Mexico City Travel Tips: Things Nobody Tells You


so it's been a minute since we've talked

about things no one talks about to you

tells you tells you I guess so

today we're gonna tell you things that

no one tells you about Mexico City if we

haven't met before I'm Amy and this is

Dallas hi first up is that Mexico City

is at a really high elevation in Denver

Colorado a lot of people in the United

States think that that's a high

elevation city but fun fact Mexico City

is actually about 1,100 feet taller than

Denver so there you go

higher in elevation yeah so when you're

walking around you really feel it you

get like what like winded yeah you get

really winded you can't like I went up

like three flights of stairs at our

Airbnb and I was just dying gasping for

air like I was on Mount Everest or

something and I realized real quick I'm

just out of shape but the elevation was

my excuse so just be prepared for that

speaking of being prepared weather can

get nuts there we went in October

September the end of September and I'm

bad with months and it was just gushing

rain that sounds so weird and it it was

gushing rain it was gushing rain it was

just pouring rain no it was the most

rain I've seen in so long and what I

also noticed was that Mexico City is so

uneven and stuff like all the roads that

there's just giant puddles everywhere

when it rains so if you have just one

pair of shoes and it's pouring out

you're gonna get your shoes wet so just

be prepared for weather and then the

next day it can be super hot or like in

three hours it could be super hot so be

ready for a lot of changes you've

probably already heard that the Mexico

City traffic is absolutely nuts

and it is just remember when you're

walking across the street that the buses

in Mexico City specifically the city

buses follow their own set of rules

they're able to cross lanes and parking

sections that seems like they shouldn't

be able to so just just be aware of that

because they might go somewhere where

you're standing yeah like this system is

totally different it feels like like

what would we would consider a bike lane

they can go the opposite direction

of traffic with like a full city bus so

just be prepared I'm sure there's a

system that everybody there's like well

this makes sense but if you're a

foreigner going there understand that

it's not all one direction like it's

just trippy just be ready for the

traffic and keep your eye on the buses

yeah so on Sunday mornings they do a

really rad thing where they close down

like some of the main avenues throughout

this city and you can actually ride

bikes or they were like people jogging

people rollerblading that's the thing

rollerblading like crazy there but that

was really fun so if you're looking for

something that's free you can do that I

think you can rent bikes like everywhere

there's like those city bike type things

there's lime scooters there's like a

million different ways to transport

yourself around the city around this

attack one really cool thing we found

out about Mexico City is there's a ton

of museums there you could literally

make an a museum Mexico City trip we

went to a couple cool ones including the

Museo Soumaya which was just amazing and

free we have another video which shows

that if you want to check it out but

definitely recommend checking out the

museum's there's also the Frida Kahlo

house and Museum which is one of the

most popular attractions in Mexico City

and definitely recommend going to see

that one and many other museums yeah and

I know what the frito when you have to

go super early in the morning we ended

up skipping that one cuz there's just

there's so much to do you're gonna skip

things you really thought you were gonna

make sure you did and then you get there

you're like I'm so overwhelmed because

there's so much to do so but the

museum's outstanding nobody told me that

there was that much street art in Mexico

City I figured there'd be a lot just

because it's like a metropolitan area

but it is amazing I'm talking murals

that are wrapping around entire

buildings and just really interesting

kind of installations and where they

choose to put street art also some that

were commissioned by the Joker movie

which was out around the time that we

were in Mexico City yeah I was really

need to see how they would like

obviously these major motion picture

companies were hiring like street

artists to go out and put out street art

that was commissioned by them for like a

movie so that was that was pretty cool

to see but it's just everywhere you look

throughout the city there's just either

really old historical amazing detail or

brand-new creative thought happening on

like the sides of buildings sometimes in

the same spot

yeah Chapultepec Park in Mexico City is

an unexpected tourist attraction because

it's this huge park it's actually double

the size of Central Park in New York

City and it's also where are you engaged

so it will forever have a special place

in my heart but there's actually a

castle I think two museums at least two

I think there's more than two it's it's

huge they're selling amazing food and

you absolutely have to go there rent a

bike rent to paddle though they have

some Swan ones that I saw so you can

check this out if you're feeling crazy

but go check out Chapultepec Park

