Top 10 Things I Learned After Living in Mexico City for 1 Year! (Is Mexico City Safe)

so what's up guys this is actually my

last day in Mexico City tomorrow I'm

leaving to go to Acapulco for about a

month and then I'm heading back to the

US for a while I've got some projects I

got to run and I've got to do some stuff

from my business back home so I'll be

back in the US for a little while so

there will be some videos of that but I

wanted to do a top 10 list of the things

I've learned while living in Mexico City

because I know a lot of this is a very

popular city for a lot of people have

moved to particularly internationally

and so I just want to go after some of

the things that I know now that maybe I

didn't know before so we'll start off

with number one you don't need a car


I actually recommend not having a car

here there are so many options on

getting around between the scooters you

can rent like the actual scooters that

you stand on - there's something called

in do they do BC I believe it's a some

electric that full-size scooter that

goes like you know 30 miles per hour so

you can actually take it I think could

actually go faster than that I'm sure

but you sell them all over the city

you have uber Dede beat all kinds of

different options in terms of rides here

and then you also have taxis so you know

most of us expats we all use uber and

obviously more the affluent Mexicans

also use uber if they can get around but

the bus system is really great here to

the metro system is great I actually

wanted to do a video about using the

Metro here but I kind of ran out of time

but I've used the Metro several times

and there's also something called

blahblah car that I'm actually taking

tomorrow to get to a couple Co and it's

a rideshare for a little bit longer

distances so this was this is five hours

so you don't need a car here and parking

sucks I rented a car here one time when

I went to pick up my dog and brought it


it was terrible okay so one of the

things that you have to get used to is

and you may hear this is it's pretty

loud in Mexico City again that all

depends on kind of where you live at but

Mexico in general and freely Mexico City

is just a little bit louder than what

we're accustomed to in the u.s. like

people play their music a little bit

louder like last night I was actually

working on some stuff so it didn't

bother me that much but there was a

building really close to my apartment

that was playing music I mean I'm not so

loud that even with all my windows

closed and my door shut I could still

hear it really loud in my apartment

until 2:00 a.m. and that was today is

Friday so that was on a Thursday night

so between that and the guys ringing the

bells for the trash the guy selling

tamales in the street it's just it's

just a louder environment so something

that you got to get accustomed to if

you've ever spent a lot of time in Latin

America so but on the positive the food

here is absolutely incredible everything

you've heard about Mexican food and

Mexico is true I probably eat on the

street at least probably five days a

week right do the street are a very very

like local non chain restaurant nothing

there's anything about chain restaurants

but I've got I'm posting this in a few

days but my favorite taco places income

desk so that was that was a bumblebee

mob a it's my first time seeing

bumblebee sometimes making these

pictures it's so frustrating so

literally apparently while I was getting

attacked by bumblebee someone who called

and I forgot to turn my phone on

airplane mode so the rest this video got

was not recorded so I'm gonna pick back

up okay I mean I finished alt in now got

to start over again okay

the food here is incredible I think I

went over that so I had on the street a

lot a because like I wanted I want to

get the real Mexican experience I mean

and you can act like every kind of taco

that you can imagine they have tacos


more exotic places up it's not normal

you know but tong eyeballs I mean

everything and some of the exotic taco

places but you know your regular taco

places are just just great

so I in the street probably five days a

week and you know no one might get mad

with the corn tortillas with a lot a lot

of all the vegetables I can get and I

asked them not to put any a set day or

oil and you know actually gonna be

pretty pretty healthy but outside of

that if you're not a huge like taco a

Mexican food fan which come on hike

Mexican foods pretty great there are a

lot of different options is a you know

International City so if you want

Chinese Japanese American food Italian

French you name it

Argentina and there's a there's a ton of

different restaurants and we have rappy

and uber EADS and I'm pretty sure

there's other delivery options but I

always use I'm a rapper guy so I use rap

you live but just in general the food is

just absolutely incredible in the city

and you get a chance to especially if

