Things To Do in Madrid, Spain 2020 4k


what's up musty travels tribe today

we're exploring Spain's capital Madrid

known for its elegant boulevards and

expansive parks you're gonna want to do

as much as you can in this amazing city

let's take a look at the top eight

things to do in Madrid



the Druids Grand Central Square is a

wide opening in the center of tightly

packed streets and is one of the

prettiest open spaces in Spain that

you'll ever see


Madrid's famous market is home for 33

local vendors serving amazing food with

fresh ingredients here you can do daily

groceries take part in exhibitions and

snack on all the delicious food


the Royal Palace of Madrid is the

official residence of the Spanish royal

family in Madrid but it's only used for

state ceremonies the palace has 3418

rooms and has the largest floor area out

of any other palace in Europe



part of the royal palace the Sabatini

gardens are a neoclassical style garden

where you'll find hedges and perfectly

symmetric geometrical patterns this is

definitely something pictures just can't

do justice


the Prado Museum is a National Art

Museum located in central Madrid it is

known to have one of the world's finest

collections of European art with some

dating all the way back to the 12th


Madrid's Palacio de Cristal is a

stunning architectural gem that recalls

an era when spaces were built to be

beautiful this palace is an elaborate

greenhouse where you can find enchanted

looking plants all around



this Plaza is a large square and a

popular tourist attraction in Spain here

you can find articulate statues and

monuments as well as beautiful green


the gran vía or in its english

translation the great way is known to be

Madrid's Broadway here you can wash The

Lion King

a stand-up comedy performance ballet and

so much more let's walk through the

streets and see what else there is to





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