The BEST & WORST Walt Disney World Hotels for 2020!

okay so you're planning on a Disney

World twenty20 vacation and with so many

updates to the resorts and hotels at the

most magical place on earth we are

updating our picks a bit for the best

and worst of the bunch so you want to

stay tuned to find out which ones ranked

and which ones tanked for us in 2020


hey everybody it's AJ for Disney food

blog 2020 is a year of transformation

for Disney World so much has changed

over the past year and so much is still

coming so if you're headed to Disney

World next year you'll want a really way

what kind of vacation you want in order

to choose your Disney Resort with

construction and refurbishment happening

new transportation systems opening and

the benefits of hotels shifting

considerably based on those things we've

got a few things you should consider as

you're parsing through the Disney

resorts for your upcoming visit all

right let's first talk about the best

here are the best resorts in Disney

World if you want to be close to the new

attractions that are coming so Epcot

area resorts are gonna be your best

choices for the new things that are

opening in 2020 they're within walking

distance of galaxy's edge and Mickey and

Minnie's run away where away which is

coming in spring 2020 in Hollywood

Studios plus Remy's ratatouille

adventure coming in summer of 2020 and

the new fireworks

I've cut forever and then later in 2020

a harmonious over in Epcot so those are

several of the new things that are

coming to Disney World and if you stay

in an F Codd area Resort you're going to

be in the middle of all of it and within

walking distance of all of it

so those resorts are gonna be yacht and

Beach Club now the Beach Club is gonna

put you closest to Epcot the closest

rooms are basically steps to the

International gateway entrance and both

resorts get you access to Stormalong Bay

which is basically a mini waterpark

which is only open to resort guests

rooms of the Yacht Club have been

renovated in recent years and the Beach

Club isn't too shabby either

and our favorite spot to grab an all

over the top ice cream is beaches and

cream which will be reopening probably

in January 2020 after a renovation to

expand the location to offer more

seating the boardwalk in is also right

there in the middle of the action

between Epcot and Hollywood Studios

staying at the boardwalk puts you right

at the entrance to Epcot and right on

the walking path the Hollywood Studios

takes about 15 minutes to walk to the

park entrance but there's also boat

service if you don't want to walk rooms

are a bit dated here at boardwalk last

Renault was in 2014 but you're right

above everything the boardwalk has to

offer which is lots of restaurants and

some fun night

I also remember the Skyliner just opened

over there at the International gateway

so the sky liner is gonna get you access

to several resorts from Epcot that you

didn't have easy access to before so

that's also a benefit for those staying

at those Epcot Area resorts also the

Swan and dolphin is over there in the

Epcot in Hollywood Studios arena know

the Swan and Dolphin aren't Disney owned

hotels they are actually Starwood owned

hotels but if you're looking for some

deluxe accommodations at a typically

lower price you should check out these

resorts the main detraction from these

resorts previously was that you had to

pay for parking but now you have to pay

for parking at every Disney Resort

anyway so here you get a lot of the same

amenities that you get from staying at a

Disney Resort including extra magic

hours but it usually doesn't cost as

much as a deluxe Disney Resort

especially not boardwalk and yatin Beach

now these are right behind the boardwalk

so you're still in very close proximity

to both Epcot and Hollywood Studios plus

you'll get Disneyworld guest perks like

I said like those 60-day fast passes and

extra magic hours note that you won't

get a Magic Band or room charging

privileges at locations in the parks or

magical Express but if you're a Marriott

Rewards member you can use your points

on these hotels now these are the best

hotels if you want to experience

something new right at your resort these

ones are a little bit different from our

previous best hotels and Disneyworld

video so I'm excited to share these with

you the skyliner resort staying at these

resorts gets you to access to disney

world's newest transportation system

which in turn gets you to both Hollywood

Studios and Epcot super fast with no

worrying about waiting in long bus lines

at park opening and closing because the

sky liner system moves continuously most

of the time so this is what I was

talking about when I was saying there

are considerable changes to the benefits

of these hotels in the past these hotels

not much to talk about

we're off in the weeds like you couldn't

get there without taking a bus it took a

long time to get from here to there and

that made a huge difference honestly

when I stayed at these resorts pre


and kind of felt like I was stuck like I

couldn't get to other resorts really


unless I had a car or took a minivan or

a taxi or something like that because

when you're at these resorts you would

have had to take a bus to a park and

then a bus to another resort so it's

just not easy to get around at all but

now with this eyeliner it is a new day

my friends let's talk of these Kirby and

Beach Resort i should call it caribbean

