Best Places To Live in Arizona 2020

what's going on everybody this is Jeff

with living in Arizona and today we're

going to talk about the best places to

live in Arizona last week we did best

places to live in Phoenix know the

suburbs and we went through that video

this one's going to be up-to-date for

2020 where are the places that are on

the cusp of emerging and but across the

little state I am currently in Singapore

as you guys know I've been traveling

Southeast Asia making videos for my

other channel islandhoppper TV but

because there's this Luhan virus

coronavirus whatever you want to call it

I was in Cambodia making that video of

siam reap and angkor wat those beautiful

temples the largest temple system in the

world but i just said i decided to come

over to a safe haven which i considered

to be Singapore in Solem here I did some

research and I also feel like making

this video about Arizona so let's dive

right in here so what's up Scott Glick

thanks to for people who already crushed

up the likes so if you're looking for

peace relaxation in a rural area I'm

going to recommend that you take a look

at a place called press kit so press kit

is small enough to not make you feel

overcrowded or overpopulated but it's

still it's it's big enough to also have

all of the modern amenities you know

Walmart Target you know stuff like that

downtown area where you can go out and

have fun also if you're if press gets a

little bit too booming for you go over

and check out a place called Payson I

actually have a video of Payson on this

channel where I'll show you what it

looks like that's for people who really

like the slow and calm pace okay if if

you're wanting to be right in the middle

of it all and you want good schools good

place to raise your family the top tier

is obviously Scottsdale okay if you

can't get Scottsdale you go to Gilbert

you can't get Gilbert you go to Buckeye

Buckeye is considered one of the top

areas to live is far west Phoenix the

reason I'm not so big on Buckeye is

because it's way far west Phoenix I mean

it's way out there by

you know the rent of the pallet birdies

nuclear power plant but is considered

one of the top places now if you want to

move south towards Tucson whether it be

for work because you're gonna be working

in aeronautics because that's the big

kick down there in Tucson next to

davis-monthan they got the Raytheon and

all that for aerospace just north of


you have aural Valley oral Valley is I

mean we have a video on this channel

about Oil Valley and North Tucson in the

Catalina Foothills it's pretty peaceful

over there I mean it's close enough to

Tucson where you get all the modern

amenities and you're a slingshot ride

down the i-10 to Phoenix about two one

two to one and a half to two hours away

from you know getting to Sky Harbor

Airport because two suns got a pretty

small Airport but at least it has an

airport right I personally think that at

some point they're gonna build an

airport right in between Phoenix and

Tucson somewhere around Casa Grande cut

because a lot of these big cities they

have they have these airports that are

in the city you know Sky Harbor but I

think at some point as Phoenix and

Tucson really begin to grow they're

going to be forced to build like a big

massive Airport and it's probably gonna

be in between Tucson and Phoenix

although I haven't heard any plans about

that but Casa Grande would probably be

where I would assume that would happen

but that would probably incorporate a

high-speed rail a lights light speed

rail or they already have a light rail

in Tucson in Phoenix but that would be

the big thing okay so if you're don't

mind the cold and you like rural living

and you brought to be up in the

Ponderosa you're going to Flagstaff

if Flagstaff's not good enough for you

Prescott's not good enough and paisans

not good enough then you're gonna check

out these more affordable areas that are

extremely rural but you're not gonna

have the modern amenities and it's gonna

be pretty far away three to four hours

away from Phoenix even though on a map

it doesn't look too far away it's far

away because you got to go up the

Mogollon Rim and all these different

mountain slopes us here a missed us

Arabist is pretty good it's but it's you

know it's close to the border it's hot

it's close enough

Tucson what's the reason for Sierra

Vista though I mean would I put Sierra

Vista are you saying because it's

beautiful I don't know if I'd go so far

as to say that Miguel says hi

how's Tucson outskirts country side like

Pima County I mean around people around

Pima County is pretty good I mean just

in the whole area of Tucson but the if

you want you know high desert acreage

and whatnot outside of Tucson you're

gonna look at Catalina Foothills you're

gonna look at or about okay if that

doesn't work out another place that you

might like is mirana and if you want to

go south you can go to Sierra Vista

that's uh always a pretty good idea or

saw harita

SAH you eat RI ta saw her Rita

alright so Leticia says retiring okay so

you're moving to Sierra Vista because

