Top 10 Reasons to Retire in Sedona AZ

Hi, I'm Dawn Dickenson and I’m here in beautiful Sedona Arizona and I’m going to give you

10 reasons why you should retire here in Sedona Arizona.

The first reason is that we are surrounded by breathtaking beauty.

It’s everywhere, if I go out to get the mail or walk the dog I just look around and

its gorgeous.

If I want to drive from my house in the Village of Oak Creek to uptown or to west Sedona,

what I have on the left is Cathedral Rock and on the right is the Chapel of the Holy

Cross, its beautiful views all the way up.

Also, if you're not into the red rocks as much there is Oak Creek, beautiful stream

running through, um there is a nice oak trees, the wind gets going, it's very peaceful and

breathtaking beautiful.

Number two; this is a great reason to retire in Arizona is the weather.

We are at about 4100 foot elevation, and that is probably a deal for temperatures, we have

about 300 days of sunshine every year, and that's not brutally hot sunshine because the

average temperature here is about 76° . So in the summer the average might be 92, in

winter the low might be 30°, so they're not too many days a year where we are getting

below freezing, although it does happen, it’s not something that happens all the time, and

the thing is we have about 20 inches of precipitation every year also, is not breathtakingly hot,

hot ,dry.

Number 3 is there is just so much to do here in Sedona; there are the art galleries, there’s

shopping, great restaurant.

There is sightseeing, there’s hiking, there are spiritual shops which include Crystal

shops, touring the vortex, there are sightseeing-sightseeing tours, you can rent a jeep, you can rent an


What I would suggest is that you do one of those jeep rentals—not jeep rentals but

those jeep tours.

They’re not very expensive and you’ll go on one of those hour- hour or two tours,

and they are a lot of fun.

Now they’re kind of bumpy so you want to hold on, but there’s just so much to do

that you’ll never be bored.

Reason number 4 is location.

And we are two hours from Phoenix, a hustle and bustling city, but if you want to go on

a trip to anywhere in the world , you world drive two hours to sky Harbor International

Airport and you will be able to get there . Also, if you go and hour north there’s

Flagstaff; which has skiing in the winter, beautiful pine trees, from hiking in the summer,

fishing at Lake Mary, all sorts of stuff to do.

If you’re really into boating-fishing in the lakes, two hours north of Flagstaff is

Lake Powell, one of my favorite lakes in the entire world.

It's a big like, and even though there are a lot of boats, you're not a worry that you

are going to crash into to somebody.

It can happen, but it's not normal occurrence because the lake is big.

And then there's also the Grand Canyon there is a Las Vegas, so there's a lot of stuff

on that you can travel to because this is a great location here.

Number five is the population.

We have 10,000-ish residents here in Sedona, so you have in a small town living , where

you get to know your neighbors, people are friendly, and one thing that you do have to

know this is 2 to 4 million tourists every year, but they kind of stick to the meeting

areas so if you're a couple blocks away, your house is a couple blocks away, it will be

very quiet.

It is quiet here, dark at night and you hardly notice the tourists unless you go out to the

main areas.

So that is very nice and comfortable.

Number six is that this is this spiritual mecca here in Sedona, there’s all things

spiritual going on, you’ve got the vortexes , you’ve got crystal shops, all sorts of

meetups and activities; meditation and yoga, you name it…

I am totally into that stuff.

Um, and a lot of people here are, so you won't feel silly buying a book on past life regression

or mediumship or anything like that, just you ,know it's cool and it's okay, so also

is happy vibe.

People are spiritual and like-minded, and even the tourists are in a good mood, they’re

here on vacation so hey.

Number seven, this is a good reason to retire, it’s very easy to get healthy and fit here.

I am amazed, I go out and I see people who are 10-20 years older than me and they are

fabulously fit.

And I think the reason for that is you got a lot of hiking trails, you got a lot of walking

areas, and all the restaurants have really healthy foods, so you can get into the habit

quite easily and you’ve got the comradery of people around you.

You know I've lived here two years haven't quite found that happy place of fitness yet,

but it’s one of my goals and I think once I get there it will be easy to keep that up.

Number 8 is that there are many people here that are our age, and when I say our age I

mean like baby boomers and the generation older than us.

The median, or I’m not sure if it’s the average or whatever, but the average age here

is like 57-58 years old.

So you’re gonna be around people your own age, and you won’t have a snotty youngsters

saying “hey Boomer!” or insulting you for being a boomer!

Because we’re all boomers, and it's okay.

So again that's a fun reason to retire here.

Now number nine; some people won’t agree with me, but I feel firmly about this.

There is a reasonable cost of living here in Sedona.

Now mind we will probably about 30% higher than the cost of living of the rest state,

which is probably skewed by Phoenix because it's the most populous area.

Maybe 40 to 45% higher cost of living when you do a national average of the entire country,

but what I am thinking is think of the beautiful places to retire in the world; you got Hawaii,

La Jolla, the Caribbean, San Diego.

Those places are super expensive, so when you're thinking I want place to retire that

is reasonable cost of living, hey Sedona is right up there.

And I have one last thing less, one great reason you should retire here in Sedona, is

because you can easily transition into retirement.

So if you don't want to , excuse me, take the big plunge and jump right in feet first,

you can buy say, a second house.

A lot of people here have second homes.

You can come up on the weekend, you can come up over Christmas vacation, maybe get a job

or you do some work online, and you can gradually move into Sedona and hey!

You know you've done it, and you know you deserve it.

So those are my 10 good reasons to retire here in Sedona.

Now I know I can come up with 10 more but I'll save that for another time.

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a lot.

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