beach resort right I think that's what

to see cuz it always just comes out

Caribbean beach right this is the

skyliner Hub station so you won't need

to transfer between lines and you

actually have two stations to use at

this resort as the official caribbean

beach resort station is at one end of

the resort and the riviera resort

station is on the other end of the

resort so guesting in the Aruba building

can use the much closer Riviera station

game CBR is huge caribbean beach resort

has typically been the lowest priced

moderate resort and it seems that even

with the sky liner prices haven't jumped

up considerably so it's still a good

value if you have the option to stay in

a pirate themed room that's really

really fun over there at CBR and it has

a little extra Disney flair especially

if you have kids that love pirates

banana Cabana is one of the best pool

bars and Olive Oyl Disney World it

always has been and now that there's

been a new renovation they've got a new

menu it's larger it's still so much fun

and don't forget you'll be able to walk

to the brand new riviera resort they

have tons of restaurants too including a

character meal for breakfast so you're

gonna be within walking distance a

character meal lots of great lounges

banana Cabana you've got a table service

dining option at curvy beaches or a

great pirate pool there so there's lots

going on at CBR now now that was on our

worst resorts video when we did our

first kind of worst resorts video here

at the DFP guide so I'm so glad that

it's just been completely

it's got new rooms it's got new

transportation new restaurants I'm so

thrilled for this resort it's really

come into its own in terms of what it

offers to guests now it still may not be

perfect there's still maybe you know

issues with CVR so look into it

carefully before you book but all of

those extra benefits sure do you bring

it up in our rankings now let's talk pop

century pop maybe our top pick out of

the skyliner resorts in terms of an

awesome value rooms have been recently

refurbed feature a great space-saving

Murphy bed but the main pool the

hippie-dippie pool will be closed for

renovations in early 2020 so keep that

in mind well it might be a little chilly

for a swim then you can still use any of

the other smaller pools at the resort

and since pop century is a value resort

it comes in at a much lower price than

many other options on our best of list

however you won't have a full-service

restaurant at the resort but this is a

skyliner resort so luckily you're just a

sky liner right away from Caribbean

beach resort and Riviera as well as

those other two parks Hollywood studios

Bank F Codd and you're also walking

distance to art of animation if you want

to check out another food court speaking

of ãoã Art of Animation Resort this one

is definitely a crowd favorite they have

family suites there which are wonderful

they provide a ton more space than a

typical hotel room especially a value

resort room but they often come in

cheaper than booking two hotel rooms for

larger groups so definitely consider

this we love art of animations family

suites are great now we do have another

big pool renovation this one happening

in fall 2020 the big blue pool will

likely be under construction for a few

months so keep that in mind because fall

is still swimming weather in Florida so

if you do decide to stay there take

advantage of those family suites and the

sky liner and art of animation you maybe

want to plan a waterpark day or

something if you're looking forward to

swimming now of course art of animation

has other pools as well that you can use

but they're not nearly as cool as big

blue pool next set of best best resorts

if you want to stay in a brand new room

so Disney's brand new hotels offer some

big bang for your buck they've been

expanding a whole lot and that means two

brand new places to stay in 2020 Riviera

Resort is that new Disney Vacation Club

Resort which opens December 16 you can

stay here if you're not a DVC member

though and Disney is offering some

pretty great discounts for Disney Visa

card holders and Annual Pass holders at

the moment like 40% off to stay there so

that's a good one to consider if you're

going in early 2020

Disney World is getting several new

restaurants with this one totally knows

that rooftop signature restaurant

offering dinner and a character

breakfast bar Riva is the poolside bar

left petit cafe is the lobby coffee spot

by day and wine bar at night and free

mochi at O is a quick service trattoria

down there so this resort is inspired by

Walt's trips to the Mediterranean and is

a truly gorgeous deluxe hotel I'm really

intrigued by how they actually did the

furnishings here like I'm in love with

their little couch / Murphy bed thing

it's so cool you guys I love it and I

really kind of want my house to look

like the rooms here so maybe I'll be

making some renovations and thing else

but it's really beautiful

plus there are some great views great

fireworks viewing from the rooftop and

of course this hotel also has the bonus

of being right on that skyline er now

this one is a little bit pricier the

small studio rooms that sleep just two

people with a sofa that converts to that

pulldown bed like I said start at 392

Midnight's if it's a little pricey we're

talking like you know Polynesian Resort

prices there so take advantage of those

you can get them right now and then we

also want to mention grandest Ino tower