you're retiring probably a pretty good

place other places that people like to

retire is Yuma they also like you know

outside of Phoenix because Phoenix has a

lot of areas we even did a mobile home

park to or for people who are

considering moving to Phoenix or Arizona

to retire you have that Casa Grande area

where a lot of snowbirds go and you get

this you know nice humble abode it's one

or two bedroom one to two bedrooms like

a mobile home park pretty good light

speed light speed rail would be pretty

futuristic yeah light speed rail there

you go that would be pretty futuristic

maybe that's Hyperloop I don't know but

yeah Casa Grande is a good place to

check out

I recommend Casa Grande if you want to

retire although it gets hot in summer I

mean I don't know if retire life retire

life in Arizona in the in the desert

communities is ideal especially in the

summer time because it gets wicked

wicked hot eight months out of the year

it's fine but June July August September

ouch can be pretty brutal Scot click

Jeff bring me back $10 Herschel backpack

no knock-offs man yeah I go to those

fake markets I was in Cambodia Cambodia

probably had the best fake market it's

called central market it's in phenom

penh Bangkok has some pretty good fake

markets but they're all fake man it's

all fake like these are real I got these

in the United States China is at a point

where it's now made

grade-a copies great a copy is meaning

that they can make the iPhone as good as

the iPhone but it's not actually iPhone

you know that's kind of what China's

been known for is making it used to be

that oh that was made in China it's

great be you know a great seat now it's

like China is like caught up to where

like they can copy everything to like

the specs good like they can make fake

Nikes and it's as good as Nike but not

Nike cuz Nike quality for a shoe is

pretty good I don't know if you guys

follow the uh you know shoes we take

shoes for granted but there's a lot of

interesting things to know about that

all right Larry wit says he's moving to

Kingman Kingman yeah Kingman keeps

coming up I think Kingman for retiree is

okay for if you're a young person I

don't recommend Kingman because it's

just about to pop and another place that

you can add to your list if you're

really looking checkout Lake Havasu City

I'm gonna recommend Lake Havasu City the

people who want to be on the water don't

mind the extreme heat but like the water

and take a look at it III don't know if

it's necessarily going to be a premier

destination but it's a place that you

can add to your list of places to

consider and I don't think the job

markets gonna be too hot over there it's

kind of like Yuma it's more it's more

for retirees maybe but if you got money

and you work on the internet you might

like Lake Havasu City a great riff Shire

dry heat in Arizona Texas has heat and

humidity I hate humanity

yeah humidity wicked man there's some

wicked humidity down there Chuck Miller

Kingman the land of the tinfoil hats and


yeah I know what you're saying man

there's like people out there who

believe all sorts of different things

that they hear on the internet lately

America Judge Dredd 3d thanks to

everyone who crushed up the like

seventeen people I am moving to Chandler

due to work will be working for one of

the semiconductor companies had to get a

quick apartment while I would I move all

my stuff from upstate New York Chandler

is good overall place yet Chandler is a

good overall selection it's you know I

man it doesn't get better than Chandler

if you're moving to Phoenix

there might be a couple areas around

Phoenix which we talked about in last

video Gilbert Scottsdale a Peoria Scott

Happy Valley area Cave Creek area New

River even anthem but for the most part

this whole northern part or yeah I mean

that's Chandler is pretty good Buckeye

Buckeye keeps making the list I mean if

you're in the school's just so you know

if you want to know where the best

schools are Gilbert is considered the

best School District in 2008 T in for

2019 but you know as far as safest

cities in Phoenix Metro is or in Arizona

in general believe it or not Peoria

Buckeye aural values really is

considered really safe aural values Lake

Havasu City even makes a list Avondale

Nogales Gilbert Chandler um here here's

a list from the internet they'll tell

you the so the best schools are in

Gilbert and Scottsdale that's considered

like the best areas for schools a list

here that was made up this is their list

for the top places in 2020 Paradise

Valley Gilbert Scottsdale oral Valley

song arena Chandler Borana

Thatcher Peoria and press kit which if

you just tuned in the video to one of

the first places I encourage people to

check out was press kit notice I haven't

really talked about a Sedona I don't

think I think if you can live in Sedona

if you can afford it it's good but the

job market in Sedona is pretty weak and

the cost of living is really high so I

don't think many people can afford to

live in Sedona but if you want outskirts

of Sedona you're gonna check out the

