MEXICO CITY Q&A - Best tacos, where to stay, how not to get sick, getting around

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together but yeah exciting stuff lots

and lots of questions about Mexico City

and so let's start one of the questions

I got a lot was best time to visit

Mexico City this is totally like

subjective I think objective totally

subjective I loved November in December

in Mexico City it's one of my hero times

of the year the wet season that just

sort of comes to an end in October so in

November you have super crisp blue sky

days it's warm during the day a summer

roughly around 70 degrees Fahrenheit

low 20s Celsius maybe high teens Celsius

and then at night it gets cool so you're

looking at it dropping into the 60s

sometimes it's a high 50s in Celsius as

low as maybe 16 degrees but it's so dry

there's no humidity in the air so it's

it's quite a nice

feeling and when the Sun is so hot

during the day for me it's such a

welcomed feeling to have like this cool

breeze and and yeah it's but the air is

really clean at that time we fear

because that rain has all just finally

stopped yeah it's just such a beautiful

time of year let's start the month you

have the egg with those so it's a lot of

celebration and then there's a lot of

holidays in November Eve Revolution day

the NFL always comes to Mexico City in

November and yeah there's just lots of

fun things going on in the city then so

it's one of my favorite months to visit

Mexico to visit Mexico City December is

also lovely leading up to Christmas so

beautiful the point study is that line

the streets and yeah it's just lots of

festivities lots of parties lots of good

food and similar weather to November

January to February it's still nice but

it's cooler much cooler February I think

is one of the colder months generous to

be cold the days are shorter obviously

but not as short as maybe they are in

like New York or other parts of Europe

so if you're coming from a place in the

winter and it's super super cold

Mexico City will feel like a nice fall

day next question

have you ever taken the Metro in CD MX

and how easy / safe is it to use I take

that all the time it's super easy to use

I have an app that is cold until they do

the app map way the app is called map

way you can download it for different

cities so if you download it from Mexico

City it's super easy it just allows you

to have them the map of the metro so

you've know like which way to go when

you're changing lines yeah the Metro

super simple with only five classes very

reasonably priced those that are

concerned about safety there are women's

car women only cars I believe they're at

the back of the Train and that's just

for women and

children I have a full blog post all

about using the Metro how to use it see

how to CC from the Metro and keep

yourself safe of Metro and like how to

my tickets and all that sort of stuff

I'll link that blog post below it's in

much more detail than I could get right

now next to go along lines with that do

you recommend using public

transportation as opposed to renting a

car in Mexico City i 100% do not

recommend renting a car you're only

going to be in Mexico City driving in

the city is don't do it driving in the

city is a pain parking is a pain it's

either expensive or nearly impossible to

find the traffic is just chaos there

like if you're not used to other drivers

in big cities like in New York City or

London or like that sort of chaos then

you may not cope very well with the

traffic here I really recommend uber the

Metro Metro buses the city is super

well-connected by by public

transportation and if you're really

trying to go like to tattoo icon or such

you Milko or something and you'd rather

not take public transportation

uber is very affordable as a tourist and

it's a much better option because you're

you're leaving the dragon to to someone

who is used to this sort of chaos did

you get sick from the food when you

first moved how do you prevent it moving

there soon no the only time I've ever

been sick in Mexico City was when I had

sushi I won't name the sushi restaurant

but it's a chain and it had cream cheese

in it

yeah I've been sick once in Merida I

think that was probably more of a

stomach bug minutes food poisoning is my

boyfriend didn't

sic really like i mean i have a pretty

strong stomach

i've traveled a lot before living mexico

I lived in South Korea I did a lot of

traveling around that region of the

world before moving here so I don't know

I I have a pretty strong stomach I

haven't been sick I eat a lot of street

food I ate a lot of food up markets I

cook a lot at home with fresh produce

I wash everything in the sink I'm not a

great person to ask that question to

because I have a very strong stomach I

know friends that came here for a week

or two and and they got sick people that

lived like when they first moved here

got sick the reality is that there's

different bacteria here and it's not a

matter of of it being unclean or

unsanitary when you move somewhere new

your stomach is gonna have to adjust to

new things and you may have some you

first move here but you'll get over it

it too shall pass and and you'll be able

to enjoy all the delights of the food

here in Mexico so favorite neighborhood

on a Sunday Mexico City is nice time

Sunday because the lot of roads are shut

for for cyclists and then that sort of


one of my favorite places to go into

Sunday is actually Polanco there's a

street called inácio and there is a

really nice pedestrian walkway down that

street it's tree-lined it's um there's

not that much traffic on a Sunday so

when you even when you cross over the

roads like it's it's really relaxing

there are a couple of parks along there

that are really beautiful Plaza it would

have why I love yeah that's probably my

favorite place

someday it's also near lots of good food

and a short walk to park in Lincoln

which is also a nice place to spend a

Sunday I also like walking down to

pulled it back or going to Chapultepec

and and just sitting on a bench or

walking around the different paths it's

a lot more peaceful on a Sunday than it

is on a Saturday especially if you walk

like behind the castle it's much quieter

back there or if you go to the other

section which is kind of near the

Children's Museum and laughs Eddie yeah

that's a really beautiful side of the

park on a Sunday - do you feel safe

going places by yourself yes definitely

especially during the day next to City

it's a question I've answered many a

time I'll link it below to a couple of

different videos and blog posts I have

about safety in Mexico City safety in

Mexico I yeah I feel safe here I take

uber as' by myself and into and out of

the city during the week when I have

meetings or I'm co-working with other

digital nomads I I travel at night by

myself I've taken boobers to and from

the airport by myself and I live on the

totally other side of the city from the

