Prescott Arizona 2020 Best Place to Live

hey how's it going everybody I'm back

with another video and today we are

talking about Prescott Arizona going

into 2020

here we are December 31st 2099

2019 I almost said 2099 I got another

1999 on my mind anyway so Prescott

Arizona is is still one of the best

places to live now a lot of us when we

move here ten years ago the everyone's

favorite hometown or everyone's hometown

was full in effect that's Prisca

tomorrow everyone's hometown and it

basically felt like it as long as you

moved here and you know you just did

these the Prescott way you know the

locals are pretty good they're real nice

and for the most part the locals are

still pretty nice if you can find any

locals anymore but here we are ten years

later after a lot of us moved here and

what's it like well today is New Year's


that I mention the second ago and that

the roads are not too packed usually

about this time of day during the

weekday the roads get packed alright

a lot of people have moved here a lot of

people brain a lot of people blame the

Californians but we can't just blame the

Californians we need to blame people

from Pennsylvania Indiana Illinois

Minnesota we can blame all em too

all right well yeah a lot of

Californians and moved here it's no

secret in this video you'll probably see

a lot of California license plates but

uh when you look around right now when

you're watching this video if you watch

some of my videos if you compare them to

my videos I made four years ago it

doesn't look that much different you're

like well these kind of looked the same

yeah they do

alright but it's not until you start

driving into different subdivisions or

you go out towards Prescott Valley and

hit up Granville that place is exploding

because that's where people end up and I

say end up because everybody thinks

they're gonna come live in everybody's

home down everybody thinks they're gonna

come live here and press kit and they

might they might live here at first but

they always end up in Prescott Valley

and lately they're ending up in Grand

it's the housing it's the cost of living

the cost of housing here your press kit

has gotten kind of what's gotten

ridiculous when I first moved here ten

years ago I'd let me uh I've got me a

place up in the government Canyon I was

spending 450 a month it was an older

mobile home but it was nice and I had an

amazing view the same place right now

for rent the exact same spot 1,200 a

month and that's just I mean I'm talking

all across the board that's how it is

over here and there's I'm about to pass

by pass by a apartment complex that's

being built it's gonna be up here on the

left and we get here in this left lane

here that we see it some of you over

here by the by the McDonald's by the

McDonald's and the there's our Mexican

restaurant there on the right but anyway

it's coming up here shortly but uh we'll

talk about that here in a minute but

anyway a lot of people are moving in

here let us it's it's still in this

place but it's gotten packed big time

and some people have complained about

the prime the crime going up here well

as we all know and as most of us know

this place is a big rehab comics I think

it's the number one rehab town in the

United States so I mean it's kinda to be

expected we all know that whenever

people are in rehab they sometimes they

fall off the wagon and they go a little

crazy you know falling off the wagon can

be you know wild at times so that's what

happens you know they fall off the wagon

they go nuts they get in trouble but uh

the like just y'all see that the light

turned the the Green Arrow and that one

vehicle right there almost took off

anyway look I was saying though the

crime here you know it's still not this

isn't early this isn't you know this

isn't Phoenix I mean things are so cool

I mean you'll have your occasional

something something but you know we're

not over here dealing with murders and

the car jackings and all that

now that I said that watch there be a

crime wave but anyway and you see some

homeless folks right there walking right

there you can see them there on the

right we got a lot of that here is what

it is a lot of people you know if

they're going to be homeless they're

they're homeless here and press kit

because we have a very we have a very

giving and kind and charitable community

so look right here to the left you can

see that right there to the left I

should turn the camera but I'm driving

there's a new apartment complex being

built right there on the left

let me look let me see here Creek View

Village it's gonna be called and it's

big it's right next to our two dough's

so yeah anyway so that's just one

example there's been a lot of a lot of

apartments a lot of apartment complexes

springing up around here so I mean I

just like the moral of this the moral of

the story to this video is a lot of

people are moving here and it's just the

way it is but I mean for the most part

brisket still has a lot of its charm

that had had 10 years ago 20 years ago

and we're fixing the past with a Town

Square real quick all right

this video is only five minutes and so I

