Here's What It's REALLY Like to Stay in a Disney World Hotel!

so there are a lot of new hotels in

multis new world and there are a lot

that are coming and being built and

coming soon so we wanted to share with

you what it's really like to stay in a

Walt Disney World Hotel hey everybody

it's AJ from Disney food while there are

so many new hotels coming to Disney


we just had grande de cenote our open

we've got reflections coming we've got

Riviera coming and now we have the

galactic star cruiser on its way the

Star Wars Hotel which now has an

official name so we wanted to share with

you guys

exactly what it's like to stay in a

Disneyworld hotel we stay in Disneyworld

hotels all the time when we're doing our

coverage for all of these events that we

go to and I know you guys have a lot of

questions we want to make sure you know

stem to stern what it's like to stay in

a Walt Disney World Resort

so first up how big are the rooms great

question so value resorts have the

smallest room so this is gonna be pop

century art of animation and an art of

animation it's specifically the Little

Mermaid rooms because remember the rest

of them are family suites and the

all-star resorts

so the smallest of the rooms is around

240 to 260 square feet although both

all-star music and art of animation have

suites that are 540 and 565 square feet

pop century and soon the all-star

resorts are getting a new layout with

one queen bed and a Murphy bed that

doubles as your table when it's folded

up so this makes the room feel much more

spacious during the day plus all these

resorts used to have double beds so it's

really nice to have those queen beds now

moderate resorts are 314 to 375 square

feet so they're slightly larger than

value rooms so a great option if you're

traveling with bigger kids or a larger

group no rooms here are gonna have two

queen beds or a king along with a small

table and chairs also in the moderate

category is the Fort Wilderness cabins

these are going to be a much larger

situation you get a separate room with a

queen bed and a bunk bed and then you

have a pullout sofa in the living room

and a kitchen as well so those moderates

are gonna be much larger than the

typical 314 to 375 square feet deluxe

resorts are gonna run 359 to 476 square

feet depending on where you are those


rooms are gonna be found at Animal

Kingdom Lodge and wilderness lodge so

these rooms give you lots of extra space

and usually private balconies and most

rooms will have two beds some have a

single King otherwise you're gonna have

to clean beds and depending on the

resort they'll either have a small table

and chairs or a sofa and sometimes a

desk as well dizzy rolled villas will

vary in size from smaller studios which

are similar to deluxe rooms that most

have a single queen bed and a sleeper

sofa two one two and three-bedroom

villas with full kitchens so a boardwalk

studio for example is three hundred and

seventy nine square feet where a

one-bedroom at boardwalk is seven

hundred and twelve square feet the

wilderness lodge studio is gonna be

three hundred and fifty-six square feet

on a one-bedroom is 727 square feet

Animal Kingdom Lodge standard studio 365

square feet a one-bedroom is 629 square

feet what you'll find is actually old

Key West those are gonna be much larger

rooms than any other Villa situation

they built that one first it was the

first EVC hotel and the square footage

of all of the options are much larger

than everywhere else so which ones can

sleep five people comfortably which

hotels can sleep five people comfortably

both Caribbean beach resort and Port

Orleans resort have a small Murphy bed

about the size of a twin bunk right

below the TV giving you an extra bed in

the room although keep in mind that

these rooms are only 314 square feet and

only have one bathroom so while it might

fit five guests it might not be too


now deluxe resort sometimes have a

sleeper sofa to comfortably accommodate

a fifth guest the yatin Beach Club

Boardwalk Polynesian contemporary and

Grand Floridian all do have that sleeper

sofa in most rooms

plus they have a little more square

footage than moderate resorts now let me

note here really quickly some of those

resorts do have unconventional rooms I

have been put into very weird rooms when

I fitted some of these deluxe resorts

because I travel solo and so usually I