place called Verde Valley and you know

they look at place called Cottonwood

corn bill so if you get a chance you go

to Sedona you'll see a sign it'll say

corn bill Cottonwood go check out that

area you live there they've got I don't

know if they've got that much

infrastructure for jobs but you can live

a modest humble life it's pretty good

weather in the summer and

little bit of snow flurries in the

winter I mean it just kind of snows a

little bit but not too bad you just get

a little taste of winter in Cottonwood

cold enough to you know when you wake up

in the morning you're like it looks like

you're smoking but cuz you're building

you know cold air out of your mouth

what do you thoughts on Gold Canyon

wonder if you're hearing if amenities

will come around that area yeah I'm not

hearing any sort of massive developments

other than like just the freeway just

kind of moving that way I haven't heard

of anything like additionally being

built around gokane gokane is a good

place to be out of it all but close

enough to it all if that makes sense and

it's in the Far East Phoenix at the base

of what the Superstition Mountains there

you know check that area out they put

the curb the rent is higher in

Cottonwood the rent is also higher in

Prescott so something to consider yeah

Scottie Scottie she says I heard bad

things about Maroney on Branagh I

understand the big Mirana Kingman Yuma

those kind of places I'm kind of like

what's what's what's who told you to go

there you know I made the video about

Casa Grande Maricopa the other day and

if you were say hey Jeff where did where

should I go Maricopa or Casa Grande I

would say Maricopa Casa Grande is just

you know I wouldn't I would not

encourage people to move to Casa Grande

if you had to move to that area and you

wanted to be close to Casa Grande

because maybe you have a factory or job

out there that you're working at go to

Maricopa okay but people always say oh

no cash grant I'm kind of like in Casa

Grande was supposed to build this big

dream Court village and everyone was

excited but I don't know the plans I

might have fallen through but that was

supposed to really be putting Casa

Grande on the map but for some reason it

didn't go through Casa Grande kind of

always been that place where they they

dream bait like they had a Casa Grande

outlet mall and it already closed down

but I mean they dream big over there and

then it kind of just like boom crashes

down what about South Mountain town

South Mountain town you mean Estrella

Mountain Estrella Mountain or Australia

is there a town called South I mean if

you want South Mountain you're gonna go

to all WA Tookie I'll go to hkey

foothills they wrap around South South

Mountain and then north-south mountains

got Australia on the north side of South

Mountain is you know there's some houses

out there but it's it's an Fe area down

there that's you know down there by

Cesar Chavez high school do what you if

you want to go down there go go for

check out Australia though Australia's

all right oh you mean South Mountain

Village South Mountain Village is nice

it's you know it's it's they just built

that freeway that's gonna wrap around I

think it's good I think it's a better

area it's south of the central area but

it's still close enough it's like I

guess living in North Phoenix and being

near Union hills and Bell Road which is

kind of like they call it the square so

if you're in North Phoenix

you know you might see some nice houses

in like Happy Valley but when you get to

this place called Bell Road or Union


you'll start like 7th Avenue and Bell

Road just go down there and then you'll

see what I'm talking about but there's a

lot there's a big meth problem down

there but they have an area there

probably from Greenway to Bell Road

Union hills it's kind of called the

square it's like the square bull it's

like the square area where thou shalt

not want to live okay it's North Phoenix

but you go beyond North Phoenix you

start coming into places like wildfire

community and Happy Valley and Desert

Ridge and a little bit further towards

Scottsdale or you go the other direction

you come up you know up into some nice

areas and Happy Valley and then you fall

all the way north to anthem same kind of

deal on the south side of Phoenix where

you got like Estrella village or a South

Mountain Park or South Mountain Village

and you got that area there but it's

close enough to tallest and you know

some of those areas that thou shalt not

try to live

I mean reason is is because it's

dangerous it's like you know it's when I

say dangerous it's just not the safest

place and with the the safest place also

comes done good place to raise your

family right because also the schools

you know North Phoenix has some pretty

good schools I mean but bear mine

Arizona was ranked number 49 in the

nation for schools but there we have

some good school areas Scottsdale and


so if you really need some good schools

that's where the teachers are at that's

where the good teachers are that's where

the good principals and unified school

