hi guys today I'm going to talk to you

about Mexico City what to do and where

to stay so Mexico City was a really nice

surprise to me because they didn't

expect to like it as much as I did and I

deducted I love big cities that's why I

decided to go to Mexico City when I

decide to visit Mexico so where to stay

because it is a dangerous city then now

we definitely recommend you stay in the

areas of Aleppo or Condesa I stayed in

Commission and I thought it was really

nice I didn't feel like danger at any

point but obviously because you would

have city that's a little dangerous then

you should walk around like with your

jewelry showing you know just be safe so

what do they do Mexico one of the first

things I recommend is to go to the

Chapultepec Park not sure if I'm

pronouncing this right but this is the

main it's a very nice Park it's

beautiful it's green and I always say

beautiful beautiful beautiful but that's

how its private in the park they haven't

do so it's great for your family and

it's free you can see the lots of

animals there it's great they also have

lots of street vendors so if you're into

food you can try all the Mexican grease

there also in this park they have the

Triple DES Bank Castle which I

definitely recommend

you know it's amazing beautiful old

astonishing all the things but Cavalier

words that I always use anyway from

there it was really nice when I was up

in this castle because they had like

tennis playing classical music so it was

very peaceful and relaxing and the

castle itself it's beautiful and the

views I'm very nice it's a little steep

to walk you know up to the castle

because it's in a higher point at the

park but I do believe they have a train

that can take you there too

so this city is very very famous for its

museums if you like new things Mexico

cities for you you have tons of museums

there the typical things I recommend and

I don't know when to to because I didn't

have enough taste

I recommend the freedom building which

is about Frida they're artists it's for

house and I recommend the Anthropology

Museum it's huge

very nice and obviously in Mexico City

you cannot not go to the historical

sector you have to the zocalo you have

to see the cathedral obviously amazing

Cathedral it's a very very crowded place

for you months it today

you also must pass by the independence

angel chances are you are going to pass

by because it's in the middle of the

street Indian attraction I recommend is

that guadalupe basilica that's where the

Pope went went

visited Mexico see and you can see their

adoration for Guadalupe so one of the

attractions that I liked the most man

recommend 100 times over because it was

a very Mexican attraction is socially

shut you know it's kind of like far or

not it's about 20 minutes away from the

listener like from the city center but

it's it's amazing like you can rent on a

colorful boat and put a couple of hours

and if you have like a party of five or

six it's the same price everybody can go

on that same boat so they have a huge

picnic table there you can take your own

food in your dreams which is definitely

recommended because they do have street

vendors that pass by your boats like

selling your food but our guy told us

not to trust them because you don't know

what the food comes from so take your

own why are you cruising on the canal

you know going around the boat there are

so many boats way too many boats but

it's still fun you can see that have

Mexican families having fun you can see

the mountain money I just like stopping

by on on their own both of them eat if

you want them to they'll go on your boat

because if you want them to sing to you

and they have like vendors pressing on

your boats it was fun it was very

interesting and once you come off the

boat you have like markets with food

those who can have it like it'd make a

really good ain't cheap

really really really cheap you can have

like a lot of food for like twenty

dollars and of course I have to tell you

about the Pyramid of the Sun which is

incredible you have to go you can go by

bus you can take a toy

all hotels have information about that

or if you would like to do independently

you can you can just ask the

receptionist of your hotel to call a cab

and then you negotiate the price

beforehand it's not expensive at all in

fact you ask me and my husband and we

ended up paying less than our friend we

made we made prints when we got there

and this friend he had gotten there by

bus and he ended up being more than with

it because I forgot the cab in the cabin

it up being like a great guy who was

telling us everything about it and very

proudly so that's it guys I hope you

liked the video I hope you go visit

Mexico City if you did like it don't

forget to like it and don't forget to

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remember that your smile is your best

passport bye