15 Disney World Hotel Hacks!

did you know that some rooms in walt

disney world hotels are a little bit

more magical than others and there's

actually a twilight room service meal

that you can order it one resort that

you'll really want to hear about today

we've got fifteen Disney World Resort

hacks that you've got to hear about

before you book let's get started


hey everybody it's AJ for Disney food

login today we are gonna head over to

the Disney World resorts by the way

resorts are actually hotels in case you

didn't realize that that's Disney speak

for hotel and we've got fifteen great

tips for you great hacks to make sure

you're saving the most money on your

room you're getting the best room that

you can and it's some little extras that

you need to know about if you are

staying in a Disney World Resort hotel

room here we go first up get an awesome

view now you can choose your view when

you're booking a Disney World Resort

Hotel usually better views cost more but

not all the time there are a couple of

little hacks here I wanna let you know

about places where you can get

incredible views where the prices

haven't quite caught up with them yet

first of all in the Wilderness Lodge I

had some great luck recently booking a

nature view room that used to be the

woods view rooms before they cut all of

the trees down to create those cabins

now the courtyard views are still super

expensive and probably the most

expensive at wilderness lodge but from

my nature view room I actually had a

view of the Magic Kingdom I could see

the castle from my room very clearly

there was also an incredible fireworks

view every single night so that was

amazing I was super surprised and really

honestly when I first walked in the room

I could not wait to tell you guys about

it I was like my subscribers need to

know that these rooms are here so you're

gonna want to book a nature view room

and don't forget to call Disney in

advance and put in that special request

to be on one of the higher floors so you

will be able to see the castle and the

fireworks because not all nature view

rooms are gonna have that view the next

one I have to tell you about in the

still a less expensive room but an

awesome view category is the standard

view room at Animal Kingdom Lodge now

most standard view rooms over there at


have a view of the parking lot or just

foliage you know you have to pay extra

for the pool view and of course that's

the van of you where you get to see all

the animals from your balcony but there

are these special rooms at Animal

Kingdom Lodge called obstructed view

rooms and they are categorised a

standard view but you actually do look

out over the savanna it's just you may

have a pole in front of your balcony or

it may be over along the side so that

the view isn't quite perfect enough that

they can charge that full price for a

savanna view room but the animals still

come over there and you still have a

great view of the savanna so while it's

not perfect you are paying less to still

get a savanna view room and see those

animals from your balcony so it's really

cool tip again you can never be

guaranteed these obstructed view rooms

so once you book you want to call Disney

directly and make sure that it's noted

on your reservation that you're

requesting an obstructed view room if

possible it's never guarantee it but

definitely put that on your reservation

make sure they note it as a request next

thing I wanted to tell you about the

Twilight room service meal so if you're

staying at the Polynesian village

resorts you have access to an awesome

dining hack this is both a resort hack

and a dining hack now everybody's heard

of Ohana by this point especially if

your subscriber to DfE guide Ohana is of

course that meal at the Polynesian

village Resort where they bring out the

roasted beets they've got those noodles

and the pot stickers that incredible

bread pudding dessert so good if you are

staying at the Polynesian you don't

actually need an Ohana reservation

because you can get it as room service

no joke you guys you can get a full

Ohana meal as room service at Polynesian

villagers or it's called the Twilight

room service meal and in addition to the

regular room service menu they offer

that Twilight feast which features the

same menu served at Ohana delivered

family-style to your room so it's gonna

be spiced chicken wings Asian style pot

stickers yakisoba noodles stir-fried

vegetables skewered meats and oak

grilled shrimp and the Ohana sunset

punch and bread pudding this is $50 per

person and it's gonna be especially

perfect if you have a theme park view

room so you can enjoy dinner and

fireworks from your private balcony

great tip a lot of people do not know

about that one you guys alright another

super tip that I love is to have your

bags moved for you so when you're doing

a split stay which means you're staying

a few days at one hotel in a few days at

another hotel you do not have to worry

about moving your own bags believe it or

not call Bell services and they will

move your bags for you between hotels so

you don't have to worry about loading up

your car loading up a taxi or a minivan

or anything like that bail services will

move your bags for you to your next

hotel it's awesome

this works for moving between any Disney

World Resort including the Swan and

dolphin resorts all of those bail

services work together to move the

luggage where it needs to go and it can

take several hours for your bags to

arrive so just make sure to take the

personal items with you great tip a lot

of people don't know about it but it's

gonna save you a lot of hassle next