districts are established Gilbert and

Scottsdale Apache Junction is kind of

rough but getting close to go Canyon but

could you see getting gentrified oh yeah

patchy junctions going have to get

gentrified it's gonna happen because the

the Phoenix is Phoenix is moving in that

direction and it's gonna it's too

beautiful out Apache Junction to not see

a change it's just still kind of like

backwoods out there I mean it's like

late at night you know it's like The

Hills Have Eyes kind of out there in

Apache Junction you know there's some

places out there there's some places but

you know this old Desert Rats just post

it up in their little spots royal pilot

one one six which communities are luxury

in the Scots they're not super expensive

but close to Phoenix well I don't know

Scott sells pretty expensive I mean

you're talking over five hundred

thousand dollars for a house but if you

want to be in Scottsdale you could check

around like downtown Scottsdale they

have homes around there that I think are

pretty affordable you also have like the

area off of Shea Shea Boulevard going

towards Desert Mountain or towards

Fountain Hills check in that area around

about like a hundred that like 120 at

that street and Shea Boulevard just

check out around there I mean we're

talking you know reasonably priced

Scottsdale the the really expensive

places are gonna be around like

Camelback Mountain and you know PV

Paradise Valley but if you go north

there's also some communities like

Desert Ridge I recommend doesn't Ridge

there is basically the best high school

sports program is called pinnacle its

pinnacle High School look it up on the

map Pinnacle High School it's near

wildfire community but Pinnacle high

school if you can get a house in that

area I mean that's the school that wins

like the state championships for

baseball basketball like the kid and eco

Manion he's on University of Arizona's

basketball team he went to pinnacle a

Spencer rattler who was the top recruit

quarterback out of high school in 2018

who isn't getting ready to take over at

Oklahoma as the starting

quarterback he went to pinnacle also

pinnacle wins the state championship so

that's like I consider that Scottsdale

although you could consider it North

Phoenix but that's like a really great

place to live

it's called pinnacle if you want to go a

little bit further north up tatum

boulevard that's basically the area

looking at tatum boulevard just north of

the 101 and it's called desert ridge

check that place out guys

it's got good DC ranch Troon high in

Scottsdale yeah

DC ranch high in right up there at the

base of the McDowell mountains Troon

Pinnacle Peak area really expensive and

then yeah but when you're further south

you're okay I'm coming from cold

Illinois visit family in Ahwatukee May I

love that area so beautiful yes I

consider I would 2q be like for lack of

a better word okay a poor-man's

Scottsdale what I mean by that is it's

like Iowa two keys pretty nice and it's

like not as expensive as Scottsdale but

you get the same kind of like atmosphere

and the same kind of like you know

panoramic views of the mountains South

Mountain and stuff like that but you're

also closer to it also Iowa - he's a

really good place to be about South

Desert Ridge seems cheaper than Desert

Ridge but it's still okay I mean you're

talking what okay so if you go to Desert

Ridge area you have the 101 and you also

have this big burrow this big berm just

in case you guys ever seen it there's a

there's the canal

you know the central Arizona Project

which is how we get our drinking water

and our like the water that comes from

the Colorado right there's a big berm


and the reason is is because Scottsdale

there's like these mountains and they

say that during a great flood or a big

flood or a big rain those mountains

could flood Phoenix so they built this

huge dam there and on that if you're

north of that dam if you're north of

that canal that's the area we're talking

about that's for true what's up their

power prod man I haven't seen none of

you guys are wrong I'm gonna offer you

don't you guys are coming over to

islandhoppper TV I've not seen a couple

of you I've seen Alyssa I've seen Robert

Bogle I've seen through it who else I've

seen a couple of you guys over there but

maybe you guys don't like traveling

that's why you don't come over there no

big deal um Chuck Miller I've seen Chuck

Miller over at islandhoppper TV oh yeah

in case you guys were wondering I am in

Singapore there's this coronavirus it's

going around and I was in Cambodia and I

was like dude I got to get out of there

and head down to a safe haven so I

picked Singapore and I'm considering

going as far south as Australia and if I

go to Australia I'll probably end up in

Perth and then from Perth I'll go


down around although I want to see

Darwin I want to see Colin so there's a

lot of places in Australia Australia is

huge man it's like this big island it's

got more oceanfront property than

anywhere on earth in my opinion well any

country on it I always looked at uh

