6 Reasons NOT to Stay in a Walt Disney World Hotel

here at AFP we talk a lot about how

great Disneyworld hotels are and how

much we love to stay on property in

Disneyworld but believe it or not there

are several reasons logical reasons why

you might not want to stay in a

Disneyworld hotel so we've got all of

those for you here today on DFB guide

hey everybody it's AJ for Disney food

blog now there's no way to sugarcoat it

Disneyworld is expensive and a huge

chunk of your budget is going to be

spent on where you stay during your

vacation today we're gonna break down

six reasons not to stay in a Disneyworld

hotel because believe it or not there

are actually some pretty good reasons

that you might not want to stay in a

Disneyworld owned hotel first up you

like to rack up hotel points if you're

into credit card in hotel points a

Disney hotel might not be the best

option for you the chase Disney visa is

the only one that's gonna get you points

that you can spend at Disneyworld are on

your hotel stay and arguably there's

better cards and rewards programs that

will let you accumulate points faster

and have a way more diverse way to use

them you might spend thousands on your

Disney trip at the points post vacation

and then you can only use them on

another Disney vacation which might not

be a problem for you but for some people

that's not what they want to use their

points on but if you're a frequent

traveler you'll likely rack up points

faster and you know elsewhere with other

carts and hotel chains basically every

hotel group is represented in the area

around Walt Disney World and if you're a

star would member or Marriott Rewards

card holder you can use those points to

stay right on property at this one in

dolphin resort as well if you're a

Hilton Hotel points remember you can

stay at the Waldorf Astoria right on

property or at other Hilton Hotel

properties just off his near old

property so there's plenty of ways to

rack up Hotel points and still stay very

close to Disney World if not directly

owned property at Disney World you just

won't be in a Disney owned hotel next

reason not to stay in a Disney World

hotel you're not only going to Walt

Disney World

you're visiting other stuff in Central

Florida you're gonna spend a lot of time

on the road so you may want to consider

finding a place to stay that's in

between all of your destinations check

the distance between Disney World and

the other parks and things you plan to

visit if you're gonna be driving 30

minutes each way multiple days of your

trip and you're only hitting Disneyworld

for a day or two choosing something more

centrally located may cut down on

transportation costs and you may be able

to find a better hotel deal if you're

not right next to the parks

alternatively love your Disney World

park days together stay

Disneyworld for just those days to use

Disneyworld transportation for that part

of your trip and have a rental car or

use a ride chair for the rest

remember those parking fees both resort

fees and park parking when you're

pricing out where you're gonna stay next

reason not to stay in a Disneyworld

hotel you're on a very tight budget this

is definitely the number one reason not

to stay in a Disneyworld hotel from many

people even if you're not looking for

the most cost-effective hotel you might

prefer to spend more of your budget on

food or experiences especially if you

don't plan on spending too much time in

your room anyway there's certainly

budget accommodations at Disneyworld

even still nightly rates are gonna range

from a hundred to five hundred dollars

at all Disneyworld hotels and well

beyond some larger suites are thousands

of dollars a night so to save more money

on your hotel try looking off-site if

you still want to snag some of the

Disney World guest benefits check out

the Disney Springs area neighbor hotels

or if you're a member of the military

shades of green all of these hotels

offer 60-day Fastpass and extra magic

hours you will get a Magic Band if you

stay at these hotels although you can

purchase one to link your tickets fast

passes and advance dining reservations

otherwise you'll end up with a ticket

card which works exactly the same as a

Magic Band it just doesn't hook around

your wrist

these offsite hotels are generally less

expensive than Disney World resorts of

the same category so value off-site

hotels may cost closer to sixty to

eighty dollars a night while at Disney

World they're a hundred to two hundred

dollars a night

moderate off sites are generally 150 to

250 dollars a night while rooms at

Disneyworld moderates start around 200

and go up to 300 Plus you may be able to

snag a deal on a deluxe Disney Resort

but generally they start around 300 per

night and go up from there

off-site you may be able to find

higher-end accommodation starting around

250 and night and they may even be on

site check out the Swan and dolphin for

deluxe rooms on a budget it's definitely

worth noting too that by staying at a

Disney World Hotel you'll get free

airport transportation and

transportation around the Disney World

Resort which for the most part you won't

get at an off-site hotel but if you're

planning on bringing your own car to

Disney World you'll want to budget in

the parking fees on top of the price of

your room which is going to be fifteen

to twenty-five dollars a night

and maybe look at offsite hotels that

don't charge parking fees keep an eye on

resort fees to Disney World hotels don't

have them put many offsite hotels will

so there may be some nickel-and-diming

going on at non Disney World Resort

Hotels when all of that is usually

packed into your nightly rate at a

Disney World Resort Hotel in general

you're gonna save money if you stay off

site for your Disney roadtrip about 50

