5 Mistakes NOT to Make in Mexico City 🇲🇽CDMX Travel Tips

In today's video, I'm gonna talk about 5 mistakes NOT to Make in Mexico City.

But first before we start, for those of you that are new to

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out a new video. So one of my favorite travel YouTube channels, divert living,

made a video called Mistakes NOT to Make in Mexico City. It was

a really valuable video for me and it helped me avoid making some common

mistakes, so I figured I'd piggyback on their video and talk about some

additional mistakes people make when they come to Mexico City which you want

to try to avoid. There's only one mistake I'm going to talk about today

that overlaps with the vert livings video but I figure it's important enough

to reiterate and it's not realizing how cold it gets at night here in Mexico

City so before I watched abhart living to

video I was under the assumption that I could wear t-shirts and shorts all the

time in Mexico City and while it does get up to 80 degrees during the day the

temperature drops drastically at night down to the low 50s so you definitely

want to have more than just t-shirts and shorts if you come to Mexico City so the

next mistake not to make is drinking the tap water but when you come to Mexico

City people will tell you to be careful not to get mad azula's revenge so the

wise tail for Montezuma's revenge's after the Spanish conquered Mexico the

way Montezuma got back at them was to make them sick so many people that come

to Mexico City get a 24 to 48 hour bug that makes them vomit and diarrhea

really bad and one of the ways to get Motta's umas revenge is to drink the tap

water so don't make that mistake buy bottled water should also be careful

drinking the water at local restaurants and a good rule of thumb I heard was if

the restaurant takes credit cards then they probably have up purification

system other than water and it's probably ok to drink the water and use

the ice cubes but if you had a restaurant that only takes

they probably don't have a purification system on their tap water system so you

probably shouldn't drink the tap water so the next mistake not to make is

something that's common throughout Latin America and that's don't flush the

toilet paper so I know this is kind of gross to talk about but I think it's

something very important almost any toilet that you use will have a trashcan

next to it and that's to dispose of the toilet paper that you use you can't

flush the toilet paper don't make that mistake you'll Jam the toilets they

don't have the same kind of septic systems we have in the United States and

you could have a really bad air B&B post so just don't flush toilet paper so if

you're enjoying this video so far and you've learned a mistake to avoid making

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find this video so they will make the same mistakes as well so the next

mistake not to make is not washing your fruits and vegetables so we're back to

Montezuma's Revenge again a lot of people get sick because they eat fruits

and vegetables without washing them in every grocery store you can buy

vegetable and fruit wash and they sell a lot of it for a reason because it's easy

to catch Montezuma's Revenge from eating fruits and vegetables without washing

them so don't make that mistake it's worth spending a few pesos on the

vegetable wash to avoid getting Madison as revenge

trust me okay and the final thing the final mistake not to make is very

personal to me and that's don't pay for a gym membership every Park in Mexico

City has gym equipment in it a lot of them even have freeway type equipment I

go to the park every single day here I do some pull-ups I do some dips I rotate

through all the machines they have and I get to do that for free there's no

reason to pay for a gym here in Mexico City just go to the park and workout

again thanks to divert living for inspiring this video I'll link to their

video down below because they have some great tips as well and they just have a

great overall channel so make sure you subscribe to them also if you've been to

Mexico City or you live in Mexico City and you have some ideas for mistakes to

avoid making that I didn't talk about or that divert living didn't talk about

please comment below and share with the community so we all can avoid making

those mistakes thanks for watching