ba-da-ba officially arrived and met

right thanks to a comma C of 60 costumes

we are excited to be here exactly what

we saved a horse tools and all that for

the game to the hostel let's go okay so

the first order of the day is before we

leave the airport we have got a Metro

passes three-day Metro passes cost 18

euros each it's time for a favorite part

of trouble as the rent owner before I go

any further can you believe it Vaughn I

could not find this room room a team

could not be any clearer but that

Savannah for you you know she's there

find eventually yeah very good

now this is a private room and this is

30 euros la which is an absolute bargain

you're staying and they say Sarah

they've also got shared properties on

here and they are 10 euros on a even

more of a bargain but just look at this

even get your own balcony

if this isn't Instagram

always it's called fun adventure so

we're just checking out the speakeasy

and place the hostel called maybe hearth

sagasta before Devon and I head out to

start exploring this beautiful say just

in that dock to the rooftop which has

normally closed at less than a year but

the below there's access just have a

wheeler and take some practice and it's

open from March until August but just

look at this you might just send up here

some some cocktails so we have been on

the go since X 1/4 small and I'm

absolutely starving switch on rate that

we've been committing SWA become then in

Mikado de San Miguel they grabbed a

bunch well went on for this smoked

burrata take requests croquettes was a


I bet a Coulomb okay North Sea small in

Nevada and I are play in LA and we are

fostering for breakfast instances 7th

Ave and we have got a back gate once


so it's only right that we follow

bellies Villa d'Este eyelashes but we

haven't focused their toast

Oh Marian bashes


while you're up Thank You deep blonde

without their we're just sitting up for

a picture at the monument Alfonso and I

saw this guy taking a picture of falling

behind us

it says wondering what it was turns out

there's a wheat ginger cat here in the

park hello mate

you're right what so he freaked me up

hey buddy adios


so this is the Palacio crystal and

retired park and it's quite a famous

glass house structure it's really

beautiful it's quite peaceful and quiet

inside we're gonna try and get a picture



one of the biggest photography sports

and Madrid as a partly respect monument

here and it's right in the middle of a

pedestrian crossing and we've got the

cure for over five ten minutes just to

get a patch area madness


if you're looking for some decent views

in Madrid then get yourself up there was

this place called around central central

rooftop and that costs three euros per

person they have guaranteed some good

unobstructed views or the same


my Ivana's no brought me to a rooftop

bar and as soon as I walked in here I

thought how much is this going to cost

me and the answer to that question is 8

euros for two sepsis Ida



we're now a pet dip on temple which is

an Egyptian temple in Madrid and

unfortunately it has no water in it so

we can't get a classic reflection

function but this is a spot where a lot

of people come and sit in the park and

no art like a Ponyo Ponyo because a few

people recommended that varnish to try

something what was it this accent so

let's go inside and get some Apollo so

I'm just kind of seafood so much


so unfortunately our time in Madrid is

almost over

so one last chance to sample some of the

tasty food saw him back titre gotta pass

because it's mutual cheap and muchos de

lashes they wanna talkin