hotel hack is picking a more magical

room believe it or not Disneyworld does

have some extra magical rooms that are

super themed that are gonna be great for

those true true true Disney fans so if

you've got some pirate lovers in your

group you're definitely gonna want to

book a pirate room at caribbean beach

resort the decor is the big element here

the room features lots of nautical

elements and the showstopper is actual

pirate ship feds super fun but you're

gonna have treasure chests everywhere

Jolly Rogers it's a super fun pirate

experience in those rooms and then at

Port Orleans resort Riverside you can

book what's called a Royal room and this

features lots of special Imagineering

details like a headboard with your own

nightly fireworks show lots of little

details like the genies lamp is the tap

faucet and these rooms aren't overly

princess themes they do have some

princesses in them but they're not too

pink and glittery they're more regal so

even princess obverse guests will

probably be okay in those rooms now

those are probably gonna cost a little

bit extra than the other rooms per night

but it's not an overwhelming difference


if you do have a pirate lover in your

party or you do have someone who would

love those Royal rooms it might be worth

it to look into getting those maybe even

for just a couple nights of your trip

next up here's some tips for choosing

the best room location now Disneyworld

hotels are absolutely massive and many

of them are very sprawling with multiple

different buildings there's lots to take

into consideration when you're thinking

about requesting your rooms and believe

it or not you can put requests in the

Disney I've talked about it a little bit

already in this video where you can call

Disney ahead of time usually about five

days ahead of your trip when they're

starting to allocate rooms to guests who

have booked and you can say specifically

I would like this type of rooms in this

type of area and they may be able to

help you out and get you those specifics

for your room so here's examples you can

request things like being close to the

lobby that way you know if you're coming

back and forth between your room in the

park several times a day you're not

gonna have to walk down a super super

epically long hallway which a lot of

these Disney Resort Hotels have and you

know it's gonna be much easier to get

from the bus to your room and it's also

gonna be much easier to get from your

room to things like restaurants and the

check-in desk where if you need anything

those are the people that are gonna be

able to help you another great room

request is to have a quiet room these

are rooms that are further away from

elevators further from the lobby and

further from pools as well that maybe

don't look over a pool directly this is

super important especially if you have

kiddos who nap during the day because

especially if you're right next to a

pool those pools get really loud during

the day because they run games and

and they have loudspeakers and they have

microphones down there so those get

super loud in the middle of the day so

if you have a nap or still try to stay

in rooms that are farther away from the

lobby and farther away from pools

another thing to consider is resorts

with bus loops so if you're seeing a

caribbean beach resort at Port Orleans

resort Riverside or Coronado Springs

those are huge moderate resorts that

have lots of buildings and so they have

multiple bus stops and thus inner bus

loops so you might want to find out

which is the last stop before the bus

heads to the park so you don't have to

spend 20 minutes on the bus looping

around your resort while you're waiting

to go to the park or you can find out

which area of the resort is the first

for drop-off so that if the coming back

from a park and it's midnight and you're

exhausted and the kids are sleeping

you're the first ones to get off the bus

you don't have to spend 20 minutes

looping around the resort again so a

caribbean beach resort Aruba is gonna be

the last stop and Martinique is gonna be

the first at Coronado Springs the last

stop is the cabanas and the first is El

Centro and at Port Orleans resort the

stops go west north east south and

oftentimes they stop at Port Orleans

French Quarter before heading to Port

Orleans Riverside although coming back

from the resort's they use different

buses for the two resorts I hope that

made sense it's very confusing but for

those inner bus loops you'll definitely

want to figure out which buildings make

the most sense for you to stay in and

then request those buildings directly

all right our next hotel hack is to use

online check-in to make special requests

if you're signed up for my Disney

experience you will be able to do online

check-in for your hotel reservation but

don't forget to open up all of those

little decision sections because you can

actually make specific requests

depending on your hotel for example you

can request a higher floor or you can

request a large balcony versus a small

balcony for the beach club because

remember the beach club some of the

rooms have large balconies that can see

two or three people and other rooms just

have a tiny Juliet balcony that only one

person can step out on and nobody can

even sit on you can request corner rooms

these usually have two windows making

the room seem larger and more open but

remember that all of these are just

requests so you

not get them but if you have a certain

preference you can always check back in

at the front desk when you arrive and

asked them if maybe one of those rooms

will be opening up soon now remember if

