48 Hours In EDINBURGH | UNILAD Adventure


hey guys welcome back to uni light


this week we're showing you how to get

the most out of 48 hours in the iconic

city of Edinburgh

so let's get started Edinburgh is a

stunning historical city that's filled

with beautiful architecture start your

first day by exploring the city streets

and meeting the locals as you make your

way up the Royal Mile it's the beating

heart of Edinburgh filled with friendly

faces and quintessential shops you'll

find everything from whiskey to Kashmir

as you wander up to the crown jewel

Edinburgh Castle exploring its grounds

is like stepping back in time with fairy

tale-like features everywhere you look

venture through the narrow walkways and

open rooms adorned with royal relics you

can even take a tour of the old prison

quarters to learn how criminals would

have lived back in the 1700s if you're a

history buff this absolutely has to be

on your bucket list if you're looking

for a great place to eat the city is

full of them but one of our favorites is

cafe Royale it's a historic Victorian

pub with all the ornate details you'd

expect marble floors goldleaf finishes

and stained-glass windows make it one of

the most opulent places to eat in the

city they're always the bar serves off a

beautifully crafted menu of fine foods

it can be a little pricey here but if

you don't have the budget you can always

sit in the pub area for a tasty British

pub lunch next work off your lunch with

a walk of Calton Hill in the city centre

here you'll find beautiful monuments in

a peaceful setting with some brilliant

views of Edinburgh it's a great spot to

snap a few unmissable photos if you've

stayed with the schedule up to here then

you may have some free time to explore

the city before dinner

devil's advocate is a great place to go

for your evening meal grab yourself a

signature cocktail and choose some of

the great eats from their menu the bar

is packed with personality and makes the

perfect start to a night out another

great place for more of a drinking

experience is brew he mia where you can

book a tasting to sample some of

Scotland's best whiskey and beers it's a

brilliant place to go with a group of

friends and there's often a great

atmosphere created by live music


day two if you love a hike we recommend

heading up Arthur's Seat this towering

rock face sits perfectly at the edge of

the city and offers great views the hike

isn't difficult and it's a great chance

to escape from the busy streets if you

get up a little earlier it's a brilliant

place to watch the Sun rise back in the

city Armstrong's vintage is a must visit

for the style conscious its rails are

filled with quirky accessories and

hidden treasures you might just find

your new favorite outfit right here Dean

Village is the most picturesque

neighbourhood with colorful streets and

historic buildings there's a real sense

of character here it's built along the

beautiful canal with pretty washing

lines in a wonderful courtyard it really

is like something from a fairy tale and

it's a great place for a relaxing stroll

you can snap some great photos here as

well so it's definitely worth a visit

now is a good time to grab some lunch

and if you're looking for vegan options

or just open to trying something new

then holy cow might be perfect for you

with delicious plant-based burgers and

tasty sweet treats after lunch drive out

of the city center and head to Gilmerton

Cove here you can uncover the mysterious

underground history of Edinburgh this

series of passageways and chambers is

believed to have been hand-carved by a

local blacksmith in the 18th century at

the time it was used as a secret

drinking den and a Smuggler's lair with

tales of ghosts and spirits it's really

eerie down there and you can't help

feeling like there's always someone

stood behind you

a little further out you'll find rise

extreme air sports test your skills on

the crazy obstacle courses challenge

your friends to a game of dodgeball and

catch big air on that endless

trampolines this factory of fun is the

perfect adrenaline filled way to end

your trip well that's all we have time

for on this one but we'd love to hear

your recommendations for Edinburgh in

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