Where to stay in Mexico City | Our picks for best neighbourhoods

So you're on your way to Mexico City, but you're not really sure where to stay. We

have a couple of areas that we want to recommend to you and we're going to

share them with you today!

So we've basically broken it down into three neighborhoods that we would

recommend as places to stay when you're visiting Mexico City. The first place we

probably recommend would be Central Historico.

Most of the major sightseeing you want to do would be in that area, but it does

have its cons. Definitely, it's a really busy area, there are a ton of tourists

around and just a lot of people in general, so it can feel a little bit

overwhelming at times. But if you're looking for that hustle and bustle with

lots of different cafes and things to see, museums, monuments, it's definitely the

place to be. The next neighborhood we would recommend, in total contrast to

Centro Historico, would be Coyoacán. We discovered Coyoacán because we headed

there to visit the Frida Kahlo museum, which was awesome. And I think we were both blown

away by the neighborhood. It exceeded everything I expected, it was colorful,

sort of a little bit quieter, very bohemian in terms of how it felt, lots of

green space, colonial squares, an older vibe, cobblestone streets, really a lot of

character. Like I said before, a little bit quieter, but there's still a ton of

stuff to do, like so many things to do in that area,

so we would highly recommend that. The third option and of course where we

are right now is Condesa. We have our beautiful Airbnb here overlooking

Avenida Amsterdam which is a Boulevard where people jog and walk their dogs.

It just has a beautiful, peaceful vibe to it. Some of the things that we love the

most about Condesa I think are the many options for eating and drinking in that

area, and not just at night time, but for breakfast or coffee, lunch, a snack, there

are tons of options around here and that's really important when you're

picking a place to stay. Another thing that we love about this area are the parks.

There's a ton of green space and beautiful parks for people watching and

walking and just sitting and enjoying the day. Can I make one suggestion if you

do come to this area? Of course. Make sure you go onto the boulevard of Avenida

Amsterdam and walk around it at least once.

So Condesa for sure. Well that's it for this video, thanks so much for watching.

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