good morning everyone

if you may or may not notice but there

is no squiggle on this camera Cleo has

this exact same camera see and she

brought it and I was like for the entire

Europe troops though she's a lot she's

been kind enough to lend us a camera so

I know more squiggle now we are just

heading down through the train station

and we are making our way towards

Edinburgh I'm gonna be spending a couple

of nights there yeah we're just kind of

just logging our bags to the train

station and then you have to catch two

trains one into the city and then wander

into Glasgow City and in one to n Russ

City so yeah should be good houses here

so beautiful I love it in the roads

some reason the machine gave us all of

the tickets we have why do we need so

much we just need one

we just got to Glasgow central where

we'll be making our transfer and it is a

really beautiful train station all right

we just realized we're at the wrong

train station we just have to make a

quick five-minute walk to the next one

and then we can jump on our train to


three announced they went to Glasgow in

Scotland and saw someone walk around

three circles

I suppose this kind of good we're doing

this little walk so we're showing you

guys a bit more of Glasgow we kind of

failed at that yesterday

so beautiful it's a Timmy's oh no it's

just a Hortons the street these streets

are really make me wish we stay longer

in Glasgow but I know there's plenty of

these type of streets when we explore

Europe so it's fine it's okay

you think we found like the main like

fashion district here

no down then

alright guys you just made it to

Edinburgh I'm afraid sure the place

we're staying at is right next to the

train station which is so good no more

walking and lugging all this luggage

around but

I'm excited to see it so guys we are

staying at a place called the Balmoral

and it's this big

what's so nice and I can see in 1901


I think it is yeah looks so beautiful

hello we just dropped our bags off that

hotel is absolutely beautiful that

building the hotel once we check in is

already like off now yeah we're gonna

hit down now so we'll play some old town

and you can see it from here it looks

amazing I should show you guys it's I've

never seen anything like it was all so


Wow anything to never die

Wow so yeah we pretty much just put our

stuff down and I have to admit this

hotel is the best view of a hotel room

I've ever stayed in thank you I know oh

so beautiful this is what happens when

we stay really nice hotels we get

excited yeah so we're staying here at

the Balmoral we have probably about

three or four more hours left of

daylight so we're just gonna put our

bags down and go and explore guys rooms

so pretty there's our big bed and then

we got a little TV and some amazing

views through these windows and the

bathroom I think it's the best bit it's

a big marble bathroom as you can see it

has a cute little plant and get marble

bathroom with roads which are our

favorite thing yeah I think this looks

really really nice

Oh little treats cemento rinsing some

shortbread oh that's so cute

O'Town and the voice is so pretty we're

going to have this article Cockburn up

and it's like it bends and the wrote the

buildings are so pretty

we're now going down the Royal Mile

which is like a street where they've

blocked it off and no cars can go down

and I see those street performers and

the buildings are just amazing so cool

you guys so we got overexcited when we

sell that castle in Toronto a the Casa

Loma castle well we've now decided

costly Edinburgh called the Edinburgh

Castle and it like wow it's a hundred

times more incredible than the Castaway

because I think it's an actual property

like this this is a castle

we'll just work walking down the road

then we found the Elephant House which

is the cafe that JK Rowling wrote the

first few books of Harry Potter is where

Harry Potter was made pretty much it

says on the front the birthplace of

Harry Potter there it is pretty cool

we're pretty big Harry Potter fans let's

go inside

so just come back we wanted a quick

coffee and we found out that we have an

espresso machine whatever use one of

these before

no come here instead Starbucks yeah do

you want one that looks amazing

yes we need one of these in our live

stream and we need to travel with an

espresso machine look at all the baggage

you know that it's up in the room they

just brought all that baggage up oh yeah

by the way we just came back from o-town

I'm not sure if we touch it yeah baby

Oh Joanne your coffee I have to admit my

favorite part of the night look the

whole day when I get to jump into bed

thanks so much for watching guys we are

going on a islands towards bar a lot of

you recommended that Scotland's like

rural areas I don't know if it's wrong

or not but at least this area's outside

of the main cities of beautiful so I'm

really excited to see that tomorrow and

yeah it should be a good day well thanks

so much for watching guys and we'll see

you tomorrow bye