get put into a weird King bedroom that

wasn't always a king bedroom that they

needed to add more rooms and so they

turned like a big storage closet into a

king bedroom or something I've been put

into some weird rooms so every once in a

while you will get a room

out of sleeper sofas if you definitely

want or need that sleeper sofa and of

course if you're traveling with five

people they'll for sure put you in one

that has one but you may request it make

sure that they know that you need a room

with that sleeper sofa in it now does

this square footage matter all that much

it really depends on your needs and your

family if you're five full-grown adults

you might appreciate having more space

to spread out but note that Disney will

charge extra sometimes if you have more

than two adults in a room so just FYI on

that but if you're a family with young

kids you might be okay with a little

less space you'll probably have to get a

little creative if you get a large

stroller to park in your room but you

may be more comfortable with less space

in that context so if you're looking for

something bigger and more

budget-friendly check out the Suites at

art of animation they have a separate

bedroom with a single queen a Murphy bed

and a sleeper sofa in the family suite

so they can accommodate up to six guests

somewhat comfortably as long as some of

them are small children and all-star

music also has suites that sleep six

although there are less fun themed than

art of animation or you can check out

those cabins at Fort Wilderness while

they're in the moderate category they

actually have a full kitchen and a

bedroom with a double bed and a bunk set

like we said before they are a little

remote you can drive your car out to

your cabin

otherwise you're gonna have to use the

internal bus service at Fort Wilderness

to get yourself to an actual bus to a

park so again you're gonna do kind of

two bus trips already just to get to a

park if you stay at the cabins at Fort


so what amenities do Walt Disney World

resorts provide well you're gonna be

guaranteed shampoo conditioner and body

wash and these are usually going to be

in the refillable bottles now in the

shower itself we have seen some

individual amenities in some deluxe

resorts still but since Disney decided

to take away all of the single-serve

plastics on property they are moving

more towards the refillable amenities in

the shower versus giving everybody their

own individual amenity and these are a

little controversial for guests some

people love that it's a greener approach

and some people would prefer the

individual amenities so you just have to

figure out what's best for you if you

want your individual amenities you're

gonna have to stay at a high high high

end resort because I think those are the

only ones that are still offering the

individual amenities

and if you do say in one of those

higher-end resort hotels you may also

get individual amenities like mouthwash

aloe for your sunburns and other things

like that so you may get a few bonus

extras if you stay at those high-end

resorts and usually those amenities are

going to be h2o brand amenities in all

the resorts now as a general rule we

feel the resort bathrooms are stocked

with plenty of towels but they're pretty

small and not all that soft so if your

particular about towels keep that in

mind and remember that it called Emmaus

keeping can get you any additional

towels you might want or need during

your stay you'll also find hand towels

and washcloths in your resort bathrooms

and honestly these we sometimes run out

of especially if we have a kiddo who

spills something or we're doing bath

time or something like that so do call

for more hand towels and washcloths if

you need them now this is really

important can you adjust the temperature

in your room Disney World Resort rooms

have thermostats in every room and you

are able to adjust these to work for

your family they're usually left in the

low 70s

you'll notice that chill as soon as you

enter if the outside temperature is warm

or the weather is humid so when can you

swim in the pool so Walt Disney World

Resort pool hours vary all the resorts

have pools but the hours do vary so

you'll want to check the timing when

you're staying there typically pools

open somewhere between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m.