mean here we go

so speaking of the Town Square we still

do a lot of a lot of things down here

especially in the summertime you can

always find activities in the park and

the tin the Courthouse Square whiskey

row is always poppin I know a lot of

people put whiskey row down but I don't

know what what people want as far as you

know entertainment and bars

I mean it's whiskey row I mean and I'm

not just saying that cuz I live here I'm

not trying to prop it up I'm telling you

and I make videos of it and I anyway

that's why we passed by whiskey row at

night and the music's always always

playing people out laughing and

screaming walking around doing all that


so at whiskey row it's it still

happening but I put the town square that

tons of stuff going on for kids tons of

stuff going on for adults they bring got

the UH the city of Prescott has a stage

that they wheel out there to big stage -

and they got bands playing and it's a

ton of fun

I mean and though they also have like

this big on listen I call it a flea

market wait

it's like a market you know all these

vendors from all over the place show up

and they set up their tents and they

sell stuff now that's kind of

controversial with a lot of the town

folks because I hear a lot of the money

that is made there does not stay in

Prescott it goes back with the vendor

wherever the vendor is from so yeah I

don't know anyway look in here if you

can look here look at that beautiful

view a press kit December 31st 2019 so

we're in the middle of winter you can

see the trees er are brown the leaves

are brown shortly all these the leaves

will fall off and you know the winds

will pick up here a little shortly you

know probably here in a month or two it

always happens like that same thing

every year we're getting ready for the

the boot drop tonight you know on in New

York they drop the Apple well here I'm

Prescott we drop a big cowboy boot right

there on a whiskey row on top of a not

on top of Matt saloon the other place no

I can't even think anyway it happens

over there and everyone shows up and I'm

gonna be here tonight as well I might

make a video we'll see the only reason I

don't like making videos at night in the

wintertime is like my fingers freeze and

I really kind of adjust my camera

accordingly but anyway here lady here so

and you're gonna really see right now

look at all the people walking around

look at the traffic and downtown press

gets generally always been like this

during the holidays people just show up

in droves it's the way it is oh look at

that they would he got everything you

cannot hang a right on Montezuma Street

Montezuma Street here is was hero and

you can see they're setting up let me

turn the camera this way here let me see

if I can get the camera to turn there's

that stage I was telling you about

beautiful man I love living here alright

there's some nice folks right third of

them all smiles and happy walk in there

dog tell me what people Prescott Arizona

is a great place to live I'm a huge fan

of it there's a lot of people that I

don't know for some reason I guess

they're just haters in general

you know they cuz I'm out look and maybe

I overdo it I have a tendency to say

that Prescott Arizona is the best place

in the world and I know there's a lot of

other places that people can live and

they do live but whatever you know and

that's how I feel whatever you know I

really like it here and yes if you're

sensing the defensive tone in my voice

it's because you know I've dealt with a

couple haters they come here and they're

like oh this town sucks well look what's

going on here people the combination is

look at everything everything's here

restaurants outdoor activity you name it

we got it so I don't know I don't know

what to say actually I do know what to

say this place is still a great place to

live but uh no no when you do move here

come here with an open mind come here

with a fun mind I totally recommend that

it I recommend you wanna do it if you

wanna come here do it like that all

right because this is not la this isn't

you know this ain't Times Square just

come here and just have fun do things

the press can way do things there was on

the way and you'll be you'll be a lot

better off all right so I want to keep

this video going a little bit longer

I was darn I was going to do a little

circle around the town square but okay

I'll do like a a 3/4 circle I can't do a

full circle because they've got it

closed off so here we go don't run over

anybody in the crosswalk all right yeah

here we go they let it post off you can

see up there to the right I'll turn a

little bit here let me see here let me

turn a little bit here let me turn this

camera or is it out where's my

adjustment here we go demo gradual

ascent me doing this I'm driving all

right hold on here

right there look people they've got it

all blocked off getting ready for the

big getting ready for the big shindig

tonight this should be it should be a

great time I'm excited the whole town's

excited it's just the way it is anyway

there's something for this video I

appreciate all you watching catch all of

you in the next one