Where you can stay for $19 per night in Mexico City.

this is not a cooking video this video I

filmed for my other channel where I post

things non-food related though there

could be some food-related stuff in the

future too but anyway this was an

exploration of an air B&B that I booked

in Mexico and I give a tour of it and

talk about staying in Mexico City so

that interests you stick around for the

video but if not I will have regular

cooking content back for you all on

Wednesday it's the weekend in Mexico

City so that means there is barbacoa up

around the city I'm about to go enjoy

some hopefully you guys have a good rest

of the weekend peace

every year more and more expats are

Mexico City for the lower cost of living

in fact according to a cost-of-living

index by Gnomeo the rent index is twenty

point four three compared to New York

City this means on average rent is about

eighty percent less in Mexico City with

lower rents that will mean lower rental

prices if you are looking to visit but

just how cheap and what type of places

can you expect for such low prices well

today I will be showing you an Airbnb I

booked in a Croma tech area of Mexico

City for just


what's going on everybody my name is

Ethan and I'm standing outside the

building where my Airbnb is in the cool

matech not sure if I'm saying that right

feel free to correct me the neighborhood

of Mexico City I'm gonna pop up a bunch

of timestamps on screen right now if you

guys want to kind of jump around first

I'm gonna give you guys the tour of the

Airbnb then we'll talk things about like

the location

safety different amenities and basically

what makes a good or bad Airbnb in

Mexico City like I said earlier I got

this Airbnb for $19 a night I think with

fees it ended up being like a couple

bucks more but we'll talk about that

later when I talk about prices in this

place versus different areas around

Mexico City but enough talking about

that let's go inside and give you guys a

tour of this Airbnb


welcome welcome welcome man it must be

nice to have a videographer because it

would make this so much easier to film

so this is the one-bedroom apartment I'm

staying at in the coma tech area again

I'm still not sure I'm saying that right

I looked it up like three or four times

and there's like different

pronunciations so I don't know someone

can fill me in but basically the

apartments opens up into this wide

living area where there's like a little

living room then the kitchen is off here

to the left and then there is a storage

closet over there to the right


so let's talk about the kitchen first so

as someone who runs a cooking YouTube

channel and I actually filmed like four

different videos in here this was one of

the reasons that it actually drew me to

this Airbnb I saw it was kind of this

open space it had all of the necessary

things that I need it has a guest though

got the range hood over top and then in

here there's plenty of like dishware

cups and plates and bowls and things and

this Airbnb actually came with a sharp

knife if anyone likes cooking and knows

about renting places you know that

you'll never get sharp knives in rentals

but I think this one has not been used

very much I actually travel with a

whetstone you guys will see that later

encase knives aren't sharp but overall

the kitchens really nice you have all

the basics that you need from silverware

there's actually like some spices and

things like that so overall was really

happy with the kitchen and then turning

around from the kitchen is this nice

long table you can easily fit like five

or six people this is where I've been

doing like all of my editing and just

you know browsing the internet or doing

doing whatever and this is actually

where I was prepping my food for the

cooking videos that I did and then

moving back from the table we have this

nice kind of small living space right

here got a nice like loveseat couch

this doesn't pool out or anything and

then there's the coffee table down here

to hold random stuff and then that is

the main window in the living room it

actually has two sets of blinds I pull

that down just because of the lighting

it wasn't letting me see anything and

then if I turn this camera around

there's actually a TV back on the wall

where you can watch TV

chill out do anything that you want to

when you open up the window like this

you can see that it opens up into this

back courtyard this is like a third out

of fourth floor so you still get a ton

of natural light that comes in now

obviously it would be nice to have like

this amazing view or something but it's

better than like looking out onto the

roads because the windows can be pretty

thin in some places I've stayed and it

can be pretty loud so if your light

sleeper may not be the best but this is

a good option because it's kind of off

the road and it's plenty quieted here

all right and then moving through the

living room in

to the bedroom which is really really

nice and spacious

so moving into the bedroom I actually

really like the layout of how he

designed it so obviously you've got the