and we do see pools staying open until 8

p.m. to 11 p.m. usually it depends on

the season so pool towels are provided

at moderate and deluxe Disney World

resorts and they are sometimes provided

at the value resorts as well too but the

value resort sometimes have guests bring

towels from their rooms and set so

that's unfortunately a little hit or

miss as a general rule we bring our own

towels because they're bigger and softer

and more practical in those ways but if

you don't have room in your luggage

don't worry about it you can definitely

get more towels so in the past well

Disney World Resort pools were not gated

and guests with pool hop even locals

would come to the resorts to use the

pools but in recent years Disney has

been gating the pools and requiring a

Magic Band scan to get into them so pool

hopping is much less prevalent and is no

longer actually officially allowed

unless you're a Disney Vacation Club

member so do all the resorts have room

service all resorts offer pizza delivery

directly from Disney it's a little

expensive for what you get to Disney

Dining Plan table service credits per


and the pizzas not all that great note

that art of animation and several other

values now have meals that can be

delivered to the room including salad

sandwiches chicken wings and even

dessert like pop century's tie-dye

cheesecake and most deluxe resorts along

with Coronado Springs offer more

extensive in room dining menus so expect

meals to be very pricey burgers can cost

over 20 bucks in your room service menu

and I will be completely honest with you

guys I have not found room service to be

excellent in any resort I've stayed in

unless you order breakfast breakfast can

sometimes be decent but dinner is

usually never worth the money and it

always arrives cold so if you're

expecting to go and have a super

luxurious room service experience I may

not happen for you I'm just giving you

that heads-up now one in room dining

experience to highlight is the Twilight

feast at Polynesian Village Resort so

this is a sampling of everything you can

get at Ohana which is that restaurant

everybody wants to go to and it also

includes POG deuce which is that passion

fruit orange and guava juice and it's

$60 per person and from what we've seen

one serving is more than enough for two

diners so this could be a magical way to

enjoy Ohana food in your pajamas and on

your balcony

okay so what's Bell's services like Bell

services at the Disney World resorts is

the place to store luggage and carry-ons

on arrival and departure day you can

have your groceries delivered here if

you're using a service you can hail a

taxi if needed and retrieve your valet

parked car when applicable and you can

also ask Bell services cast members for

directions to locations within the

resort like how to get to your room if

you've just arrived all of the Bell

services services are free but it's fine

to tip the cast members who provide you

with the service so tipping is usually

one to two dollars per piece of luggage

or a little more if they've driven your

car around for you the tipping is at

your discretion

now I had a great experience with Bell

services recently I went to a nearby

grocery store to get a bunch of

groceries for my family in the room and

when I got back I was running late for

an appointment as always and the Bell

services actually took the groceries out

of my bag stored them for me in Bell

services making sure to put anything


to be in a refrigerator or a freezer

into the refrigerator or freezer for me

and then when I got up to my room after

my appointment I just called down and

they brought all the groceries up for me

so those are incredible services that

they can offer to you if you've got a

full car a bunch of stuff just have them

take all of it out store it and then

when you get back to your room they'll

bring it up for you

definitely tip accordingly though these

guys do a great job all right so what's

housekeeping like so Mouse keeping is

Disney's version of housekeeping and

they generally clean rooms throughout

the day so it can be hard to know by

what time they'll be starting your room

those hotels are really big we've even

come back and mid to late afternoon and

found them still making the rounds now

Mouse keeping we'll tidy the room

they'll make the bed arrange the plush

pick up discarded towels take out the

trash and refill things like towels and

when applicable at those toiletries so

tipping Mouse keeping is a nice though

not required a thing to do one dollar

per day per person in the room is

thought to be average but you can give

what you want some guests opt to leave a

tip each day so that if there are

different cast members each day they

each receive a tip when they are there

now you can opt out of Mouse keeping and

receive a gift card with ten dollars per

day of opted-out service in this

scenario talk to the front desk upon

arrival or call down and ask to opt out

you can still call Mouse keeping four

extra towels or anything else you need

but they won't clean your room for you

and if you need to remove your trash you

can tie it up and place it outside your

door this is usually offered it value in

moderate resorts but check when you

arrive at your resort so what are the

check-in and checkout procedures like

