What I Wish I'd Known Before I Went To Disney World

hey everybody it's AJ for Disney food

vlog and today we are gonna talk about

things we wish we'd known before we went

to Disney World these are important for

you if you are new to Disney World if

you have been to Disney World before and

are going back or if you are a veteran

believe me there will be stuff here for

you so let's get started first up there

are alternative places to watch the

fireworks and the evening shows you do

not have to stake out your spot for

hours and hours to see the fireworks or

the shows you can go to restaurants to

see a lot of these and there are also

dining packages for several of these so

over in Magic Kingdom for happily ever

after don't forget that you can see

those fireworks from Ohana in Disney's

Polynesian Village Resort you can see

they're from California grill over at

Contemporary Resort you can sorta see

them from Naraku Seas and the Grand

Floridian Resort and there's also the

happily ever after

desert party that you can book which is

around 47 dollars and you get all the

dessert you can eat plus a really great

view of the fireworks so that one is a

fun package and something that I really

do recommend it's a nice package to get

over in Epcot you can see the fireworks

from the Rose and Crown restaurants you

can see them very very well and indoors

and air conditioning from the Hacienda

tastes an inhale in Mexico you can sort

of see them from Tokyo dining in Japan

and you can sort of see them from

Monster Paul in France keep an eye on

those as far as reservations if you're

wanting to watch the Epcot fireworks

without kind of having to sneak out a

spot okay the next thing we wish we'd

known before we went to a Disney World

is to book character meals so you don't

have to wait in line to meet the

characters if you have kiddos who are

walking around with their autograph

books and really really want those

autographs you can go into the

restaurants and meet those characters

there in the comfort of air-conditioning

and while you're having a good meal you

have to eat anyway so why not kill a

bunch of birds with one stone right

booking a character meal also makes sure

you get to see multiple characters all

at once

basically you're cutting out probably 20

40 60 80 minutes of line waiting time if

you go to a character meal because then

you're gonna meet four characters all at

once so it's a pretty great deal we

always always recommend going to

caracter me if there's a particular

character your kid really really wants

to meet so Cinderella Rapunzel Ariel

Mickey Minnie goofy any of those guys

they're all at character meals and of

course can watch our best and worst

character meals video here on DFB guide

but I will tell you right now that Ohana

breakfast and Garden Grill all-day

dining are two of my very favorite

character meals definitely worth the

time and the Dining Plan credit or the

money to eat at those places next up you

definitely want to know that you can

book fast passes and you can book dining

reservations ahead of time if you're

staying and if vault is a role owned

Resort you can book your fast passes 60

days in advance this is incredibly

important if you think you're gonna get

on flight of passage and animal

kingdom's Pandora with a fast pass if

you're not staying in a disney world

owned resort and booking 60 days in

advance you will not get a fast pass for

flight of passage it's practically

impossible and there are also a few

other very popular rides like mine train

over in Magic Kingdom that tend to sell

out before that 30-day markets now 30

days is where you can book your fast

passes if you're not staying in a Walt

Disney World Resort so if you want a

chance to get a fast pass for any of

those really popular rides you'll want

to book them 60 days in advance by

staying in a Disney owned resort but

remember you can but some 30 days in

advance if you're not staying in one and

as far as dining reservations are

concerned you definitely want to book

your dining reservations ahead of time

you can book 180 days in advance six

months in advance no matter where you're

staying even if you're not even staying

anywhere close to Disney World even if

you're from the Orlando area you can

still book six months in advance for a

Disney restaurant all of these bookings

can be done through the my Disney

experience app which we highly recommend

that you download the my Disney

experience app you can do everything on

there you can cancel you can change

reservations you can book your fast

passes it's an awesome little

handy-dandy app so definitely download

that do all of your work through there

so you don't have to sit and wait on

hold to get onto

phone lines another thing that we really

really really think you should know

before you go to Disneyworld is to bring

a stroller or a wheelchair if you're

worried about fatigue if you've got

young kids a lot of people will

recommend that you bring a stroller even

past the age you would normally use a

stroller so for example your kid is 5 or

6 you may still think to bring a

stroller there is a lot of walking

Disney World is the size of Manhattan

it's huge and there's a lot of walking

usually 16,000 20,000 steps a day for a

lot of people so miles and miles of

walking so those strollers really come

in handy and if you have anybody who has

any mobility concerns at all you'll want

to consider bringing a wheelchair

renting a nice TV and things like that

there are a lot of wheelchair rental

companies in the Orlando area and there

are stroller rental companies in the

Orlando area as well and of course you

can rent strollers or wheelchairs right

there in Walt Disney World at the parks

another thing to know before you go to

Disney World is to choose your resort or

your hotel based on the park you're

going to be in the most when you have