one bed in the middle so this is perfect

for one person for two people yeah it

might be a little small I think it's a

double bed like a queen going to be

perfect but then it's got these nice

accentuating lights in here and then

there's kind of like this Buddha vibe

thing up here there's also a Buddha

little shelf over there

overall this room is very spacious and

when you kind of kick back and relax

it's a nice spot to sleep it's super

super quiet which is really nice because

like I said I said in a different Airbnb

which was by a main road and it was

really loud at night I mean I'm a heavy

sleeper so it was fine but if you were a

light sleeper you may want to invest in

some earplugs but knowing that you're

not by a main road it's gonna give you a

good night's sleep every single night so

just turning you around a little bit on

this back wall here or where the closet

space is and I mean there is a ton of

closet space too wide open doors they're

too wide open doors there and then

shelves for storage and then also plenty

of drawer space for whatever you want to

store in there and then turning around

from the bed there is another TV up here

in case you want to watch something but

I feel like most of us just watch like

Netflix on her phone or laptops anyway

so you know having a TV I feel like

isn't isn't a big deal for most people

and then lastly to end off this tour

let's pop in and see the bathroom

so the bathroom may be a tiny bit small

but I didn't find it to be an issue at

all you got everything you need you've

got a huge walk-in shower

you've got the toilet you got the little

Buddha head above the toilet then you

have you know your towels the sink

everything that you could need in a

bathroom I mean outside of that what

more do you need it's clean it's got

everything that you need no more to it


all right guys were ready to talk about

some different amenities so obviously

you have Wi-Fi feel like that's pretty

standard in most air babies these days I

was getting around like 20 megabytes per

second down and about 30 megabytes per

second up so good enough for like

streaming shows or just general internet

browsing and then the upload speed was

pretty good because I needed to upload

videos while I was here so I definitely

appreciated that now an amenity that you

don't have is there's no air

conditioning and there's no heating now

in Mexico City it kind of makes sense

why most places aren't going to have

these because it's fairly temperate most

of the year round right now it's in the

winter so we're getting like mid 40s in

the morning and then it's getting into

like the mid 70s during the day I

haven't had any issues like feeling cold

in any of the places that I've stayed at

and this one is no exception another

thing that this place it doesn't have is

a washer or dryer that is also fairly

typical of the places I've stayed at I

don't think I've stayed at a single

place with a washer and dryer so you

will need to go out and find a place

where you get your laundry done but

there's usually a ton of places around


next let's talk about location everyone

says it's always about location location


so is this Airbnb in a good location

overall I would say it is in a very good

location this Airbnb is in cuomo tech

which feels like a slightly newer area

there's more apartment complexes and

things compared to older houses like

those in condesa or Roma which are other

neighborhoods in Mexico City and this

area is actually home or really close to

some of the foreign embassies I think

the US Embassy is only like a 10-minute

walk away from this Airbnb so if I was

worried about safety I mean having the

US Embassy close by seems like a good

good thing to have also location wise it

is pretty central so you're gonna be

close to popular neighborhoods like

Polanco central historic Oh Condesa and

Roma they're all within kind of like

mile two to three miles now there is one

downside to this location and that it's

actually not close to any metro stops so

I think the closest metro stop is about

15 minutes away which obviously is not

ideal if you are taking the metro around

that being said goobers are probably the

most efficient and fastest way to get


regardless compared to the buses or the

metro but obviously ubers are gonna be

more expensive than that too so if you

were planning to use the metro a lot to

get around Mexico City I would

definitely try to find an Airbnb that

has a stop at least maybe like a five

minute walk away it just makes things

much easier to get around if you are

taking the metro but overall I've just

been walking a ton because I'm here for

so long so I don't mind getting to

places like the fastest way possible and

I actually like walking around being in

the fresh air you know it feels good to

have some sunshine in January as far as

location goes for food there are plenty

options around there's a grocery store

just one block away which is actually

super useful in addition to that Mercado

como Tech is about a 10-minute walk away

where you can find all kind of vendors

selling various produces and foods and

