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gonna talk about the best Phoenix

suburbs for retirees let's jump off with

a little bit of tax info for you

retirement is tax friendly here because

no taxes on Social Security income here

also twenty five hundred dollars of

military Sybil Arizona state or local

government pensions tax-free however if

you're out of state government pensions

etc they're fully taxed and let's jump

into some of the cities that we've

decided and using some data to show you

the best options for retirees to

relocate to the valley jumping right in

alphabetical order and no other reason

than that number one Fountain Hills

mountain Hills it's easy access you can

you can get to it pretty simply from

pretty much anywhere in the valley but

it's also got kind of that secluded

sheltered vibe because it's pretty much

surrounded by all natural borders and by

that I mean mountains uh Hills has

roughly 25,000 people for population of

those 25,000 approximately 34 percent

under 65 or older so it's a pretty good

chunk of that population almost a third

a little over a third actually is going

to be 65 or older so for retirees that's

perfect you go to downtown Fountain

Hills there's a nice green heart there

by that there's a nice sidewalk that

goes pretty much around a nice lake

which has the namesake that the town is

found in that the big fountain this

fountain was at one time the tallest

water fountain in the world it's going

to be slightly more expensive than the

other ones on our list but remember

you're getting what you paid for it

seclusion and gorgeous views some

activities that are available near or in

Fountain Hills include Fort McDowell

Casino so if you like to gamble you want

to go out

II catch a show there's golf you can't

go anywhere in the valley and not find

golf and there is definitely opportunity

to fountain hills and if it's not

directly in Fountain Hills it's

certainly in Scottsdale and the cool

thing is you're going to Scottsdale you

do all that busy you know hustle and

bustle and then you come back to the

Fountain Hills where you're kind of

secluded like I said and last but not

least it has a Senior Center with almost

300 volunteers if they can't keep you

busy I don't know who can number 2 on

our list again alphabetically is good

year good years out on the west side of

the valley it's about 17 miles west of

downtown Phoenix nearby cities include

Avondale Linc Litchfield Park Tolson and

bucket it's located also at the foot of

the Australian mountains so guess what

another place that you can a beautiful

gorgeous mountain music population is a

little bit higher it's about 80,000

population and the percentage 465 molar

is actually a little bit lower it's

about 15% so you're not gonna have as

strong of a senior community but it's

still very senior friendly and it's home

to the Phoenix Goodyear Airport so if

you need to do some travel you can

certainly do that it's also home to

Goodyear ball part and it hosts major

league space baseball's Cleveland

Indians so those move from the Great

Lakes area and if you're from Ohio you

get your Cincinnati Reds as well so you

know Indians Reds they're out here for

spring training so if you're interested

in Goodyear

you know go check that one out number

three on our list and this is probably

the biggest community in our list and

that's Mesa City Mesa has probably a

mixed bag of emotions when you talk

about Mesa some people say oh I don't

like makes it sometimes it makes it is

amazing I'm gonna tell you that it's a

suburb about 20 miles east of Phoenix

four hundred ninety six thousand people

give or take approximately 16 percent of

those 65 and older a 60% doesn't sound

like that high but you got almost half a

million people there so you got a good

strong community for the senior

community that are gonna be 65 and older

all right

Mason what is it home to home to the

Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport so if you


want to go deal with Phoenix Sky Harbor

and that's the whole goal of that

Airport is to offset Phoenix Sky Harbor

that's located in the southeastern

corner of Mesa via the Mesa Arizona

temple that's a large LDS temple if you

want to check out some of the cool art

stuff that's there check out our video

on the Art Walk and you'll see that they

have murals and statues dozens of golf

courses tennis courts walking trails

check out Mesa know that it's huge know

that if you don't like one section of

Mesa it's huge go check out in another

section of Mesa you'll find that there's

variety all over Red Mountain has some

beautiful stuff that's still Mesa you

can go over by temping it's still Mason

you can go out fast as it still makes it

and Mesa could be one of the most

affordable for economies in this list

that we're talking about today let's

talk about Scottsdale that's the next on

our list and it's going to be similar to

the cost of Fountain Hills so it's

probably a little bit more expensive but

I just told you when I was talking about

that one Scottsdale is kind of the

center hub for the entire valley yeah at

least the southeast in the eastern

Valley northeast Valley that's where all

the action is happening that there's so

much going on there this guy steals not

as big as Mesa but it is bigger than the

others at 250,000 population that's a

rough estimate and approximately 23% are

65 or older retirement living options

here including condominium communities

there's horse farm community you know

there's some opportunities in our

communities and there's Golf Club

estates that are up there and there's

those other 55-plus type communities

that you can find in Scottsdale again

it's gonna be a little bit pricier than

some of the other ones that are there

barrett-jackson Auto Show is there

that's usually in January and it's a

week-long event where you get to see

some pretty amazing cars that had been

either restored to what they were or

they've been modified and they're

selling all these things and you get to

see what people are paying form there's

plenty of high-end nightclubs

restaurants lounges bars so Scottsdale's

got a lot going on

and if you're looking to retire there

and it's suit your budget and lifestyle

check it out now we're going to get into

to the last two and these guys are

actually specifically designed for the

55 plus retirement community first Sun

City there's actually multiple Sun City

developments in the Phoenix area but

some city is the original and the first

of its kind in the entire United States

and it was a master-planned community to

target retirees this community was

threaded with basically creating this 55

plus industry resort style communities

for the entire country roughly 40,000

people our population of 40,000 and the

highest percentage for 65 or older

eighty percent eighty percent of that

forty thousand population is gonna be 65

or older so if you're looking for to be

hobnobbing with a bunch of retirees

because you're a retiree Sun City may be

the right spot for you there's all kinds

of golf available out there and I'd say

ninety ninety-five percent of it is golf

cart accessible in Sun City there's

seven unique rec centers Sun City I told

you is one of multiple Phoenix Sun

cities its sister city really is Sun

City West this guy is considered

probably one of the best retirement

cities in the country currently it's

made all kinds of lists and articles

about Sun City its own City West but so

I'm sitting last right now is the newer

because I'm City was you know filled up

so the Sun City West started it's a

self-contained self-govern 55 plus

community it has recreation shopping

it's nationally ranked hospital there it

even has a dog park for your furry

friends roughly $25

population here so smaller than Sun City

and approximately 14% are 65 to 69 years

old are you saying well that's not that


we'll wait there's 17% that are going to

go from 70 to 74 there are 20% that are

gonna go from 75 to 79 they're roughly

18% that they're gonna go from 80 to 84

and get this 15% are 85 or older in Sun

City West I'd say you're in good company

for retirement there as well what kind

of activities can beginning to in Sun

City West tennis swimming fitness

centers miniature golf there for

recreation complexes again cuz it's

master plan they host outdoor concerts

they have regional parks nearby and you

can even play pickleball I don't even

know what pickleball is but if you want

to play you play pickleball they have

two public golf courses and that as many

as Sun City I've barely scratched the

surface the wealth of opportunities that

are out here in the valley for Phoenix

Valley and retirees there are so many

places that so many people are snow

birding too and retirees are relocating

to do your research use the usual tools

that I recommend like area vibes best

places niche etc and check it out and

know that you can come out here to

several hundred days of Sun and a lot of

opportunities I hope you enjoyed the

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