We Cheaped Out & Booked a $50 Disney World Hotel Room.. Was it a Disaster?


everybody we are going to Walt Disney

World you probably already see in the

videos from the Fed we are going on a

budget we made these plans very

last-minute all the value resorts at

Walt Disney World were sold out I think

the cheapest Walt Disney World Resort

Hotel was like $300 tonight we did that

just not in our budget so we booked very

cheap we booked like 50 bucks and nights

is it gonna be disaster come with us


so here's what happened the Disney World

resorts all the value resorts were sold

back because who would it bother me new

ride at first Mickey ride ever

so all those were booked up so we didn't

have much of a budget we were doing this

last minute we decided to use Priceline

because it's wild you literally like

have a selection of it gives you free

selections and then you just like hit a

button it takes one for you yeah she's

not explaining it right so you pick an

area that you want to stay you pick a

price range that you want to pay me make

it tells you three hotels it's like

you're gonna get one of these hotels you

have to commit to fire and I got it met

like two of these hotels on our West

we're awesome and one of them was like

questionable we ended up getting the

question of all we don't know could be

awesome was it called fantasy world -

well we're paying 50 bucks a night so

the question is is this gonna be a


we'll find out come with us




we made it so happy to be here I feel

like they keep radiating through their



so we landed in Orlando and if we were

saying at Disney Resort we would get the

magical Express but we aren't so we got

to find it uber or a lift or a minivan

thank you probably not that's too

expensive let's find ourselves in uber

or a lift

how cool would it be if there actually

was stormtroopers inside the whole

subway covers them and they open the

doors they just came out

this is very cool why don't we have this

at the LAX Airport the heck we don't

even get Buddy Dyer anything so cool

we're going to find an uber yeah where's

that it's weird that there's like no

signs for ride chair where there's tons

of them over in LAX it's almost like as

if it's a monopoly easier life would be

I don't think we can because we're not


okay let's fine it let's find we found


I just called our uber it's like nine

minutes away looks like it's gonna be

$35 uber ride to the vacation villas at

fantasy world to Twi

well I accidentally put in fantasy world

at first and that's not the only place

it'd be a big kitchen villas at fantasy

world too

wonders it's fantasy world 3

this is awesome already it's very like

retro Florida

it's weird on lime it's spelled t wo but

on the sign it was numeral two you don't

have their branding don't have a beard

em guys you're looking at it we made it

to fantasy wait you sorry we needed to

vacation villas at families your world

look as bad as the florida projects like

the Magic Castle from the yeah which is

like fun I'm all about oh okay let's go

check in do it

look they even have advertisements for

galaxy's edge here what is the activity

lounge look like this look like there's

many activities going on in here looks

like there's some some board games they

can borrow

I feel like when you're on vacation you

might want like a nice room and have a

place that has like breakfast and stuff

with that but we're gonna be in the

parks we're gonna be parking it so we

just need a place to sleep that's

comfortable and clean and no you know

bed bugs no made it to tower to this

thing an elevator and everything they

got wind down Wednesday's oh yeah

five sample you lead the way

we made it true 221d

oh wow big welcome home for the next

couple of days

holy Edie's going clean up in here

so kiss you go full full kitchen here so

if you want to make food you're not to

eat at the park who needs the Disney

Vacation Club you get your own kitchen

here you probably get is there a wash

and dryer yeah oh my gosh that would be

amazing actually

let's see what else there is here's the

bathroom how much do we end up spending

on this 50 bucks a night I think plus a

resort keen taxes okay so $50 give or

take all things considered this is

pretty like epic I was not expecting it

to be this huge in here who needs the

h2o soaps from Disney when you got big

essential helmets

their couples are like a worn down I


it's baked tiles probably you get your

own living room area look at this couch

it's got like palm trees all over it


it's fine to be honest I when I heard

there was a pool here I was like we

would never use it but that pool

actually looks pretty nice yeah it looks

a lot better than I was expecting in the

hot tub I'm shocked I was expecting this

video to be like oh my god this is an

epic disaster this is actually not bad

like all things considered No yeah I

know it's not like perfect I mean it's

not great but it is a place for us to

sleep yeah in the charger devices right

yeah okay guys here's where the magic


it's the bedroom welcome to our crib

genuine reaction holy I know what we're

doing tonight I think that only will fit

one of us there's like a hot tub like

bath in here and then there's the

bedroom why why are there two bathrooms

and then there's a his her sinks Wow

sweetie you expect so is that problem it

looks like this used to be two rooms a

bedroom and a bathroom and then they cut

down the wall open concept learn from

the pop propertybrothers

it's not bad if you get like a group of

a couple people someone sleeps on the

couch I honestly don't think you need

that for 50 bucks a night each of you

can get your own vacation villas at

fantasy world too you can all be ballers