over there at Coronado Springs now this

is interesting because spoiler alert

Coronado is gonna pop into our worst

resorts list down here at the bottom of

this video so grandest Ino tower is an

interesting choice to mention in our

best stuff but again if you want to stay

in a brand-new room and I know we've

mentioned the channel before that

grandest Eno offers a lot of deluxe

amenities for a lower lower price

including club level amenities so let's

let's move on here and talk about this

this is Lux on a budget so you want to

consider that if that's what you're

looking for maybe your honeymooning but

you don't have the huge huge budget of

the deluxe resorts this one's a great

option so this hotel design is inspired

by that surrealist Spanish architecture

it's beautiful has a serious upscale

vibe that you won't find in other Disney

World moderate resorts but it still has

that moderate resort price tag thank

goodness the hotel also features a

rooftop dining a Toledo and the

neighboring Dahlia lounge or you can

grab a coffee or cocktail on the first

floor Barcelona lounge which a lot of

locals actually head over there just on

the regular so it's really nice now

remember this one is a big convention

hotel so if you're looking for a super

family-friendly or lots of obvious

Disney touches kind of hotel this one

might not be for you this is more of the

I'm staying in a hotel that is very

subtle Disney touches versus

over-the-top Disney like an art of

animation or a pop century and remember

if you're looking for those extra

amenities like the fitness centers

there's two fitness centers at Coronado

Springs now business centers spas

high-class dining hot tubs that's

something a lot of people talk about it

Coronado is the only moderate with a hot

tub and the values don't have them

either so that's like hot tubs at the

pool they've got that here so there's a

lot going on for grandest you know they

do have club level accommodations there

which is awesome to get access to that

club level lounge and the club level

here doesn't cost as much as it does at

the deluxe resorts so it's a great

option if you're looking for luxury

but you're not wanting to spend that

deluxe resort budget price so this is a

good one for maybe solo travelers or

like I said honeymooners couples without

kids now of course couples with kids can

go see here it's still a Disney Resort

it's still a lot of fun and you still

have access to all those amenities that

you do at all the other Disney resorts

so don't discount it but if you don't

want to run into a lot of kind of

corporate folk if you don't want to run

into a lot of folks that are just there

for work then this might not be the best

one same thing with Swan and Dolphin

honestly so wanted all fin tends to have

a lot of convention traffic as well so

that's a good consideration for that

resort too okay now this is going to be

the controversial one on this list of

worst of lists we've got a couple here

that are gonna be pretty controversial

so you might want to think twice about

these resorts that are now much farther

from the action than some of the other

resorts we used to be able to say that

you know those value resorts pop and art

of animation Caribbean Beach you

couldn't get anywhere from them and so

that's why they maybe weren't the best

places to stay but now that sky liner

makes it a lot easier to get places so

now we're gonna talk about a few of

those worst resorts because they are

farther from the parks farther from the

actions gonna take you longer to get

from there to where you're going

first up Coronado Springs yep we know we

just recommended grandest studio at

Coronado but the rest of the resort

doesn't quite have the same appeal as

that gorgeous new Tower Coronado isn't

conveniently located and the influx of

more guests and convention goers might

make travel to the parks a little more

of a pain so the only park

transportation is buses here and they

need to stop at several spots around the

resort so if you're at a middle stop

you'll end up cruising around the entire

resort on your way to and from the parks

which can take a lot of travel time now

if you're staying at any of the rooms at

Coronado Springs Resort you can enjoy

the restaurants at grandis Eno tower but

know that it may take 15 to 20 minutes

to walk from one side of the resort to

the other

all right wilderness lodge Fort

Wilderness Animal Kingdom Lodge these

are also going to be resorts that are

going to be a little more remote now

wilderness lodge Fort Wilderness do have

boats directly to the Magic Kingdom

which is great

Animal Kingdom Lodge is going to be

really far away from everything even

though it's right next to animal kingdom

you still have to take a bus to get

there now with Wilderness Lodge

it's a gorgeous resort very secluded

perfect for the holidays Fort Wilderness

that's the only place you can camp at

Walt Disney World so that's a huge draw

if you're a camper and the cabins at

Fort Wilderness are an excellent value

if you don't mind dedicating a lot of

time to travel using Disney role

transportation now you can park your car

at your cabin so if you do have a car

that you bring on-site and you can drive

to all the parks that makes things a lot

easier but if you're relying solely on

Disney transportation that's gonna be a

lot of time dedicated to transportation

if you're staying at Fort Wilderness in

the cabins also if you're looking for

