Top 5 Places to Live in Arizona 2021


what's going on everybody this is living

in arizona now and today we're going to

take a look at the top places to live

across the state of arizona

we're going to highlight five areas

let's go ahead and dive in here and take

a look

the first city we're going to talk about

is phoenix arizona

which is also the capital known as the

valley of the sun the phoenix

metropolitan area has approximate


of five million people


the phoenix area is actually an old

agricultural community a farming

community for the

native americans the ho com who used to

create a canal system across phoenix

using the tributaries from the salt and

gila rivers

as well as the verde and agua fria

when available nowadays phoenix thrives

on canal systems from salt river project

and central arizona project

that's why the state of arizona has so

many reservoirs

because that's how the desert gets its

fertility and water

phoenix also gets a lot of people from

out of town who call themselves snow

birds they

are people who live in phoenix part time

by the time may comes around snow birds

are out of town

and they head north for the summer

getting the best of both

worlds year-round

it's like castles up here especially

this one

that's unreal

number two on the list is flagstaff

which is actually the third

largest metropolitan area in all of

arizona it's actually the polar opposite

of phoenix whereas flagstaff is over a

mile high

and similar to denver colorado more so

than it is

close to phoenix

also the santa fe railroad line actually

goes through flagstaff as well as the

route 66.

when it comes to home prices though

flagstaff is more expensive than phoenix

and tucson

for the most part overall across the

metro area

but flagstaff does get four seasons

and is known as the city of seven


you have to look that up on our other

video to get that full answer

which i'll link to up above being that

the northern arizona university

is here the lumberjacks you could

consider flagstaff to be

a college town if winter sports is your

thing then flagstaff has you covered

with san francisco peaks

also known as humphreys peak home to

arizona snowbowl ski lodge and resort up

on the top of the mountain


coming in at number three is tucson also

known as the old pueblo

it is the second largest metro area in

the state of arizona with an approximate


of 600 000 people it is actually a

unesco world heritage site for

city of gastronomy because of the food

that comes from here the suburbs around

tucson that you'll want to check out are

oro valley

marana sarita

tanka verdi flowing wells and the

catalina foothills

that whole area right there also if you

want to go around mount lemon go up to

the top that's a nice area to explore

and around the north side of mount lemon

is oracle

and to the south is green valley

tucson is also considered a college town

due to the university of arizona


who are known for their basketball team

usually going to the final four a couple

key areas to explore when you're down in

tucson is going to be san xavier mission

the sonoran desert museum as well as

doing some hikes

around the catalina mountains and nearby

is the saguaro national park as well as

colossal cave and down the road towards

tombstone and bisbee

tucson is half the size of phoenix so

not as spread out

and doesn't have quite the freeway

system of phoenix

as well but it is higher elevation

so it is 5 to seven degrees cooler

in the summertime

now heading back up north to the red

rock country

is sedona stonea is considered a desert


although it does have pine forest and

high desert chaparral

it is considered a artsy place

but also it has new age shops

which also makes the town quite unique

they have said in the past that if you

drilled a hole

through the earth you would end up in


so they say that sedona has earth


we'll leave it at that and you can

explore that on your own time

is the smallest town on this list with a

population between

10 and 15 000 in the entire metro area

although it is part of the verde valley

and if you included the entire verde


in the metropolitan area you would be

looking at a population of 100 to 150


people so if you're interested in moving

to sedona you may consider

some other towns around the verde valley

such as cottonwood

cornville and clarkdale

living in the town of sedona is quite

expensive so

take note of that


and headed just down the way on the 89a

you come to

press kit home of the

oldest rodeo in the country and a whole

bunch of history in fact prescott used

to be

the first capital of the territory of


before it was moved to phoenix


prescott is a town of four seasons and

ponderosa pines all around

if you wanted less ponderosa pines you

would simply go down the road to

prescott valley or up to chino valley

lifestyle in prescott is going to be

hanging out at reservoirs going to the

lakes and kayaking

doing hiking going down to whiskey row

for entertainment and there is a small

college there called yavapai community


and embry riddle so in a way you could

almost call

prescott also a college town

terms of the housing prices in prescott

it is going to be more expensive than

phoenix overall

but a little bit more affordable than

some other places

like sedona now my final thoughts on

living in arizona if you like sunshine

and you just want to move to arizona

because you're sick and tired of snow

trees all that stuff then phoenix and

tucson are going to be

your best pick and also keep in mind if

you just want to escape the

hot summers or uh

go see some snow in the winter you can

always go up to one of these towns like

prescott or flagstaff

and they're about two hours away from

phoenix three hours away

from tucson not too far away and tucson

has its own snow

on mount lemon also if

price is an issue you're definitely

going to find cheaper homes

overall in the tucson area believe it or

not tucson

is the most affordable on this list

phoenix probably second now in phoenix

there are some interesting things to

keep in mind scott's still in paradise


million dollar homes whereas the west

side of phoenix buckeye for example

are going to have homes under 200

to 300 000 dollars

and if you really want entertainment

you're going to want to settle

in phoenix because at the end of the day

that's where everything is at

in the evenings but if you're more of a

rural type person then press kit sedona

are going to be great

and even flagstaff believe it or not

there are some suburbs around tucson and

phoenix that make

rural life in the urban area tolerable

in the suburbs

but for the most part the real rural

lifestyle is up in prescott and sedona

anyways if this is your first time to

living in arizona now

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