Australia is like the final frontier

like you know how Alaska's like the

final frontier but like dude there's

only 28 million people who live in

Australia and it's pretty big yeah

Michelle Singapore is a beautiful place

it's like I said it's my safe haven

crazy stuff has happened in Cambodia

nothing crazy was happening in Cambodia

I'm just saying the Wuhan virus is a

virus it was breaking out I was like

dude I gotta get out of here man I don't

want to be in a situation where I can't

get a flight and I don't want to be

stuck in siam reap or phenom penh or

where I was supposed to go yesterday it

was seein Oakville you guys see no feels

like this macau 2.0 the Chinese are

building up Cambodia's coastline this

place called see an oval but it's like

really in terrible shape and like all

these backpackers hate what's happened

to see a note bill but like the roads

are dirt the tuk-tuk drivers the

Cambodians don't like it what's going on

they've taken these they're building

this a bunch of resorts just like but

everything's like under construction is

just terrible you should be this

peaceful backpacker town' so I was gonna

go there yesterday but I was you know

it's kind of like crazy down there I was

so I was like uh with dis vu ha virus I

don't know if I want to be didn't see an

oat field but I was gonna go over to

this island called koh rong which is a

pretty nice island community they don't

even have any roads over there so that

was well that's what it was great

riffs it no I'm not retired yet it is a

scary virus but you know we'll see how

much of this the the media is drumming

up and how much of it is real I mean I

don't know that's what I'm trying to

figure out is how much of it is media

just doing what they typically do

because it's shiny a new year tomorrow

checked Chinese New Year starts tomorrow

and the Chinese are known for traveling

like in Angkor Wat I don't know if you

guys saw the video on opportunity about

Angkor Wat

it's the largest temple system in the

world I mean it's unesco world heritage

site it's on that the this this Angkor

Wat is on par with the Taj Mahal the

Great Pyramids of Egypt the ruins of

Chichen Itza the son pyramids of

Teotihuacan for defense it's pretty good

and yeah I was there I mean I went to

the place it's phenomenal like but I

don't think a lot of people really know

about a core Wat and so I was there I

was just amazed so scenic and it's just

the this is incredible place man anyone

that wants to move far out of the city

and thinks to do should know that you'll

spend a lot of transportation in Phoenix

see if you can get a fuel-efficient or

electric car that would help

great advice based on Oz a commenter


electric cars don't save money

interesting third power prod says Angkor

Wat is very sacred place the idea is a

very sacred place I mean the the Hindu

name for Angkor Wat is the highest it's

called the highest ambition Vishnu is a

Hindu gods oh yeah I did a guided tour

with a local in that video he showed me

around give a lot it's kind of hard to

hear him because his English isn't that

great but he tells you a lot of the

things and it like in line like Angkor

Wat on the Solstice lines up this was a

12th century so they knew in the 12th

century about 365 days a year 24 hours

in a day they knew about all this in the

12th century and what first thing I

thought was did they know about this

before the Western world so yes in the

Western world we have the calendar but

it's like they knew about it in the 12th

century so and and you know that's info

that's interesting so if you guys are

history historical or like

archaeological sites check out Angkor

Wat and there's a video on the channel

islandhoppper TV which my other channel

already patel is there any specific to

live in phoenix that's relatively

affordable but still walkable Tempe

Tempe is probably the most walkable

there's also downtown Phoenix they of

Roseville Row some people would say

Arcadia or Biltmore area and then other

people would say downtown Scottsdale so

there's four areas right there just

running down downtown Scottsdale

downtown Phoenix downtown Tempe okay or

Biltmore outside of that you're not

going to get too much walkability anyone

who says the kuelen door you know North

Scottsdale walk quad saying now

Phoenix is mostly it's a city for cars

where's the best place cost-effective

property to rent out okay so if you're

looking to rent out so you want to buy a

property to rent it out um that's a good

question for my brother which you guys

can ask him and living it in Arizona on

our Facebook group I would I would

probably ask him but if I was to say


I mean with the way the housing market

is growing like I think my house is gain

like 10 to 15 percent since in the last

two years in value like my buddy he's

buying a house in the same neighborhood

that I am out in San Tan Valley out in

Queen Creek which is where I live and

his what he's paying for his house is

like fifteen percent more than what the

house was worth when I bought so I mean

we're in a market that just keeps

