Madrid Travel Guide - Top Places to Visit, by Locals

hi guys I'm I'm a Spanish reporter

living in Madrid and today I'm going to

show you my favorite places in Spain's

capital we're now in Seoul square which

is actually Spain's

kilometer zero where all the National

Road speakers any visitors trip starts

here surrounded by history culture and

many restaurants we're now going to stop

at this Spanish bar where we're gonna

try Madrid's most famous food the bokeh

video the kilometers

we're heading to Graham Bianca Y which

are Madrid's Broadway

if you want to enjoy good music good

performances great comedy both national

and international this is a place to be


we're standing in the Retiro part which

is one of the largest and most famous

parts images it's actually also known as

Madrid's lung it's full of gardens

monuments and fountains and this is

actually the center of the park with the

Palacio de Cristal which is made almost

entirely out of glass


this is my favorite spot in the earth

eater park he can just rent a boat for

45 minutes and enjoy this incredible

view and this incredible monument

this is a Sevilla square which has

actually become one of Madrid's

landmarks and it is the starting point

of the avenue of art it has the goddess

IB in the center of it




so what better way to top a day than an

actual rooftop where you can enjoy a


and this incredible skyline we are in

the field below the mayor's hat this an

Arts and Culture Center where you can

enjoy two things there rooftop or a

museum on the first floor anyway you can

buy your tickets in the lobby this

rooftop is really near serious and in

retiro it's really easy to find and

you'll enjoy it this incredible building

behind me is the Royal Palace Spain's

royal family's official residence

although nowadays it is only used to

state events

EU citizens have free entrance and can

discover and enjoy thousands of rooms

and next to the Royal Palace you can

enjoy these incredible Sabatini Gardens

which is still part of the royal palace



we are now in love our pious mother

needs a most multicultural neighborhood

let me show you around the lab RPS is

known for its underground culture but

also its tradition this cafe is over a

hundred years old


young people are attractive to the

culture the music and the street art in

love appears where they live alongside

people from 80 different nationalities


but if you're looking to try the Spanish

omelet with a bit of a twist we should

come to a war where they make huge

Spanish tortillas


you can also try croquettas which are

another typical Spanish dish


right in the heart of the city we've got

this ancient Egyptian temple called el

templo de the Watts which is surrounded

by green areas where people can relax do

sports or even have a picnic


if you want to find out more about this

incredible city and even learned some

tips then go on to free tor.com and book

a tour with a local guide from Madrid