you do online check-in and already have

your Magic Band

you can literally bypass the check-in

counter all together they will text you

your room number and you can go straight

to your room when you get to the hotel

the next hotel hack we definitely want

to tell you about is the Disney

character wake-up calls believe it or

not you can have a Disney character give

your kiddos or you a great wake-up call

in the morning when you're staying at

Disney Resort Hotels totally free you

just press the wake up call button and

set the time for the call and it's not

going to be a random robot calling you

to wake you up it's going to be a Disney

character you never know who it's gonna


probably Mickey but someone will call

you and wake you up in the morning and

don't forget along these same lines you

can also get a birthday message from

goofy while you're staying in a Disney

Resort use you're in room phone and dial

eight and then enter two two four two

one four four next disney world hotel

hack is heading straight to the park so

now if you are arriving early in the day

to walt disney world to get the most of

that day one of your vacation you want

to head straight to a park so just leave

your stuff with bag check at the hotel

they will store your bags completely for

free no matter what and if your rooms

not ready this is a great option to get

into the parks and start having some fun

and remember if you've done online

check-in already once your room is ready

you'll receive a text with your room

number and you can head right there when

you get back to your resort you just

open the door with your Magic Band or

even your phone your phone will already

be synched up and be able to open your

door as well and you'll find that

through my Disney experience just go to

your resort hotel section and it'll say

open the door with your phone once you

get to your room just call Bell services

and they'll bring your luggage over

don't forget to tip them they do expect

to have a small tip even though it is

not required

we usually tip about $1.00 per bag the

next hotel hack is service your way now

this is a brand new addition to the Walt

Disney World Resort Hotels service

you're away gives guests the option to

opt out of housekeeping services in

exchange for an electronic gift card and

currently it's available in most value

and moderate resorts in Walt Disney

World deluxe and villas don't have it at

the moment but definitely check with the

front desk

see if they've got it when you're there

so amounts that you get back depend on

the length of your stay ranging from ten

dollars for a two night stay to a

hundred and thirty dollars for a

fourteen night stay so basically take

the number of nights that you're staying

add a zero and subtract ten and that's

how much money you'll get back for

opting out of housekeeping with service

your way now you can fill request

refilling of amenities like shampoo and

to have your trash emptied and you can

also request new towels of course but if

you do request new bedding you will need

to put the bedding on yourself

the next hotel hack is one of my

favorites and it's staying within

walking distance to the parks now some

resorts in Walt Disney World are

actually within walking distance to the

theme parks which is such a huge benefit

when you don't have to take a bus take a

boat take a monorail wait for that

transportation etc so the Contemporary

Resort and a lake tower are the only

resorts with a walking path directly to

Magic Kingdom Polynesian villagers are

in Magic Kingdom both have to take the

monorail and if you want to be able to

get to Hollywood studios or Epcot

without relying on Disney transportation

booked a stay at the boardwalk in the

Swan and dolphin resorts or the yacht

and beach club resorts those all have

direct walking paths to Hollywood

studios or Epcot now there are a few

extra hacks within this hack that we

want to tell you about if you want to be

especially close to the parks request a

room by the quiet pool at the beach club

so your way at that end of the Beach

Club so you can walk out the secret

little door and go straight to Epcot

that's the shortest route between a

hotel room and FCAT believe me because I

have measured those distances when I'm

there for food and wine and I have to

get in to Epcot multiple times you'll be

right by the International gateway

entrance of EPCOT if you stay there and

if you want to be closest to galaxy's

edge request to be near the quiet pool

at boardwalk in so you'll be closer to

the walkway that takes you to Hollywood

Studios now let's talk about bounce back

offers again this is another hotel hack

that you definitely need to know about

especially if you like to go to Disney

World and many many times like I do

if bounce back offers are available when

you're at Disney World you'll usually

have a card in your room letting you

know dates and discounts now oftentimes

the discount

isn't more than what you'll find via the

special offers tab on the Disney World

website but the travel window is usually

a lot longer and further out so you can

book with a longer planning time frame

with a bounce back so for example you

can often book next year's trip while

you're on your current one and in

addition to room discount offers

sometimes bounce back offers include

free dining promotions even when free

dining isn't running for the regular

public so it's absolutely worth it to

check and see if there's a bounce back

offer you don't see it bounce back offer

card in your room that sometimes with

the in-room information call eight eight

four four from your hotel phone or call