expanding in price believe it or not

there's even a housing shortage like

there's so many people moving to Phoenix

they can't build the houses fast enough

so what that tells me is that there's

like this demand so how long will the

demand last I mean once if you buy right

now and then the man goes away then

you're stuck with this house it's a

rental and then you're like oh man I

listen to this guy Jeff on YouTube gave

me bad advice you know so I don't know

if I really want to do that but right

now at this particular moment I would

say you could probably if you could get

a house in Scottsdale it seems like

that's always a safe play but that's

expensive people are always trying to

live in Scottsdale Arcadia is probably a

good place Tempe chandler-gilbert all

those are probably pretty good places

but I mean you wouldn't think it but I

think Queen Creek is actually a pretty

good place although I don't know that

it's that great because there's no

freeway so if like people are looking to

just rent nah I mean quick rates go down

if you're gonna live there but if you're

just looking to rent why would you want

to live in Queen Creek there's no

freeway within like 20 minutes you got

to go 20 minutes or a freeway so that

can be a bit of a pain in the butt but

yeah Gilbert Chandler Tempe probably

good places and then Scottsdale and if

you wanted to go to West Valley you

could probably do pretty good out and

Glendale Peoria I think are also pretty

good and you're gonna get better prices

out there would you recommend getting a

new build in the Phoenix area and do you

have any regrets on getting a new build

great question a commenter the downside

that I discovered that I didn't quite

think through was how much it was gonna

cost to take my new build and develop my

land or my backyard so when you get a

brand new bill you get up

you know house all new appliances we can

clean everything you know you don't have

to burn all the stage to get rid of all

the blah blah blah that's in there I'm

just kidding but you know people do that

different but the backyard is completely

blank canvas so you got to build that

well yeah sure you can just do like some

rocks and like you know some grass and

call it a day but because I like

barbecues and I like you know jacuzzis

and I like to go outside into my Oasis

or my backyard oasis I had to build that

and it costs a lot of money costs a lot

more money than I thought um you know in

the build of pools expensive so if you

can get that lumped into your mortgage

where you get a house with a pool and

all that and you don't have to pay out

of pocket it's just in your mortgage you

know you save money on that so you have

to have this extra amount of money to

develop your backyard unless you just

want to have the dogs pooping on the

dirt for three years or you just throw

some grass seeds and see if it grows if

the pigeons don't eat it or the doves

don't eat it right so that's that's the

way no I don't have any regrets tada

to me these are also cool because

everyone in your community is brand new

like you so everyone's you decide when

you're moving in you have these locals

that have been there posted up for 10

years they're trying you know be like oh

who's the new people in town you know

when you when you're moving in a new

community everybody should you know so

everybody just kind of comes together at

the same time that was a perk

you'll what's up that's his name I'm

from Flagstaff I'm paying over $450,000

for my home yeah that's expensive for

Flagstaff but it's pretty nice up there

I mean you get ponderosa pines and all

that beige tozi says Mesa has nice parts

and crappy parts that's for damn sure

there are some nice parts of Mesa which

my favorite part that I recommend is the

new housing developments east mark and

cadence Sam Maxwell Ranch in Mohave

County sir please what about Mojave

County I mean yeah you can get some

cheap land out in Mojave County you can

builder what forty acres for how much

how much for forty acres in Mojave


I mean $50,000 I you see you can get

that same deal out st. John's up there

and uh you know some of those other

counties Chinle County has got cheap

land well yeah if you're looking for

cheap land you you if you just want a

big ranch 40 acres you can look around

Heber Overgaard

write that down h-e-b er Overgaard Huber

over guard that's got some cheap land

just go on zuly oh and type in here over

guard and see what kind of ranch

properties come up you got um show lo

area you got snowflake there's a place

called snowflake you can get some cheap

land if you want to be close to Sedona

there's a place called Rim Rock that's

got cheap land just like it sounds Rim

Rock at first you might think it's Red

Rock but its rim rock reason I say Red

Rock is because Sedona is red rock

country right Steven James I'm looking

to start an organic egg farm and need

five to ten art acre farm where do you

suggest I look well Huber Overgaard

I do chickens do good in the desert I

don't know about that so he burro

regards gonna be higher country it's

