner you'll be in good

shape to head back to your resort

whichever Beach I'm staying at all so

you can take the scooter up for visit

Big Buddha I'm just saying

riding a scooter in Southeast Asia is a

lot of fun that's like 50% of the

experience and that's what you should do