guests can check-in online before their

arrival and doing so allows you to make

a note of any requests you might have

like room location or if you'll need a

crib so you're not guaranteed to get

those requests but if you let them know

ahead of time you can save time upon

check-in now if you've checked in online

you can also usually skip the front desk

by providing a phone number at which to

receive text updates so they'll text you

when your room is ready and you can go

straight to your room you don't have to

go to the check-in desk if you have your

Magic Band ahead of time so be sure to

choose your magic bands before you go

and get them sent to your house so that

you can do online check-in skip the

front desk and literally walk straight

from the magical

Express bus to your room and get right

in note that you can also use your mind

Disney experience app to open your door

if you don't happen to have your Magic

Band so checking out is super easy at

disney world hotels your bill is emailed

to you at the end of your stay and

charges are made to the card you head on

file so you can track charges throughout

your stay by checking your my Disney

experience account and Disney uses an

Express Checkout system so you don't

need to stop by the front desk to

checkout and since there's no keys to

drop you simply pack up and head out by

checkout time note that if you want to

have a late to check out this is

something that Disney does offer but

it's very rare so what you want to do is

call the night before and ask them if

there's a late check-out available for

the following day they'll ask you what

time you'd like to check out you give

them a 12 o'clock one o'clock checkout

time and they will check to see if

that's available for you

so what other amenities are provided all

resorts have a gift shop dining options

pool bars and pools so moderate resorts

usually have a full table service

restaurant and additional activities

like the horse-drawn carriages at Port

Orleans Riverside or mermaid swimming at

caribbean beach resort both are extra

money deluxe resorts have signature

dining restaurants and typically more

than one table service restaurant in

addition to the quick service locations

they also have spas fitness centers and

salons Coronado Springs is the only non

deluxe resort to offer a salon spa and

fitness center and note that poor

d'orléans resort French Quarter does not

have a full table service meal any

longer they share with poor darlings

Riverside the boat rights restaurants

but all hotels do have a quick service

or counter service restaurant option as


can you walk to the restaurant

absolutely most restaurants are located

in the main lobby building but are

centrally located for guests and even

though Porter leans French Quarter is

the only moderate without a table

service restaurant you can easily walk

to Port Orleans Riverside for boat

rights it's about a 10-minute walk or

you can take the boat over there so

staying in a Disney Resort Hotel also

gets you a few extra perks you've got

those extra magic hours included for

Walt Disney World Resort guests and they

allow entry to a park usually for one

hour before park opening or a few hours

after park closing from September 1st to

November 2nd resort guests will get

extra extra magic hours meaning earlier

Park openings for Hollywood studios and

more days offered on the extra magic

our schedule so some of the other parks

have morning extra magic hour every day

during that time and some parks actually

have two extra magic hours per day

morning and night so magic bands are

complimentary for resort guests as well

and you can pick out colors and have

them shipped to your house ahead of your

trip you can even purchase patterned and

character magic bands at a discounted

price through my disney experience also

when you stay in a resort hotel package

delivery is available and you don't need

to worry about carrying any of your

purchases around the parks just tell the

cast members you'd like to have it sent

directly to your resort and you'll be

able to pick it up at the pickup

location which is usually in the gift

shop somewhere and it may take a day or

two to arrive free transportation is

provided from the moment you arrive at

the airport the magical Express will

take you right to your resort and then

there's bus monorail boat and skyline or

transportation to get you two in from

the park skyliner opens by the way

September 29th and don't forget about

extended reservation windows on-site

guests get a jump on Fast Pass you can

book them 60 days out rather than 30

days like everyone else and you can book

dining reservations for your entire trip

180 days out from your arrival day

everyone else has to call back each

individual day 180 days in advance so is

it worth the money to stay in a Walt

Disney World Hotel on-site Disney

resorts have an extra Disney touch from

theming to cast member interactions

you're in the Disney bubble the whole

time and on top of that on-site guests

do get quantifiable perks like extended

Fast Pass windows extended advance

dining reservation booking windows free

transportation and those extra magic

hours so while it will cost more to stay

in at Disney World Resort Hotel there

are some offsetting benefits but you