things of that nature it's definitely a

very authentic market just a little bit

on the smaller side compared to

something like Mercado medea

overall wherever you stay in Mexico City

I'm convinced you're always going to

have something hot and delicious close

by you know whether that is just some

street food it's some of the best food

that I've had down here I really haven't

had any issues finding something to eat

at literally all times of the day okay

now I want to talk about some comparable

places and prices actually on Airbnb so

you can get a get a flavor of other

different places like I said I got this

place for $19 a night with fees it was a

little bit more than that but I think

this was like the absolute steal I don't

think you're gonna find a better place

when it comes to location price and you

know the actual house or apartment that

I'm staying in for a place like this I

think overall you're probably looking

closer to like 30 to 40 dollars a night

but let's take a quick look at Airbnb

and see what we can find okay so I'm in

the Airbnb browser and I'll pop it up

for you guys to see but I just put in

like March dates one guest and having an

entire place to yourself and this is

what we see so obviously right in this

area we're seeing a lot around like

twenty to thirty to forty dollars a

night let's check out this $24 one a

night and like obviously this looks it

looks decent but obviously I wouldn't

say it's as nice as this place let's

take a look at this refurbished loft

down here for $38 a night so obviously

this looks really really nice and I

would probably put this maybe a little

bit ahead or just about on par as this

place but again that's for you know $38

a night which is actually double what I

paid for this place so that doesn't

really surprise me in like that thirty

to kind of forty dollars a night for

this place but let's compare that to

some prices in some other popular

neighborhoods like Condesa and Roma okay

so now I've got some apartments listed

in the Condesa area and this is actually

where I've been staying the most of my

time I'm actually sharing room I don't

have an entire place myself but as you

can see when you do get an entire place

to yourself it's gonna be in like that

30 to 40 dollar range and obviously like

this one that I'm looking at right now

is really nice has everything you need

but again much more expensive than what

I paid for this place

you may be wondering how I got nineteen

dollars at night and I think the main

thing is that I was actually the first

guest to stay here it's a new listing

but I'm sure as Christian my host gets

good reviews he'll start raising the

price because I definitely would pay

like 30 to 40 dollars a night for this

no questions asked all right lastly

let's talk about everyone's favorite

topic when traveling and that is safety

so as with any place that I'm traveling

even if it's in the US like - New York

City or Chicago I'm definitely gonna be

a little bit more hesitant about safety

make sure I have all my belongings with

me making sure I've got my backpack

lubed up tight and when I'm walking

around especially when I'm walking

around with a camera trying to be a

little bit more cognizant of my

surroundings now that being said I have

had zero issues in Mexico City I have

felt completely safe at all times said

obviously I'm staying in some of the

nicer neighborhoods on purpose as well

as not going and staying out late by

myself you know most nights I'm backed

by a 10:00 p.m. at the latest so I've

had zero issues with you know any kind

of safety concerns so overall I would

rate this Airbnb a five out of five the

location is really really good obviously

the one minor mishap is that there's not

a metro station close by but if I'm

taking uber Zoar just walking not a big

deal the actual interior and amenities

of the apartment it has everything that

I could possibly need especially for one

like me where I wanted to be cooking in

a kitchen and I had this nice open space

to kind of maneuver around in and make

my videos lastly I mean for $19 a night

you absolutely cannot beat that price

which we've kind of seen based on

looking at some different Airbnb prices

overall I would highly recommend Mexico

City as a place to visit I mean between

the food and I'm telling you the food is

so so good no matter where you go

whether it's a restaurant a street food

or just someone who is selling tamales

on the side of the street

it's unbelievably good and flavorful

there's a ton of good things to see like

in centro historico you can go to

Chapultepec Park and just around to the

different neighborhoods which each kind

of have their own vibe and it's quite

cool to kind of compare and contrast the

different name

woods of Mexico City so if you guys are

thinking about traveling to Mexico City

hopefully this gives you some ideas on

different places that you can kind of

expect to stay in and if you have any

more questions feel free to drop them

down in the comments below

but overall that is going to wrap it up

for me and I will catch you in the next