The BEST Rooms in Disney World Hotels, And How to Get Them!

sure you can stay in any old hotel room

on your Disney trip but why would you do

that when you can stay in the best hotel

rooms we've got the tips on how to get

them coming up


hey everybody is AJ for Disney food blog

with over 30,000 hotel rooms at Disney

World there are bound to be some winners

and some losers whether it's the perfect

view the best location or the most

unique room at the resort some rooms are

just better than the rest and today

we're going through nearly every single

Disney Resort to let you know about the

best rooms and how to get them we're

gonna be making a lot of suggestions for

room requests for specific buildings or

floors some of these requests can be

made an online check-in but others may

need to be made directly to the hotel

you can make requests about five days in

advance of your trip by contacting the

hotel directly this is usually about

when rooms get assigned or you can ask

at the front desk when you check-in keep

your requests to two or three tops and a

bit broader than a specific room number

to have a better shot at getting what

you want also make sure to prioritize

the most important requests and make

sure those are first alright let's head

over to Animal Kingdom Lodge first


View obviously a room with a view of the

animals out on the savanna at Animal

Kingdom Lodge is going to be the top

pick for this resort but all savanna

view rooms aren't created equal so

savanna View is a category you can book

but there's not really a way to

guarantee that you'll get put on the

savanna you want with that category

there are three Savannah's at the

resort's sunset Ujima and Arusha Arusha

is the big Savannah that's the focal

point of those huge windows in the lobby

this is generally considered the best

Savannah to be on it has the best views

and the largest array of animals so when

you're making your request for your

savanna view room make sure to request

Arusha ok booking a club level room with

two queen beds or a king bed will

guarantee you get an Arusha savanna view

on the fourth floor arguably the best

view in the resort and that your room

won't be too far away from the lobby

club level also comes with some extra

perks like the club level lounge which

serves light bites throughout the day

with complimentary beverages including

beer and wine for those over 21 if you

go ahead and book a regular Savannah

view room you can

on some room requests to get what you

want keep in mind that these are

requests so they won't be guaranteed

request a room on the Arusha savannah

about midway down the hall not too far

from the lobby but far enough away that

you're not right on top of the animal

overlook area that's open to all guests

make a request for a higher floor the

lobby of the resort is on the third

floor and rooms on the floor below won't

have such expansive views of the animals

though a room on the fifth floor may be

a little too high for some folks floors

3 & 4 tend to be the preferred pics you

can book a standard room and take a

chance on being able to see the animals

though and here's how you do that if my

standard room we mean a standard view

room in Animal Kingdom Lodge you can

request a room on the koodoo trail both

sides of the trail face savannas so

you're gonna get some kind of a view if

you end up on that trail and you can

also request an obstructed savanna view

which are the rooms that maybe have a

pole in front of them or they're sort of

at the end of this to Vienna so it's

hard some animals that come over there

so you still have a savanna view and you

still will see some animals but you're

paying the standard view price alright

let's head over to Grand Floridian the

gabled rooms some people absolutely love

these rooms and there's no doubt that

they are some of the more unique rooms

you can stay at on Disney property the

gabled rooms addict rooms Dormer rooms

they have a lot of names are located on

the top floor of the Grand Floridian and

have huge vaulted ceilings these rooms

are actually a bit smaller than standard

rooms though not by much but the roof

makes them feel huge just request the

highest floor for this one you also get

a private balcony in the gabled rooms

the other rooms are separated with the

regular balcony dividers but the Grand

Floridian gable rooms you're up in the

gable so your balcony is completely

boxed in some people feel there can be a

lack of natural light in these rooms

since the door to the balcony is

recessed a bit but for many the vaulted

ceilings do make up for it now if you

want to really splurge club level rooms

are located in the main building of the

resort so you wouldn't have to walk

outside to get to your room one of the

outside buildings Sugarloaf Key is also

home to club level rooms and a club

level lounge but if you want to book a

standard room and stay close to the

lobby ask for big pine

he saw goki is also close to Gasparilla

grill the quick service location but a

bit further from everything else for a

chance to get Magic Kingdom views by

booking a Lakeview category room request

Boca Chica but be aware that Lakeview

rooms can be loud because of the boat

dock are you over at caribbean beach

resort let's talk about the Aruba

buildings there are a few best rooms at

Caribbean beach like most hotels and it

all depends on what you're looking for

you can book a preferred room at

Caribbean Beach that'll cost a little

bit more and that will put you in the

Barbados or Martinique sections which

are closest to the main lobby the main

pool and dining Trinidad is where all

the pirate rooms are located so know if

you want a pirate room you're in for a

walk to just about everything as that

village as the resort sections are