peace and quiet and scenic views across

a lake you might want to reconsider

wilderness lodging Fort Wilderness at

least for the time being because

reflections Resort is under construction

there that's the one directly across the

lake and while things haven't kicked off

quite yet we expect a lot of action in

2020 with the construction on that

resort so keep that in mind as well that

one by the way is opening in 2022

now Animal Kingdom Lodge again this

one's really really far away from most

of the places you want to be we have

some of our favorite restaurants there

bomis and nod Chico wonderful wonderful

restaurants it's probably my favorite

hotels from a food perspective you've

got those great animals right outside

your window for staying in a savanna

view room it's awesome if you're a big

Animal Kingdom fan it's only about a

five minute bus ride from that park but

if you're looking to head to Magic

Kingdom on the regular plan at least

twenty minutes in transit and don't

forget you have to wait for the bus it's

gonna be at least 15 minutes to get to

both Epcot and Hollywood studios and

again that's not counting the time

waiting for the bus the regular hotel

rooms here are currently under

renovation and should be completed by

the end of the year with refurbs moving

to the DVC villas in the beginning of

2020 so there may be some construction

noise to contend with

although Disney is really good about

limiting construction to acceptable

times now if you're considering Kidani

village let me just put in a little PSA

that you should always request to not

stay in those Pumba rooms as Pumbaa

are so far away from everything

happening so try to get a room near the

lobby if you do decide to stay at Kidani

I feel like Kidani is extremely remote

again you're gonna take a bus to every

park and also they do only have Sanaa

there they don't have a counter service

dining locations we've got it get

yourself all the way over to Jambo house

which either means taking their little

shuttle bus or walking over there to

have access to a counter service dining

location so if you're hanging out in

your room and you're having a nice

relaxing day it can be hard to get

access to grab and go eats from the

Pumbaa rooms and your dhania from Kidani

itself all right now the last set of our

worst list is gonna be the resort's

undergoing construction this year so

all-star music and sports both of these

value resorts will be undergoing major

room renovations once all star movies is

complete the style is gonna be similar

to what we've seen happen at pop century

with the Murphy bed rather than the two

standard beds in these ones all star

movies should be finished with room

renovations by the end of 2019 so if

you're choosing between the three

resorts that would be our top pick but

if you can swing the upgrade we'd highly

recommend springing for pop century as

you'll be guaranteed a new room and you

get access to the sky liner over there

to Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa

undergoing a general resort wide

refurbishment right now including crews

working consistently on building

exteriors and guestroom interiors now

into your updates will be changes to

floor and wall treatments thank goodness

because this resort really needs them

plus the addition of a new style fold

down sofa bed some of the new rooms are

gonna be available in 2020 but this is a

huge two-year renovation project so

there's no guaranteeing you'll get a

brand new room if you stay there next

year and if you are staying at a hotel

that's undergoing room renovations you

can make a request to stay in a

refurbished room ahead of your trip but

check in with the front desk when you

arrive to check on availability just

remember that rooms will be limited and

there's no way to guarantee that you'll

get a new room now even if you do end up

in a not so new room you're still

walking distance the Disney Springs

which is a big perk and this is the only

resort that you don't need to hop on a

bus or a boat to get there

so that's our thinking for 2020 you guys

the best of if you want to be close to

new attractions if you want to

experience something brand new right at

your resorts with that sky liner or if

you want to stay in a brand new room

those are the best hotels for those

specific desires and of course you want

to think twice about those hotels that

are going to be under construction have

construction close by or that are now

kind of in the middle of nowhere it

might take a lot of extra travel time

out of your vacation days to get where

you want to go so hopefully this is

helpful for you guys as you're choosing

your hotel for 2020 and stay tuned with

us too because we're talking a lot about

the changes that Disney's making like I

said they made a lot this year they're

gonna make a lot next year leading up to

that 50th anniversary in 2021 so stay

tuned here watch our other construction

and changes and transformations video

we're trying to keep everybody up to

date about what's going on - you guys

make the best decisions for your best

trick ever when you head over to Disney


next year as always this is AJ for

Disney food blog we welcome your

comments I know you guys are gonna have

a lot of different things to say about

this particular video we just ask you to

be courteous and kind to one another in

the comments section thanks so much this

is AJ for Disney food blog and we'll see

you real soon