actually up over the Mogollon Rim beyond

patient you can look around Payson I

don't know what your budget is to I mean

it's gonna depend on your budget Angela

says I'm from South Oregon been told Oro

Valley is a bit cooler and lots of

biking and hiking want a smaller home

but outdoor activities Angela you've

been given good advice

go check out Oro Valley when you get

there if that's what you're looking for

you want biking and hiking whoever told

you to go to Oro Valley was right if you

don't want to go to Phoenix but if you

want to go to Phoenix and you want to

hiking and biking you would check out

like Oh a two-key okay or north mesas

got some areas around you know the

Ussery mountain Scottsdale if you can

afford it are you allowed to use your

personal drone to fly around where where

you asking me about a drone where okay

Singapore no I'm gonna Singapore right

now I can't fly my drone

I had to claim it on a customs does rim

up have that Sedona price ticket

no Rimrock is is close to Sedona you go

look around Rimrock

I mean it's dirt roads it's one of those

places where you know there's gonna be

like broken-down old cars on the side of

the roads on the other side of the

freeway it's just past my Zuma's castle

it's on the right side of the freeway

though Sedona to the left Rim rocks it

right and it's another one of those

places The Hills Have Eyes I say that

because of the movie you know what your

thoughts on press get in Jerome well

Jerome is a nice place to go visit I

suppose if you're into ghost towns press

kit in the opening part of this video is

one of the places I recommend it

how do people walk their dog when it's

hot in Phoenix with water yeah I mean

there's people who took their dog for a

walk and the dog died so if you take

your dog for a walk and he starts

panting or she starts panting dude stop

go under a tree okay cuz I know people

who took their dog for a walk you know a

bull pit bull you know the blowing

breeze don't breathe properly anyway so

when it's hot short walks man don't be

trying to do note three-mile walks and

if you do take water but yeah I've known

people who took their dog for a walk and

dog died Sara says I want to move to

Sedona where can someone live in Sedona

or around okay check out Oak Creek Oak

Creek Canyon Oak Creek Village there

check out there if that's out of your

price range then you'd have to move down

towards corn bill or Cottonwood I heard

Prescott was voted safest place and

Arizona says yo what's up it's safe yeah

it's safe I don't know if it's safe for

the Gilbert but maybe per capita

Gilbert's more safe but overall maybe

the price good safe I recommend

precedent if you don't mind a little bit

of snow if you like Four Seasons right

that's the thing and the reason I like

Prescott is cuz it's out of the way I

mean I think press gets a place in

Arizona that's gonna at some point it's

got it's gonna have a big spurt because

there's just room to grow around the

Prescott Valley area

Stephen James thank you for your

expertise you have no idea how much this

QA means to us newbies you're welcome

Stephen and thank you 37 people who

crushed up the likes what's your

questions ask me some questions in and

I'll help you guys we have issues with

black widows and scorpions here in Texas

does Arizona have the same problem yes

we have yeah we have scorpions and black

widows I don't have them at my house

because I do pest control and I don't

pack rat stuff in the things because

that's that's where that's where black

widows like to live in the pack rat

holes and boxes and stuff where you know

it's been sitting for a long time it's

where breakouts of infestations happen

right definition of a Deseret desert rat

is just like a term for for someone who

lives in Arizona or been there for a

while and they're kind of like you know

I wanna say something it's kind of like

a redneck okay but we I'd call you know

we jump around where we say us desert

rats those DUHS rats you know it's kind

of like us as Cajuns you know that's

kind of like the same kind of deal it's

not offensive and like it's offended by

being called a desert rat is just way

too thin-skinned sensitive it's it's

basically like someone who lives in the

desert all their life like I was born

and raised in the desert we always knew

that people who lived out there they

walk barefoot in the desert they get

burrs on their feet to get cactus in

their feet you know stuff like that

that's a Deseret they were used to

walking on the hot ground and barefoot

and a barbecue in the backyard with

mesquite straight off straight off the

tree you know stuff like that I'm not

saying they eat rattlesnake or anything

but you know they're just kind of they

wear turquoise you know stuff like that

is it true that Phoenix has Illuminati

living under the city what never heard

of that that's I don't even know what

that means

what's your thought on Kingman and

bullhead a would you recommend visiting

those towns I recommend visiting

Bullhead City sure right across the way

is Laughlin you could stay a night or