called is tucked into a far corner of

the resorts you may walk in pretty long

distance to get to the lobby the pool

dining and Skyliner

if you want to be closest to the

Skyliner speaking of and that's a huge

convenience you can request a room in

the Jamaica section of the resort to be

closest to the main skyline or hub but

we'd suggest asking for a room in the

Aruba section these are buildings 54 55

and 56 so that you're close to the

Riviera skyliner station that takes you

right to Epcot and the riviera resort in

general you're probably a five-minute

walk to the dining locations at riviera

resort if you're staying in the Aruba

section which can be a big bonus if

you're looking for more dining options

close by across the entire resort you'll

want to consider what floor you want to

be on there are no elevators in those

two-story buildings at caribbean beach

resort so if you don't want to deal with

stairs every day and especially with all

your luggage consider requesting a

ground-floor room ok let's talk about

renovated rooms and this goes for any

hotel you're interested in it's not for

any specific hotel but if you've got the

option of a newly renovated room you

should totally go for it the hotel is

currently under renovation our Saratoga

Springs all-star sports and music and I

believe the alligator Bayou section of

Riverside you can check for updates on

the Disney World fan forums trip reports

on do sports etc some hotels like the

Polynesian even have dedicated fan

websites that will post updates often

and DFB has even been checking out some

renovated rooms lately

see which buildings have been completed

and then request a room in that building

through online check-in if it's

available or contact the resort ahead of

time to put in a request for a renovated

room availability will depend on the

room type you booked and how many rooms

have been renovated already if it's only

one building it's gonna be harder to get

if they're nearly done with the Reno's

you probably have a better shot all

right so how do you get a room at

Coronado Springs that isn't a mile from

everything Coronado Springs a door is

big and while you're usually going to be

close to one of their four bus stops

if you end up all the way back at the

end of the resort you're gonna be far

away from the food court and all the

other restaurants this can be a huge

bummer if you want easy access to snacks

and drinks in the resort some rooms can

be a 15 to 20 minute walk from the main

lobby area you can book a preferred room

at this resort which is the only way to

guarantee you get close to the actual

lobby or you can take your chances and

make a request for a room the casita

section of the resort to be close to the

lobby and grandest Eno Tower the cabanas

section of the resort will be closest to

the main pool if that's a top priority

for you then definitely choose cabanas

the Rancho section is going to be the

farthest away from the resorts and

amenities though there are bus stops in

each section of the resort we have done

some research and it seems that there's

no hard and fast rules about which bus

stop gets picked up first at these multi

big huge lots of bus stops resorts so

you can be the first or last to get

picked up at any of the stops and it

could change throughout your trip now

remember if you choose to stay in the

grandest Eno tower you're going to be

relatively close to the lobby and the

dining options and there's also an

indoor sort of walkway to get to those

so grandest ìno Tower is also a good

option all right let's talk about water

view rooms so water view can mean a lot

of different things a lake or a lagoon

view a river view if there's a river or

a river like waterway or just a pool

view water view does not always mean the

best water view we've even had some

water view rooms that just look at a

fountain so this is what a guaranteed

room category could steer you wrong just

like savanna view there's not really any

guarantees on which water view you might

get so if you're staying in at Epcot

area resort you'll need to request a

crescent lake view if you want a view

overlooking the boardwalk area and if

you want a chance at seeing the out cup

fireworks from your balcony you'll need

asked for that as well the same thing is

true for water views at Wilderness Lodge

you may expect bail eight but you could

end up just looking at the pool this

category is now called courtyard view

and includes bay Lake the waterfall

courtyard the geyser and the pool very

different options the other non-standard

view is nature view which can include

trees or the copper creek villas and

there's even a fireworks nature view

category that guarantees you partial

views of the Magic Kingdom fireworks

this used to be one of those rooms you

can look into by making the right

requests but not anymore now you're

gonna have to pay more for that and

significantly more as well at the

contemporary you can guarantee you get

the room view you want as they are both

lake view looking over bay lake towards

Wilderness Lodge and theme park view

looking towards Magic Kingdom and seven

seas Lagoon but note that they do have

standard view rooms at the contemporary

and at bay lake tower which you could

get sort of an obstructed theme park

view from those okay let's talk about

the beach club resort and getting those

great rooms that are right next to Epcot

at the beach club now the hallways at

Beach Club are very very long so if you

want to be near the lobby make that

request over the one we're about to give

because the rooms close to the lobby are

not the rooms close to Epcot however if

you're staying at the beach club for its

proximity to Epcot you might want to

request a room that gets you even closer

