HOW TO SPEND 48 HOURS IN EDINBURGH | What to see, do, eat and drink

Hey everyone, we're back with another St Christopher's travel vlog

And this time we're in Edinburgh.

With only two days here and so much to do we'll mainly be in Edinburgh's Old Town

ticking off main sights like Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile, Holyrood Palace and way more

Now let's go and see Edinburgh

So as the Harry Potter fans will know JK Rowling got a lot of her inspiration for the Harry Potter books from Edinburgh

And so we've just been into Greyfriars Kirkyard to see where she got the inspiration behind Lord Voldemort's name

which is Tom Riddle

and now we're gonna go and carry on the tour around some of Edinburgh's famous Harry Potter sites

Camera Obscura is so funny

You should definitely do it. It costs 16 pounds and you get

free access to it for the rest of the day until 10:00 p.m

so you can go up to the rooftop for their incredible views even at night

And now we're going to go to the haunted vault tour

to like check out underground Edinburgh, which costs

£12.20 per person when you book online in advance

We just have to get there five minutes early and then we get a tour of the underground vaults

So we just came out with the vault room tour which was very interesting

there was a really really good mix between spooky stories and some history of Edinburgh

and if you are really into paranormal stuff

then you should definitely a book it cos I think some people in the room definitely felt some things but

Personally I didn't but it was really cool. You should definitely book it

It was the Aulde Reekie tour and as I think I mentioned earlier it's £12.20

and you just booked it in advance, meet at the meeting point five minutes before

and the guy takes you on a little walk down the Royal Mile telling you stories and then you get to the vaults and it's really cool

But I'll put a link for it in the description box so you can check it out

But now we're gonna head back to the hostel to freshen up and then head back out something to eat

So we've just woken up for our second day in Edinburgh and we're staying at

St Christopher's Original hostel here in the city centre

But there is a brand new one opening up right across the road

So both hostels are literally just a couple of seconds walk from Waverly Station

So if you're coming up here by train, then it is really really easy

So we just came up from the free breakfast downstairs

that you get every morning off your stay when you book direct and yeah now let's get on with our second day in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle has been one of those things I've wanted to do for so long and it was so cool

we spent a few hours in there and we got to see the Scottish crown jewels

and the Great Hall and it just felt like a little village out of Harry Potter, it was really cute

So yeah, obviously if you're in Edinburgh it's one of these things that you just have to do for however long that you're staying here for

But now our in Princes Street Gardens, which has an amazing view of the castle from down below and the gardens themselves so pretty

I hope this video comes in useful for your trip to Edinburgh

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