to $100 a night depending on where you

stay which can add up fast if you're

there for a week so if you don't mind

spending some extra time commuting to

the parks you'll be able to save a good

chunk of money next reason you might not

want to stay at a Disney World hotel is

that you want really really really

high-end luxury so on the flip side

maybe budget isn't your top priority and

what you're really looking for is luxury

deluxe resort SiC Disneyworld are

high-end the fact of the matter is when

you're used to truly Lux Resort Hotels

top-of-the-line resorts you might want

to look elsewhere The Four Seasons has a

hotel on property in Walt Disney World

but it is not Disney owned it's a

triple-a five-diamond resort with views

of the Magic Kingdom fireworks

award-winning restaurants and a Disney

character breakfast a 5 acre waterpark

on-site golf courses and gardens plus

perks like the 60 day Fast Pass extra

magic hours complimentary park

transportation and a dedicated on-site

Disney Planning Center there's also the

Waldorf Astoria which also offers disney

perks like Fast Pass extra magic hours

and transportation along with their own

golf course and access to the water park

at the neighboring Hilton bonnet creek

and with 12 different Restaurant &

Lounge options you might never need to

leave your luxe accommodations and also

remember there is a ritz-carlton on

property as well so if you've got to get

those marriott points that's a great

option for you to stay if you're looking

for luxe accommodations by comparison

the Grand Floridian is generally

regarded as the most luxe hotel at

Disney World obviously you'll get those

park perks and as for transportation

nothing beats a monorail stop away from

the Magic Kingdom

well accepts if you're walking from the

contemporary across the blade you'll

also like the Four Seasons in Waldorf

get an on-site spa and fitness center

and a war

winning restaurants grand floridian has

the triple-a 5 diamond Victorian L verts

and staying club level at Grand

Floridian will get you some extra perks

like a dedicated team of concierge staff

and an exclusive lounge but still the

level and delivery of service at the

Four Seasons cannot be beat even by the

most luxe Disneyworld hotel for most

people at the Four Seasons you'll

encounter personal shoppers poolside

attendants and even ads to plan your

next trip aboard their private jet yeah

Grand Floridian doesn't quite hit that

level of luxe next reason you might not

want to say to Disneyworld own hotel you

need a lot of space Disneyworld hotel

rooms aren't known to be spacious even

the biggest standard rooms are only

gonna be around four hundred and forty

square feet which isn't a lot of space

if you're traveling with a group of four

or five and trying to fit into one hotel

room I'm booking two rooms or the larger

family suites can be pretty expensive

and you've still just got a hotel room

instead consider renting a vacation home

or condo which in addition to being less

expensive will give you extra living

space and a full kitchen many rental

homes in the area have private pools and

hot tubs some even have game rooms and

in-home theaters some Lux rental homes

even have over-the-top themed bedrooms

if you're looking for something really

unique price-wise if you're splitting a

larger five or six bedroom rental home

between a few families you're gonna be

spending less than several hotel rooms

at a Disney World Resort many houses can

be found for under 300 a night which as

we've said is about how much a single

deluxe room will cost per night so

there's huge bargains to be had now

remember on Disney World property you

can rent Disney Vacation Club villas

which do provide more space there's one

two and three-bedroom options but

bedding configuration might not work for

you and the cost can be prohibitive

depending on where you're staying so be

sure to take a look at the Disney

Vacation Club villas and see if you can

find one that's within your budget but

if you need more space for a larger

family consider those rental homes or

condos instead and the last reason you

might not want to stay at a Disney World

hotel you don't need to stay at a Disney

hotel to visit a Disney hotel as we've

pointed out you can save a ton of money

and potentially get more bang for your

buck if you don't stay in a walt disney

world hotel but don't worry you can

still visit

the Disney World Resort even if you're

not staying there or even if you're just

staying at a different Disney World

Resort basically the only thing is you

won't be able to do is use pools or

fitness centers and certain activities

that the resort's are for guests of that

resort only otherwise enjoy the dining

the spas tours and other special events

at any of the Disney World resorts even

if you're not staying there right now

you can tour all of the resorts have

that holiday decor up and some of them

have truly amazing displays we got a

video tour of the resort gingerbread

houses coming up really soon even if you

stay off site you can still dine at

Ohana or California grill and with your

reservation you'll even be able to park

the resort for the length of your meal

so as you can see there are plenty of

reasons not to stay in at Disney World

hotel it even though we love staying on

property and really there's nothing like

being in the middle of that magical

Disney bubble there are plenty of

considerations that make it an

absolutely logical and rational choice

to stay off site so we hope this has

been helpful for you guys if you've

stayed off site and you have hotels that

you recommend please let us know in the

comments we'd love to see your

experiences thanks for listening and

thanks for watching you guys as always

this is AJ for Disney food blog and

we'll see ya real food