little kids you're probably gonna be in

Magic Kingdom quite a bit so if consider

staying in a Magic Kingdom Resort if you

can afford it if it's in your budget

these are usually really expensive

resorts of course they're on the

monorail and there are mostly deluxe

resorts but if it's in the budget at all

believe me it is worth it to stay at a

Magic Kingdom Resort here traveling with

little kids or toddlers if you're gonna

be over in the Epcot area quite a bit

say you're visiting for food and wine or

one of the other festivals that have cut

consider Beach Club Yacht Club boardwalk

the Swan and dolphin resort caribbean

beach resort those are all a little bit

closer to Epcot of course if you're

heading to Animal Kingdom quite a bit

you'll want to consider Animal Kingdom

Lodge pop century resort Art of

Animation Resort Coronado Springs so

definitely check out the map and see

where these resorts are located and how

close they are to the parks you're going

to be visiting the most we definitely

want to let you know that counter

service restaurants can be really good

so don't think that you're stuck with

just burgers hot dogs and chicken

nuggets in every single counter service

restaurant some of our favorite favorite

eats in Disney World are from counter

service restaurants and I definitely

would not qualify them as quote-unquote


food there are some really hidden gems

if you watch some of our eat this videos

those are and on a playlist here on DFP

guide check those out and you can see

what our favorites are and we're also

going through and ranking all of our

restaurants in the Disney parks right

now so you can see where our rankings

are for a lot of these counter service

joints the best counter service

restaurants in the parks right now

Columbia Harbor House Inn Magic Kingdom

Flame Tree BBQ over an Animal Kingdom is

great sunshine seasons and tangerine

cafe are good in Epcot backlot Express

is your only hope in Hollywood studios

Deluxe burger Wolfgang Puck Express

Morimoto Asia Street food polite pig are

all really good and Disney Springs but

frankly just about every counter service

location that Disney Springs at this

point is gonna be excellent so anywhere

in Disney springs are gonna be fine as

far as counter service and you're going

to be able to avoid the hockey puck

burger at any of those and of course

there's great counter service

restaurants and the resort's too so

don't expect that you're stuck with just

nasty pizza at counter service you can

get some really good stuff another thing

we really really want to make sure you

know before you go to Disney World is

that you can get free ice water this is

incredibly important in the summer but

really it can be hot in Orlando any time

so you go up to any counter service

location and you can get free ice water

you don't have to spend like five

dollars I know how much they cost right

now to get bottles of water you can get

free ice water at any counter service

location just walk up and say hey could

I have some ice water and they will give

you a cup sometimes will give you a big

large cup sometimes they'll give you a

tiny cup but either way it's gonna be

free okay another tip that you need to

know before you head of Disney World is

to go to rope drop rope drop what that

means is that there's a big rope

stretched across the entrance to

particular lands in the parks and they

will drop the rope so that you can go

into the land when the park opens

there's literally a rope that a lot of

these places rope drop means go in the

park first opens make sure you get there

right at the beginning because what's

gonna happen if you get there right at

the beginning is you will be able to

ride all of those rides with no line so

we're talking flight a passage mine

train all of the mountains in Magic

Kingdom Toy Story Midway mania

all of that stuff your

to be able to ride with very very very

small lines there at the beginning so

you don't have to waste your fast passes

now remember sometimes they open a few

minutes early like 10 or 15 minutes

early so you may want to show up even a

little bit earlier than the posted

opening time and that way you can ride

some of those rides some of them you can

even ride a couple of times through

before the lines start to get long and

then you can use your fast passes for

other rides alright the next thing to

know is that it will most likely rain

Orlando has a lot of rain all the time

especially in the summer months and the

fall months where it's hurricane season

so if it does rain on your visit just

remember that a it probably won't rain

all day it'll probably just be a passing

storm and you know you'll be under cover

for about ten minutes and then the Sun

will come back out that tends to be how

Orlando storms go especially during the

summer it will often rain in the

afternoon so your mornings might be a

clear most of the time and then another

thing to know is that they will have

ponchos like those plastic ponchos and

umbrellas at every merchandise shop they

don't put these out unless it starts to

rain they're usually under the counter

so if you're expecting there to be a

little bit of rain you can go ahead to

any merch location and ask them for a

poncho or an umbrella and purchase them

there we always recommend grabbing

yourself a little packable poncho that

you can stick in your Park bag from you

know Walmart or Target or something

because they're gonna be less expensive

you can get them really really small so

they're easy to kind of pack away and I

always bring a teeny-tiny umbrella with

me too but if you are stuck in a bind I

have been there I have been there with a

stroller and a two-year-old and I have

needed to buy multiple Poncho's and

umbrellas so they're always at the merch

locations you just have to ask okay

something else to know leave plenty of

time for transportation again Disney