still might want to stay off-site if

you're planning on visiting other things

in the Orlando area other attractions

like Universal Studios SeaWorld cetera

you're traveling with a larger group or

you just don't think you'll use the

extra guests perks then staying on-site

at Disney World may not make sense for

your budget you can rent large or

vacation properties off-site if you're

looking for more space and often times

you can find better deals for high-end

accommodations at other hotels in the

old land or area or just find better

deals overall there's plenty of hotels

just outside of Disney broad area

offering competitive

rates and services so if you stay off

site how long does it realistically take

to get onto property and how do you do


while many off-site hotels offer shuttle

service they don't run as frequently as

Disney transportation but it's still

included so look for hotels that offer

that if you don't plan on bringing your

car and if you did bring your own car or

you're renting a car

be sure to check parking fees at hotels

and keep in mind that Disneyworld does

charge for parking at its theme parks

and yes Disney does charge guests now

resort parking fees they didn't used to

but they do now but they don't have an

extra pay again at the park at the theme

parks the way that you would if you were

staying in at offsite isni hotel so how

long it takes to get there it depends on

where you're seeing and what park you're

going to so keep in mind if you're

headed to Magic Kingdom you'll need to

park at the transportation and ticket

center and take the monorail or ferry to

the park overall you want to give

yourself plenty of time to account for

traffic lines at the parking booths and

time to get from your car to the park

entrance now I know this video is

getting long but I just want to give you

a few extra things to note first resort

hallways can be very very long

especially if you're seeing at the

deluxe resort and the resort's can be

really really spread out if you're

staying at those values and moderates so

give yourself extra time to get from

your room to the lobby in those daily

circumstances but note that you can

always request certain rooms so if you

want a room that's closer to the lobby

or that's closer to a pool or that's

closer to an elevator you can request

that ahead of time just call Disney and

have that request noted on your

reservation if you don't want to be

walking for literally 15 minutes I think

when we say to Kidani Village we had to

walk literally 15 minutes from the lobby

back to our room we were the farthest

farthest room over in Pumbaa and it was


you can request hey I don't want to boo

my room please put me closer to the


also there are preferred rooms that you

can request in the moderate resource and

the value resorts and these rooms will

get you closer to the lobby or they will

get you special themed rooms like the

pirate rooms at caribbean beach resort

or the royal rooms at Port Orleans

Riverside also note counter service

dining options can close at 11 or 12 at

most resorts so if you're coming back

from the parks late and you're really

hungry or you want to refill your

refillable mug note that after

eleven it's unlikely you're gonna be

able to do that

there are 24-hour dining locations

available at Gasparilla Grill in Grand

Floridian Resort Captain Cook's at the

Polynesian Resort and the peekaboo at

the dolphin resort if you are looking

for late-night eats there's also

potentially room service some actually

run all night long

Disney Springs is also open if you need

late-night food they stay open usually

to about 2:00 a.m. there's a couple of

places on the boardwalk that stay open

as well and another thing to note about

staying at a Disney Resort Hotel special

events and special activities do happen

at Disney resorts including holiday

events fun runs painting classes wine

tastings and more so check out the list

of activities when you check into your

hotel and see if there's anything

specific that you want to do while

you're staying there

overall Disney hotels are very

comfortable they are convenient to the

parks and you can walk to several parks

from some Disney resorts and they are

expensive so those are the three things

I would say characterize those Disney

resorts are comfortable convenient and

expensive so check out the deals that

are available Disney is always running

discounts on hotels so go check that

special offers tab down there on the

Disney World website they will have all

of the special offers available to you

remember that annual pass holders can

usually get room only discounts all year

round and most other guests general

public guests can also get discounts all

year round so don't play rack rate for

your hotel just don't do it you don't

have to so check those discounts all

right I hope that was helpful I know

this is a long video but I know a lot of

you are excited about going to Disney

World maybe for the first time so we

wanted to give you a little bit more

insight into what it's like to stay in a

Disney World Resort Hotel thanks for

listening you guys and thanks for

watching please subscribe to the channel

we'd love to have you as part of our

family here at the Effie guide this is

AJ for Disney food blog and we'll see

real soon