and get your own

was true and we could have each got our

own why didn't we should we go get

another room we could get that joining

room know how fun would that be man that

were queer we're staying together in

that bed over there okay bedroom okay I

want to do like a parody of like the Tim

Tracker hotel room tour where I go point

out that there's no USB plugs anywhere

cuz this hotel was built before there

was USB plugs we got two bathrooms

oh boy take that USB plugs I think we're

winning here there's even some stairs

here so you can go down the stairs

instead of taking the elevator and then

you get some exercise all rights here

let's go all right next one all garden

in a Friday TJ is all your favorite

train chain restaurants a weenie rose

so we had our first snafu I put in

Polynesian selected the first thing

because there's a Polynesian Resort or

something and it wasn't the Disney

Polynesian Resort brought us there it

wouldn't have been that much further

though I think from where we were it was

like a 15 minute ride so still about the

same rate of an uber but classic Peter

that's something I mean to always be

checking no you know I'm out of Newton

okay so we just recorded a video over

the polynesian which will appear

elsewhere on the channel but now we're

headed to Disney springs we're gonna be

going to homecoming which I went to last

trip you weren't here and I want to

bring you them it looks so delicious I

edited that video and I've been like

craving it ever since I cannot wait I've

heard nothing but good things so better

live up to my expectation and because we

were at the Polynesian we got to take

the shuttle bus and Disney shuttle bus

or headed towards Disney springs so

win-win don't have the that's one of the

good things is once you're at one of the

parks or the resorts you can take the

Trent's at the free transportation in

between those you just got to pay for

the transportation back to the hotel at

the end of the night at the beginning of

the last time Peter was here by himself

he got lost when he was trying to find

come coming I'm lost at Disney springs I

can't find this restaurants where is it

I seriously must have just walked right

past the restaurant where is this


oh my god right here I literally gave up

I took out my phone and I'm just gonna

get directions on Google Maps I hit go I

was right in front of the restaurant and

I kind of made fun of him and we just

got here and I understand why he got

lost because we were lost again I mean

we had a cast member show us and it's

literally like right over here but we

somehow already like went to the wrong

spot so as much as I love Disney Springs

as confusing if you don't come here that


they have moonshine on tap here I've

never tried moonshine before so I had to

try one of the moonshine cocktails and I

ended up getting a strawberry at


it is strawberry moonshine freshly

little strawberry it's lemonade and

strawberry puree sounds good looks good

you cannot taste alcohol in this this is


and what's cool is they give you these

straws they're not made out of paper I

think they're made of like a dog

and I appreciate that because I used a

paper shop earlier today and it was no

good this is really really good it it

literally just tastes like the

strawberry lemonade it tastes like fresh

muddled strawberries which I love I

recommend this this it's a five out of

five very very tasty and I got the rum

shine punch which has strawberry rum

shine blackberry brandy banana liqueur

pineapple juice and house-made grenadine

it looks very beautiful

I like how its set up here

this is hard to describe you can really

taste the blackberry it's a very strong

taste to it but it's very very very

sweet but it's not like one of those

sweet drinks that you can't taste the

alcohol there I mean you can taste the

alcohol it is you know you're drinking

some rum shine here and they gotta give

this like a three-and-a-half Peters out

of five maybe a four three and a half

four I definitely get it again though I

like it and yes let's get rid of the

paper straws let's let's request MOA

these agave straws they're biodegradable

and they don't get soggy if you told me

this was made out of plastic I believe

you because it is just as useful as a

plastic straw and it's not useless like

a paper straws out so I've been noticing

a lot of the comments people say that I

tend to give usually four or five stars

Peter gave this a three and a half so I

want to test it out and see if I

actually if it deserves a three and a

half or I'm just very generous with

am i rating you just love everything

this drink was good I have a more

refined about this isn't as good as mine

I mean it's good but you could

definitely taste the alcohol mine you

cannot don't probably get so far pretty

it's pretty good it tastes like fruit

punch I like it so basically what you're

saying is the criticism that you only

get four and five out of five it's real

where are appetizer we got the thigh

high chicken biscuits and what this is

is the their signature biscuits stuff

with a chicken thigh and then on top of

that is bread and butter pickles

just with hot honey I did not get to

have these last time with it you bite

into these and you feel like you're like

transported to the south and you're like

sitting on the bayou and you're just

like enjoying a home-cooked meal and the

porch of like some grandma food inside a

recipe the years no really it but it

also has like a sweetness like that

honey as I get a good sweetness to it it

is very hearty but it's also sweet the

biscuits are just like

soft but humbly and has like that

cheddar in it four and a half out of