World is huge it is ginormous there's a

lot of buses a lot of monorail is a lot

of boats and all of them run on that

kind of 20-minute schedule not the

monorails but the buses in the boats run

out on about a 20 minute schedule so if

you miss one you're gonna be weighed

minutes and the trip to wherever you're

going could take anywhere from 10 to 40

minutes depending on the time of day and

how far you're going so make sure you

leave at least an hour to get from here

to there especially if you have a dining

reservation and don't forget that even

if you get dropped off at the front of

the park you may have to walk another 15

20 or 30 minutes to get where you're

going inside that park be prepared and

leave plenty plenty plenty of time for

transportation here's a super super tip

that I love and I use myself you've got

a plan for downtime midday or to have

kind of a whole Resort today so these

are your breaks Disney World is very

intense there's a lot going on it's very

hot a lot of the time it's exhausting to

be there again you're walking miles and

miles and doing that with your little

kid or you know whatever it doesn't

matter who's whoever's in your family

that's getting on your nerves that day

that can be exhausting so plan to have

some downtime go into the park for rope

drop in the early morning ride that

stuff you want to ride and go back to

your resort during the heat of the day

swim take a nap do that sort of stuff

make sure that your kids are kept on

their regular schedule that they're on

at home whatever their nap schedule is

in their bedtime schedule because that's

really gonna help you out in terms of

their ability to function through that

vacation and another thing that

sometimes is recommended if you have

time for it is to plan a whole resort

day plan a day at your hotel where

you're not gonna go into any parks at

all you're just gonna hang out at the

hotel you're gonna chill you're gonna

read you're gonna swim at the pool enjoy

the restaurants at your hotel and just

sort of relax a little bit for the day

because that can really really help okay

next up standing in lines is really

exhausting so you definitely want to

make fast passes for those rides if you

can if you're stuck standing in some of

those 1 hour 2 hour 3 hour lines

depending on the

here they're not always indoors they're

not always air-conditioned especially

over an animal kingdom so do your

research and make sure you know which

rides have the longest weeks make sure

you know which rides you want to get in

and ride they're right at the beginning

of the day after a rope drop before

those lines start to get long and make

your fastpasses rides like Fantasyland

rides in the Magic Kingdom all of the

mountains the most popular rides in

those parks those are going to fill up

very very quickly those lines are gonna

be really long really fast because

believe it or not a lot of people don't

even know about the Fast Pass system so

they're all just gonna be standing in

lines you know about the fastfat system

so definitely definitely use it and even

if you weren't able to get a fast pass

still check availability up until the

day that you're there in the park

sometimes those fast passes can open up

if people cancel them and go and do

different things so keep checking your

mind dizzy the experience app and make

sure you grab those fast passes if they

pop up okay the next thing to know

before you go to Disney World the most

expensive restaurants aren't necessarily

the best restaurants and in fact I would

say that a lot of the time they're not

the best restaurants Disney is extremely

expensive fYI it's a lot of money to go

to Disney World and the dining is

extremely expensive to do your research

you're in the right place we've got a

lot of great suggestions we've eaten

everywhere multiple times and so we can

tell you kind of what's good right now

so keep watching our videos and reading

our blog but do your research and make

sure you're not wasting money and time

on restaurants that aren't worth your

budget okay and finally please please

know that there's too much to do in one

trip if you're there for a week even if

you're there for two weeks you're not

gonna get everything done so do your

research read the guide books read the

websites find out which park attractions

aren't gonna be most important for your

family what's your tribe gonna really

really enjoy and then prioritize those

things get the fast passes for those

things get the dining reservations for

the restaurants you know they're gonna

love and focus on those things while

you're there and you know work your

schedule around those fireworks events

or those parades that you want to see

and kind of prioritize the top save 10

to 20 things you want to do and know

that the rest of it is gonna be gravy

anything else you get to do will be

gravy as long as you get these 20 things


because it's just not possible to do

everything and you will be exhausted and

melting down if you try to do everything

so balance is key make sure you get

enough rest to make sure you get some

good food and some relaxation enjoy the

rides that you really want to ride the

attractions you really want to see and

enjoy your family while you're there

whoever you're there with just spend

time enjoying them don't be like me

don't be type-a and get all caught up

and everything time it's just not worth

it you're gonna have a great time even

if you don't do every single thing

possible just prioritize what you're

gonna love and you will have a great

visit to Disney World so thanks for

watching we really appreciate you be

sure to let us know in the comments what

your tips are and the things you wish

you'd known before you went to Disney

World because people are really gonna

benefit from your notes in the comments

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