you're from the US or some of the places

in the UK that you know they have

Mexican but it's not real Mexican food

this is a real Mexican food here so I

think it's I think Mexican Mexico City

is a great city for food I'm gonna try

to get caught up here so I think that

I'm on ok so I think this is number four

now miss cow is probably as popular

tequila so that was really surprising to

me because I thought you know tequila

was gonna be really big here and it was

actually not quite as big as I thought

it was gonna be so Miss Cal is I mean

there's some great places to drink miss

Cal then course Guadalajara is just not

that far away and you can do the whole

Miss Cal and tequila thing there but I

want to combine this as well a lot of

Americans they love to margaritas be

included and you're not really gonna

find margaritas here a lot Mexicans

don't really drink them so much here

here in Mexico City on the coast a

little bit more often but there's a lot

of times we go to restaurants and they

don't even offer any type of margaritas

so there's something that I

was a little surprising for me I thought

there was gonna be more margarita places

and I didn't realize how popular miss

gal was here in Mexico City

okay so next the Internet's pretty good

here so my apartment only I think we've

got like a 10 download and like a one

and a half upload so normally when I

when I want to go upload my videos for

YouTube I go to Starbucks to do that

because it's I got one like two one two

blocks away from me and the Internet is

actually really great and in Starbucks

so but for the for all the city the the

Internet is really great there's a lot

of places that have Wi-Fi so if you're

someone like me who works from your

laptop most of the time this is a huge

plus of the city and I think most of us

that are doing international traveling

right now we at least have to have you

know some connectivity but I'd ever

really ran out at any outages at my

apartment we had total play in my

apartment if you're if you're thinking

about getting a apartment that's not

services included we use total play here

and it works really great and yeah so

the internet it's a little it's pretty

close what you're gonna get any other

big city around the world I told you it

was loud here



okay to my next point Mexicans in the

most part is super friendly that was I

don't think it was really surprising to

me because I've always you know kind of

put Mexican culture very similar of the

southeastern part of the United States

people are very friendly everything's a

lot formal you say a lot here because

it's more formal so you need to make

sure that you are you know addressing

people that way it's just it's just a

really friendly friendly place people

are very helpful one of the things I

found really you know really interesting

is the guys in Mexico were a lot more

friendly than a lot of other places I've

been to in Latin America Mexican men are

a lot more they'll engage in

conversations with you a lot more often

than maybe some other places I've been

like Colombia or Ecuador you know some

of this you know Central American places

I've been to so I feel like Mexican men

they're just a lot more friendly you

know that maybe because a lot of them

have you know family in the US or

they've been to the US or they've met

other Americans or maybe they speak some

English or whatever but there's just not

a natural light

you know disposition not to like

American men so that you know that's

been great because I've made a lot of

you know Mexican friends here I think

that Mexico City so my next point

whatever number I'm on now Mexico City

is a great city to learn Spanish so guys

could we keep it down so learning

Spanish here has been really really easy

because there's a lot of Spanish schools

I personally recommend someone named

Carlos who owns speak like a Mexican the

Sinhala roman north day he was really

great with me he was really flexible

with my schedule and not only that

there's a lot there's a lot of Mexicans

here that speak at least a little bit of

English or they're fluent in English you

meet a lot of people especially in the

Polanco aroma Condesa areas who speak

English as well so if you do get stuck

they at least and you do have to speak

in English a lot of people that can help

you out but to me it's really great when

you're learning the language because you

don't feel stuck all the time people can

go in to help you

but they're still I mean it's still not

a very like super heavy english-speaking

country or city for that matter that you

can just get away just speaking in

English all the time you probably can

but it's to be it's gonna be a little

difficult so I made a video specifically

about this because I thought it was very

interesting so I drink tap water

probably about five to ten percent of

the time now my apartment here the water

is clean yeah I talked about the people

who owned my apartment before I begin