airport I've taken ubers at like 4:00 or

5:00 in the morning by myself I yeah I'm

smart about like what I do especially

after dark when I'm by myself

I'm the expense many say by myself

because it's a big city and that's what

I would do in any big city and yeah so

yes I feel safe what's your favorite

thing to do on the weekends I really

love to try new restaurants I have

issued list on my phone whenever I find

walnut that's been on like don't they

eat or that's been on so

Instagram I love love love checking out

like new places for lunch new like cute

cafes for coffee or this past weekend I

went to like that yet deadia which is

this delicious like cop like cookie

boutique you go in and like pick which

cookie you want and they bring it from

the back and it's delicious there are

constantly new places opening up in

Mexico City and loads of places that are

really fantastic that all I'm so new

that I still have yet to try so that's

one making everything still the weekend

how do you get around I live I live just

outside of Mexico City to the West in

Mexico State and I'm not near a metro

station I'm not really that near an

association so I used to take an uber to

the metro station and then take the

metro into the city I still do that

sometime especially during the week when

it's crazy traffic but usually on the

weekends if I'm just gonna pop to like a

specific neighborhood and have lunch and

like wander around there I will take an

uber it's definitely my preferred method

of getting around yeah I have a whole

post about using uber in Mexico City

I'll link that one below - okay - people

asked a similar issue question what are

the top three things you have to see or

do if this is your first time in a city

and you love history you have to go to a

temple of my or the Anthropology Museum

and the other side of Xochimilco where

you go to like the chinampa

and the farms and stuff those are like

it's absolutely amazing there and it's

really cool to learn about what Mexico

City looked like when the Aztecs were

here I think it's really fascinating

those are my three favorite places

oh and Bay South East look this up these

and the inside of the post office

this is a very very difficult question

where can I find the absolute best taco

in the whole city I don't know you tell

me in the comments below your favorite

taco place in Mexico City because there

are so many it's so hard I mean is are

the best tacos in the whole city and

Roman don't they probably not are the

best tacos in the city in the century

store go pro not there's certainly not a

condesa or a you know

palenko so I can't into that question

the tacos at the end of my street

delicious not gonna tell you where I

live the tacos in LA keep though love

those tacos Don Don Julio

no that's not the name of the taco place

Dona Widow Don the Widow really really

great chocolate I find myself going

there a lot more recently the Swatara

there is my favorite pastor tacos they

change my favorite pastor tacos could be

from tacos Alvaro Obregon which is on

Aldabra Gong in Roma Northey it's quite

touristy it's quite busy but their past

store is amazing as is Elif at elite

though they have a few locations think

the one in Condesa

is the one that I've been to most that

was super super super delicious

the pastor tacos at the slim seat though

be sure to go to one of the original

branches in Condesa those are so good

they couldn't eat the like first place

for tacos there is a place in the Centro

called Balthasar and they do the best

tacos arabiya ever

Ferhat yeah I mean there's so many if

you've been before and you have a

favorite taco please let me know in the

comments because there are so many tacos

to try let me see if there's any more

questions how are you able to make

friends I mean that's a very that's my

Mexico City thing I think that's like

whenever you've moved to a new place

it's hard right I mean I've been here

three years and I feel like I'm really

finally after all this time starting to

put together like a social network that

I that I enjoy the people that I really

like spending time with both as a group

and like as separate women and really

for me it was about joining groups I

found people on Facebook who were like

fellow digital nomads I found people who

are fellow bloggers who perhaps don't

call Mexico City home but they come here

a lot yeah it's hard to find like-minded

people in a city so big they're there

here for sure but like you know it's

it's hard it's really hard to make

friends so yeah I highly recommend just

putting yourself out there getting on to

Facebook groups and asking if people

want to meet up for four coffees or

finding hobby groups that you like

connect with on meetup meetup calm is a

really good place yeah and just man your

comfort zone and meet strangers okay one

more question which neighborhood should

I stay in

okay lots of people love Roma and

Condesa as tourists because they are

safe they are there are a lot of other

tourists around there a lot of other

farmers living there it's a little bit

more upmarket and there's a lot of

restaurants and cafes like they're cool

places they're nice places right and

it's a it's a nice experience it's I

think it's not necessarily what people

expect from Mexico City if you're here

for like a longer period of time I think

those are fun places to to spend time

and I think it's nice to be around all

those restaurants if you're only here

for a short period of time and it's your

first visit I seriously recommend

staying in the Centro historic oh it is

so beautiful it's where lots of the

museums and attractions are in the city

there are so many fantastic restaurants

it's more affordable and there's still a

lot of smaller local businesses there

that you can support both hotel wise

like Chaya B&B it's a great hotel

there's beautiful older hotels like the

Grand Hotel sooo that they make it go

even if you don't stay there I highly

recommend going in and having to look at

the ceiling and maybe going to the

terrace it's beautiful view the Sokolow

and yeah so those are the places that I

recommend if you've been before and you

want like something a little bit


Polanco is a beautiful place a lot of

people think it's it's I really hate

this but like inauthentic but it is

Mexico it is Mexico City it is it very

historical part of Mexico City I have a

video about Polanco with some really

great comments about the history there

and it's just a nice place so I hope I

have answered some of your questions

about this beautiful city that I call

home if you have other questions

definitely let me know in the comments I

got a few questions that were way bigger

than this

video so I'm actually going to be doing

a few more videos over the next few

weeks that answer some of those

questions so if you did ask me a

question on Instagram and it didn't

answer it here it's coming all right as

always thank you for watching and I will

see you next time