two there if you have to go to Vegas

Kingman is also on the way to Vegas so

yeah if you're going to Vegas you're go


that city may make a little bit of a you

know off-the-beaten-path trek into

Bullhead City and see what it's all

about it's maybe like an hour out of the

way a king then is right along the way

so you will go through kingman when you

drive to Vegas

I don't eat rattlesnake I don't need any

steak especially with this wuhan virus

supposedly coming from people eating bat

soup or was with a bad soup and snake

scoops soup that's what caused this

virus broke out in China all of the

stories about superstition mountains

true yeah so the reason they're called

the Superstition Mountains is because

there was a big farming community out

there and there's a lot of folklore like

Lost Dutchman mine I don't know if

they're true or whatever but they say

there's a buried there's people who go

out there and to them there hills and

they go looking for the Lost Dutchman

mine I mean the name superstition

mountains has its own folk you know

instantly here like why is it called

superstition right so I don't know if

they're true but it's it's kind of like

the story The Legend of Billy the Kid

like how old was Billy the Kid when he

died right like how much good the dude

have done that build this big legend

behind the kid Billy the Kid like he was

like 24 when he passed away so I mean

how much damage can do do in that short

period the name Billy Bonney if you want

to look him up Billy Bonney yeah the the

legend of the okay Corral with Wyatt

Earp and Doc Holliday and some of those

guys down there and tombstone so I mean

how much of that is true and how much of

that is just like drummed up for

Hollywood right people getting lost to

the superstition guy I mean people get

lost up in those mountains I always

recommend if you're gonna go hiking take

your phone with you and make sure it's

charged I'm not saying you have to have

it on but put it in your backpack

because if you get lost you want to at

least have some sort of like GPS to say

that weighs the tap cuz I know people

who've gone up into these mountains or

up into those mountains and they got

lost but Michael says where your

thoughts on Cave Creek well I grew up in

Cave Creek I grew up right next to Black

Mountain near carefree and then I also

decided I went to high school in Cave


so I like Cave Creek I watched Cave

Creek Road from I mean we used to go to

the parade

the Fiesta Days parade all the time from

Harold's Buffalo Chip you know I used to

work at El Encanto it's a cool city man

check it out it's cool town it's only

ten thousand people beautiful houses

around there it's a great place I mean

it it's a little bit cooler than Phoenix

maybe five to ten degrees so yeah check

out Cave Creek

we're the best towns I missed the list

at the beginning oh man you have to

watch it over because I don't I've said

a lot for the last 40 minutes but oh

here check out press kit check out if

you want to live in Tucson Oro Valley

Gilbert Buckeyes considered

up-and-coming a good place to live

Scottsdale obviously because of the

school district and all that if you can

afford it

cottonwoods up-and-coming good area

Payson is a good area to explore so

Catalina Foothills right next Oro Valley

really good I don't really consider

Flagstaff on the list and that is

basically that's basically it do you

think Tucson will ever get big Todd in

New York no I don't Phoenix may be and

Phoenix and Tucson might meet up but

even then we were talking about a

population of 12 million tops what are

your thoughts on living in Cape and care

for your anthem well if you are already

looking at carefree an anthem throw into

the mix Cave Creek and New River there

you go so when you're up there in North

Phoenix far north Phoenix in you look


carefree anthem Cave Creek and New River

those are four municipalities that

you'll want to visit and explore in that

same day Litchfield Park on the other

side of the 303 way out there in the

white tank's man you trying to go you're

trying to be at the base of the white

tank mountains that's what you're trying

to do yo what's up says Flagstaff is a

cool place to live the only thing

against Flagstaff is its brutal cold and

too much snow it's a pain in the

but to deal with there you go I mean

Flagstaff in the summer is the Arizona

getaway people go to Flagstaff to get

out of the heat and they go up to San

Francisco Peak they go camping out there

all around Flagstaff and it's pretty

nice and they go up to the Grand Canyon

but like you said in the winter there's

a university up there called Northern

Arizona University go check it out if

you guys are wanting to go to school

anyways guys thanks everyone crushed up

the likes subscribe to me on

islandhoppper TV if you like to travel

like I said I put that video out on

Angkor Wat in Cambodia I'm currently in

Singapore right now I look forward to

seeing some of you guys over there leave

some comments let me know so I couldn't

see if I recognizing you guys from

Arizona and we'll see you guys next time