there are a lot of locals that won't

drink tap water but if you look at the

chart on from you know the actual

government Mexico and shows you know the

clean water sources here in Mexico City

there's a lot of neighborhoods you have

clean water I still drink again you know

95 to 90% of bottled water because it's

very inexpensive do you have deliver to

your house I just use rappy Fred but

it's you know it's really easy and a lot

of people you get the big pop yelling

jugs delivered you can get those fairly

easily I just never did because I travel

so often it's because sometimes I have

to go back to the US don't apply it or I

decide to travel to another you know

city in Mexico just to visit for a

little bit but you can drink some tap

water just just be careful about you

know where you're drinking at in the

city and make sure that you're checking

out the local grids on the clean water

supply I think I think this is gonna be

number nine so numbered on is gonna be

the weather here is great I personally

think it's the best weather if in you

said he I've ever been into I've ever

been in so in probably I think it was

October yeah that sounds about right so

the beginning of October it just quit

raining and since October I think it's

rained you know its January 31st today I

think we've had a total of

one or two days it's rain during the

entire time the weather is poor for

Americans it's like 75 degrees every day

during the day

I'm Celsius it's like 2022 I think and

at night time it gets down to about 45

and Celsius it gets down to about 8 so

that's the typical weather and they

during the day so it's like it's like

spring you know all throughout the year

and so I feel like polar he's not did

this outside by the way so you could get

the experience of the sound of the city

even though I know it's not ideal

watching the video so there was you know

during the summer it rained a lot you

get these flash rains to come in like

once like it's every day for like three

or four months in the summer but only

rain it's like an hour to and then every

now and then you'll get a three or four

hour rain but most the time it's just

one hour and it's done and the weather

is perfect again so in my opinion if you

really like the springtime weather that

stays between like you know 70 and 80

for the high every day and then the low

between like 45 and 55 and then celcius

between like 20 and 24 and then like 8

and 14 if that's the weather you like

this is your city I think it's again the

best weather of any city I've ever been

in and it's normally not windy today's a

day that it's actually windy so my last

point is always make sure that when you

get here I tell everybody this when you

go to an international city and you're

maybe not familiar that much with the

city or the country just stay in a hotel

for a couple weeks or an air B&B or you

know something that's gonna be somewhat

temperate or temporary because you need

to know which neighborhood you're gonna

live in - I mean or live in I loved

living in Condesa Condesa was a great

city for me and a great neighborhood for

me to live in here in Mexico City

because I have my dog here which I'm

going to make a video here soon about

having a dog here in Mexico but you know

it's just been it's been a really it's

been a really great city to have it have

a dog in you know super walkable there's

trees everywhere there's coffee shops

everywhere it's you know the large seems

really big here so that was all cool for

me but you know you also need to know

you know

you want and the people that's gonna be

living in that area so I guys thanks a

lot for watching my video the 10 things

that I learned while being in Mexico

City I hope it was helpful for you again

part of the reason I did this outside is

I want you to get you the experience of

what it's like being outside - I know I

work up from here from here a lot of

times but when I do I wear the

headphones and earplugs so I can you

know I can concentrate because I'm

someone who easily gets distracted it's

actually been very hard for me to

actually film this up here I had the

lady who cleans the apartment walked by

and then I've got you know these guys

doing all this stuff then I've had I

think two helicopters fly over and a

couple airplanes but it's a city of 22

million people so there's gonna be noise

but anyway if you like my content guys

please subscribe to my channel again I'm

heading to Acapulco next so in big

scheme of things I've been super enjoyed

my time here in Mexico City the city's

been great to me I've made a lot of

friends here it's been a wonderful place

to live I am ready to kind of move on to

my next chapter just because I've got a

lot of work waiting on me - for the u.s.

so I've got a buckle down here over the

next month while I'm at cocoa cocoa

working but anyway guys thanks a lot for

watching the video and there will be a

lot of stuff from a cup ouple coming up