the front desk and ask about the current

bounce back offer now these offers must

be booked before 10:00 p.m. the day you

check out of your Walt Disney World

Hotel that's the rub gotta make sure you

booked it before you are done with this

current vacation you can always cancel

it if you need to but it's good to have

that insurance that you've got that

discounted room ready to go for your

next Disney World trip next hotel hack

we definitely want to know about is the

room only discounts one of my tenants is

to never ever ever book your hotel room

a track rate with no discount you should

always be looking for discounts for your

next is near old vacation I always make

sure I have a discount on my rooms but

really Disney just promotes the package

deals and the free dining packages they

don't really promote those room only

discounts so if you want to grab a room

only discount and buy that it just means

that it's not part of a package you only

are paying for the room you're not

paying for tickets you're not paying for

dining or any of that it's just room

only so if you want to get a room only

discount had to special offer section of

the Disney World website and depending

on the time of year on the level of

resort where you're looking to stay you

can often get up to 30% off the regular

rate room or if you're an annual pass

holder so look for room only discounts

that apply to any affinity group you

belong to next Disney World Hotel hack

you've got to know about multiple modes

of transportation so a few resorts offer

several ways to get around not just one

many of the resorts have just buses

that's the only way you can get anywhere

but there are several resorts that have

multiple modes of transportation Grand

Floridian and Polynesian village resort

you can take either the monorail to

Epcot and monorail or boat to get to

Magic Kingdom and buses to the other

parks at the boardwalk Swan and Dolphin


beach club these all offer boat

transportation to Hollywood studios and

Epcot in addition to buses to the other

parks Porter Lee's French Quarter is

great if you want to be close to things

there's a single bus stop that's not a

far walk from most rooms and buildings

plus don't forget there's that sassy

Gullu river cruise that will get you to

Disney Springs and you can more than

double your dining options by walking or

taking the boat over to Riverside now

remember Riverside also has that's a

sagoo liver cruise that will get you to

Disney Springs but they do have multiple

bus stops so that one is a little less

efficient to stay at than Port Orleans

French Quarter which only has that one

bus stop and Disney's skyliner is going

to bring multiple transportation options

to Resorts that previously only had bus

transportation like Caribbean Beach pop

century and art of animation as well as

the new Riviera Resort opening this

winter so that one's less of a hack than

a thing you need to know about how to

get around Walt Disney World from your

hotel but it is good to note that there

are several different modes of

transportation for some of these resorts

the next hotel hack we want to talk

about is pizza delivery so if you're

looking for something a little simpler

for in-room dining don't forget that you

can order pizza to any room on property

Disney pizza now note that pizza

delivery can be a little bit more

expensive than what you would expect

especially if you're using Disney Dining

Plan credits it costs to Disney Dining

Plan credits per pizza order which is

super expensive now you can order pizza

from national pizza chains as well to

you resort for a cheap dinner this is

great if you get back to the room late

or you don't want to leave the room and

walk to the restaurants or food court

after a long day at the park but you

note that in our experience some

delivery employees have not been able to

come directly to our room we've had to

meet them in the lobby to pick up the

pizza probably for safety reasons but

that's what we've had happen in our

experience and finally our last hotel

hack we want to let you know about is to

get a discount on those DVC rooms as

Disney Vacation Club rooms even if

you're not a Disney vacation club member

you can stay in one of the villa rooms

this is super important especially if

you have a larger family if you need

more than one bedroom in your

accommodations if you need a kitchen in

your accommodations or laundry services

which let's be honest if you have kids

all of those things can come in hand

so you can book those villas even if

you're not a DBC member these are booked

able directly through the Disney World

website and sometimes those room only

discounts can be applied to studios and

one in two bedroom resort rooms and

Disney vacation club properties but if

you're looking for an even better deal

you can rent points from a dvc rental

group and get an even bigger discount

than Disney provides what does that mean

it means you're renting points from a

Disney Vacation Club owner but it's

through an established company which

greatly lowers your risk versus renting

from a Disney Vacation Club member that

you don't know so always be sure to use

an accredited rental site and book far

in advance 9 to 11 months is ideal to

make sure you have the best available

selection of rooms so there are our

Disney Hotel hacks so much good

information so much stuff that I have

used over and over and over again in my

trips to Walt Disney World so I hope

that's helpful for you now if you have

any Disney World Hotel hacks you want to

let us know about please let us know in

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