five there is very close to five meters

as it can get

that honey on top of the chicken makes

it a little bit sweet so it's like sweet

and spicy at the same time the chicken

is like cooked to perfection it's

probably just a four and a half okay I'm

not gonna give it a five but it's

important to have it it's really really

good I ordered the shrimp and grits

this is pan-seared shrimp with tomato

gravy Tasso ham served over creamy

Bradley's grits oh my gosh I wish you

guys could smell this

he's like smell that like Cajun spice on

there the grits are like super soft and

creamy and so flavorful mixed with like

this gravy and the shrimp is cooked like

to perfection this is probably the best

Rembrandt's I've ever had

Wow I'm so happy I got this is like

hitting the spot right now and this gets

a five I'm sorry I'm gonna do it this

gets a five out of five get res if you

are a fan of shrimp shrimp and grits

that combination get this at homecoming

we also decided to get mama's mac and

cheese I've heard from numerous people

that like the mac and cheese is like the

thing to get here so we have to try it's

what's so cheesy

hello you guys

I want to do like a slow-mo shot of that

how big does this look like I got

nothing but like cheese everything that

we've had tonight has been so so good

this place was up to the height this is

like some of the best mac and cheese I

think it's just you it tastes like

homemade mac and cheese there's like a

thick layer of cheese melted on top here

and you gotta like scoop in there to get

the little pieces of macaroni oh my god

it's so cheesy it's so delicious itself

flavor fall that's a fire I don't want

to share this

shy of Peter you don't give this a five

I'm gonna be very disappointed in you by

the way I'd just like to say how proud I

am of you trying approving all these

commenters wrong that you give

everything a five out of five

good job job is just really good here

I'm hoping it is very cheesy I'll say

it's more cheesy that I normally want my

pack and cheese they I think they have

some I think there's like some parmesan

crumble on top and so we got the white

cheddar mixed with some other kind of

cheese four out of five four to five is

good four to five is exceptional it just

means it's not the best mac and cheese

you could possibly get so I've already

tried the fried chicken and Donuts meal

I'll put a link above if you want to see

my review that but I didn't order it

again that tells you how much I liked it

and we have kit right here to try out

some of my some of my food and so I can

get some five-star love 5/5 kit rizal

around for the for the fried chicken and

Donuts here we go wow the pressure is

really on I hope this gets a 5 for me it

is two pieces of world-famous fried

chickens or with house-made sugar donuts

and creamy mashed potatoes so how am I

supposed to do this

what about the donut sure all my fried

chickens pretty good let's try the

mashed potatoes just pretty good it's

really good not good I'm not we don't

know what my rating is yet okay gotta

try it everything those potatoes are

pretty good all right this gets up five

who are we kidding this is really good

it's like it looks like a lot of food

too so you're definitely not gonna be

hungry after eating this one one of the

things I like about this is you're

getting an entree and a dessert all in

one so you get the donuts you get the

fried chicken you got the mashed



we destroyed this meal we actually took

a lot of it we're bringing it home with

us because we have an awesome

refrigerator in our villa that we're

staying at

but you guys this was honestly like one

of the best meals I've ever had my

entire life everything we tried was so

so good

if you're coming to Disney springs come

here I know we're really late on this

party but or never or number here so

this is new to us but oh my gosh you

guys how come nobody told me how good

this place was everybody told you

everybody told me I'm glad I finally ate

here so I think this might gay an

ordinary adventure star we walked around

Disney springs for a little bit and now

we're gonna head back to the room uber

ring again and it's gonna cost about 10

bucks so it feels like it's like 10 to

15 dollars each way to the parks or

resorts or whatever we want to go to so

it's like $30 a day so is that worth it

so 60 or $70 for the room after taxes

and everything less than 30 then then

you're at what like 100 bucks today yeah

but you're comparing that to what is

like in a value resort like 200 to

something we will wait back in at the

end of this trap get your Peter in kit

right tell us yeah you know was it worth


three days later does the last day we're

checking out and I wanted to say that

this hotel was actually pretty

spectacular it was only about ten

minutes away from the theme parks who

was not disaster at all the uber rides

took cost anywhere between nine and

fourteen dollars depending on the time

and where we were going

I think if I have only one complaint it

is this the full-size bed mean kicker

and I used to sleeping on a full-size

bed it was a little uncomfortable and

it's weird because this hotel room is

huge like it's huge they they could fit

a queen-size bed or a king-size bed in

this hotel room do you have anything to

say about the hotel room I enjoyed it it

was quite nice and I

I know about you but I slept like a baby

in that bed it was a little like tight

but I still managed to get some good

rest anyways if you want to see all the

videos from this Walt Disney World trip

I know we skipped over her bunch of fun

stuff in-between hit the video on the

side over there thanks for watching

we'll see you on the next adventure