yeah it's gigantic I've never heard of

it which is crazy to me that like no I

just I don't know how I've never heard

of this place but I mean we've all I've

never been in New York City either but

I've heard of Central Park a million

times over but this was very similar and

seems like even bigger and better maybe

I don't know I'll let you know after I

go to New York some day

shopping is an interesting experience no

matter where you are in the world

everyone kind of lays out their stores a

little differently the way you interact

with like cashiers or or people that are

selling their wares it's always just a

little different like in Thailand

there's a lot of like bartering back and


here in Mexico City we didn't see as

much of that like the the bartering they

just kind of had a good price on stuff

we don't do that that much anyways but

the other thing we noticed in Mexico is

that a lot of groups of similar artisans

would come together in certain areas so

you might go to one grouping of stores

that all sells all leather goods and

then in another area of the city is a

group of stores that also like silver

there's a street just for wedding

dresses yeah consume your addresses so

that was really cool to see and then

when you're done doing all of that

you're gonna hit a restaurant and the

tipping is a little bit different in

Mexico City tipping in America is really

different in America for example the

grocery stores pay their baggers the

people putting stuff into your bags in

Mexico those people are working just for

tips and thanks to one of our commenters

for mentioning this

make sure you tip your baggers it

doesn't have to be a ton of money ten

pesos 20 pesos seems to be the going

rate but we recommend tipping wherever

possible we took a lot of uber 'z in

Mexico City and especially because it

was raining we always tipped our uber

drivers the max amount and just to give

you an idea it was about a dollar

yeah about a dollar or less in tip and

the rides themselves were like I mean we

were doing what a typical like tourist

would do within like kind of that circle

of I don't know 20 miles maybe probably

not even that big of it but within all

of that we never had a ride that was

over six dollars us so choose it so

choose the tip people get freaky in

Mexico City right I mean the PDA is like

off the chart

especially because we just came from

Thailand a couple months ago where there

was no PDA like people aren't even

holding hands in Thailand it's very like

no public display so ever and then you

go to Mexico City and people are like on

top of each other

like I'm talking you're like middle of

day middle of sidewalk we were just

making out like Park yeah like it's a


I thought someone who is filming these

people like or an episode of like next

or something I don't know it was just

weird they're like The Bachelor or

something Bachelorette I only reference

I'm doing my best but but yeah people

are like you know getting down so it's

you know you're like whatever I mean it

is it's fine but it's just something to

be aware of that when you get there

you're probably gonna see like I mean I

saw like all aged people right it wasn't

just teenagers like making out outside

cuz they have nowhere that's what you do

in America is you make out outside

somewhere because you're young and you

don't have any water like hook up so you

go to like the park or whatever but

there it's like no like we we just

prefer this yeah

just different culture just a little

different so next in the United States

of America we don't typically see the

military outside of our museums or even

police stations usually see the police

out and about in Mexico City police

presence and military presence at places

like museums is really common we saw

people that were heavily armed and

was a little alarming at first but just

be ready and know that they are there to

protect you and the museum the place

that they are defending yeah it's kind

of like National Guard is what it feels

like we actually have another video on

Mexico City safety if you want to check

it out but overall we felt really safe

there and we're happy to recommend to

our friends to definitely go back so I

knew about the street food in Mexico I

knew that was gonna be like

off-the-charts ridiculous obviously but

what I didn't know and is kind of cool

it's not the biggest deal in the world

but it's cool they have these new stands

like it's like the 1920s where they like

you know shine shoes you know and stuff

like that but they also that you can

walk up and they have got like all their

like gum and candy and like it saved us

a couple of times that when we were just

like I just need a drink I just need a

bottle of water or like a soda or

something it's like there's these little

guy these little guys stand stands

there's these little there's these

little stands out there and they're just

selling all that kind of basic stuff so

there's cool people just like grab

something right off the street and I

just continue on our way we absolutely

loved going to Mexico City definitely

recommend going to anyone that loves to

explore and eat tasty tacos seriously

tacos are ridiculous if you have any

questions or comments on anything we

talked about today feel free to leave

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