to the International gateway entrance at

the park request a room closest to Epcot

and you'll be near the secret entrance

hallway door that drops you right by the

entrance to the park you also may want

to request a full balcony at the beach

club as many rooms only have Juliet

balconies and that is a request you can

make on the website all right let's talk

about a room close to the skyline er Art

of Animation Resort and pop century

resorts share a Skylander station on the

bridge that connects the two resorts and

the best rooms for that are also in the

building's closest to the lobby and

dining areas and of course the main

pools a torrent of animation the Nemo

Suites are going to be right by the

lobby and also right by the sky liner

station these are the preferred rooms

when you book you'll pick the theme of

your suite so if location is more

important than the film you pick go for

Nemo note that the Little Mermaid rooms

which are the standard two queen bed

rooms that art of animation are going to

be the farthest from every

bang at Pop century you can book a

preferred room that will put you in the

60s section and keep in mind that's

right around the main pool so while it

may be a convenient location it can be a

little loud if you'd prefer some quiet

but want to be right by that Skyliner

request a room on the backside or water

view in the 70s section

alright Saratoga Springs if you want to

stay at Saratoga Springs and want to be

close to Disney Springs

we've got requests for that so Saratoga

is another huge resort with many many

bus stops you can be far away from it

all fine if you've brought your own car

close to the lobby great if you want to

grab a quick snack or go to the main

pool or right by the bridge that leads

to Disney Springs that last one is our

top pick because you're walking distance

from so many dining and shopping options

at Disney Springs plus if you're headed

to a different resort you can hop on a

bus there rather than taking a minivan

or doing the big resort to park to

resort bus transfer but remember if

you've got a kiddo who just really wants

to swim in that main pool all the time

while you're at Saratoga then it may

make sense to request a room closer to

the main pool all right over at Port

Orleans Riverside let's talk about the

right decor yet another large resort pio

are has different areas of the resort

just like Coronado Springs and the big

difference is that the insides of the

rooms are as different as the outsides

the rooms an alligator Bayou are

currently being renovated and update

smooth them decidedly less rustic but

they are very different looking from the

rooms in the Magnolia bend or mansion

section of the resort you can also book

the Royal rooms at Riverside those are

in the Magnolia bend section you know

here's the big difference between the

mansions and alligator Bayou the fifth

sleeper rooms and preferred rooms the

ones that get you closest to the lobby

and the boats Disney springs are all in

the alligator Bayou section beyond that

standard view river view garden view and

woods view can be in either section so

if you prefer one over the other you

need to make that specific request keep

in mind that the alligator Bayou section

many of those buildings do not have

elevators so keep that in mind as well

alright let's talk about corner rooms

this is another request you can often

make during online check-in though the

number of rooms in that category is

limited to how many corners the resort

has these rooms can seem a lot bigger

and a lot more open because they'll have

windows on two walls and that

extra window can be a big deal in value

in moderate resorts where you don't have

your own balcony with full-length

sliding door that lets more light in

many deluxe resorts do offer corner

rooms as well corner rooms at the Animal

Kingdom Lodge can mean you get a

slightly larger balcony while corner

rooms at the Grand Floridian have two

balconies and then finally let's talk

about the Polynesian Resort you're gonna

want a room with a balcony there so for

room location at the Polynesian we'd

suggest deciding whether you'd rather be

close to the lobby or close to the

transportation and ticket center if

you're close to the TTC

you can hop right on the monorail to

Epcot the big request we'd recommend

making at the Polynesian though a room

on the first or third floor rooms on the

second floor and many of the buildings

of the resort don't have balconies for

buildings of the resort do have a

balcony on all floors but these are

Villa and club level rooms though the

club level rooms in Hawaii do not have a

balcony on the second floor easier to

just request not to stay on the second

floor altogether

alright so hopefully that was helpful is

we're all starting to make our hotel

reservations for our returns to Walt

Disney World as you know right now

several of these resorts do not have an

opening date but they will be opening

sooner than later and of course those

DVC Villa resorts are all opening on

June 22nd so that's coming right up so

again these are the kinds of things that

we Disney superfans think about all the

time because if we're going to spend the

kind of money that it costs to stay at a

Disney World Resort Hotel we want to

have the best room we possibly can so we

obsess over the locations of the rooms

and the amenities of the rooms and the

things that the rooms offer us so that

we can have the best trip we possibly

can so hopefully this has been helpful

for you and hasn't sort of made your

trip even more stressful that you

weren't thinking about where exactly you

should request a room I hope this is

more helpful so thank you guys for

listening and thanks for watching as

always this is AJ for a Disney food blog

and we'll see ya real soon