Best Places to Live in Arizona

what's going on everybody this is Jeff

with living in Arizona and today we are

going to make a video about the best

places to live in Arizona we've made

videos like this in the past but this is

gonna be even more refined and more

dialed in to really kind of answer this

question that was specifically asked by

Broderick Vaughan he says Peoria Mesa

Phoenix which city is better for

families in terms of safety schools

things to do for the family and housing

cost so we've already made most of our

videos based on just raw statistics this

is going to be some statistics but also

you know my personal perception of what

I've seen and observed to be the case

after living in Arizona for many years

as you know I grew up here and then I

was gone in the military and then I came

back and so what it was like back then

before I left and what it was what it's

like now it's really kind of similar but

that's what this video is gonna be about

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let's go ahead and dive in here and talk

about the things you need to know about

what the best cities are so I'm going to

give you the list right now we're going

to go through it really quick and you

can either continue to keep watching

what I'm going to talk about as I go

into details or you could just take this

list and run okay I'm going to say in no

particular order but oro valley

gilbert fountain hills press kit

scottsdale alwah two key Queen Creek saw

her eita so I've given you guys this

list here and I'm going to now go into


details about each one of these places

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considering moving to Arizona and want

to know this information so let's go

ahead and dial this in here so sorry

Rita it is in the Tucson metropolitan

area ok so if we just go in here it is

about 10 to 15 miles south of Tucson

it's got a population of about 25,000

people and it's actually got a really

affordable median home price of around

about 170 thousand dollars per home

which a lot of people would find to be

pretty favorable now being that it is a

former military set up outpost it does

have a history from the gunnery ranges

and whatnot but now it's been settled as

a more civilized community that's not so

military base but it is still close to

the military industrial complex that

Tucson is known for so you're gonna have

places like Titan missile museum and

whatnot around there now you're also

going to be close to a casino if you're

living here so if you have an addiction

to casinos keep that in mind the desert

diamond casino is right down the road

from you anyway so that's basically what

we're gonna talk about with Sarina so if

you're considering that moving to Tucson

you're also going to look north to Oro


now oral Valley is a place that a lot of

people really enjoy they think it's

beautiful as you can see it's as desert

oasis got an away looks like Palm

Springs but it's not close to Los

Angeles it's close to Tucson Oro Valley

is one of those places that is

up-and-coming and we've made video

specific to Oro Valley people wanting to

move there because they they see the

beauty it's mostly a golfing community

if you're an older person 55 and older

you might also really enjoy Oro Valley

so these are two places in Tucson that

people really should be considering

looking at there's many other places

around there you have the Catalina

Foothills and anywhere around the

Catalina footage

you're gonna get beautiful home

communities but oral Valley and Sorina

or a valley in the north sorry des in

the south now I'm moving into the

Phoenix metro area I'm going to say

Gilbert is probably going to be a great

place for you to consider especially if

you have a family and this is going to

be for people who like the the subvert

or the suburban or city life I guess you

could say in particular being close to

Phoenix Metro so it's got all the modern

conveniences of a big city

whereas Sarita and Oro Valley they're

kind of rural really rural suburban

towns this is a suburban Phoenix

metropolitan city that is right and mix

of it all while you can still be in the

city but also feel out of the grid it's

really a friendly place I live in Queen

Creek right next door to this place

median home price here is going to be

about double what you're going to get in

saw Rita so if you're if cost and and

chilling out is going to be a thing then

go to Tucson area because the homes are

cheaper in that area but if lifestyle is

really important to you and you don't

mind paying three hundred and twenty

five to three hundred thirty thousand

dollars for a home which really if

you're coming from California is like

that's a drop in a bucket at $330,000

home in San Diego gets you like a

two-bedroom condo right and in Phoenix

Metro you get a three hundred thirty

thousand dollar home in a big nice

beauty you know okay so that's Gilbert

check out Gilbert guys they got it they

got the in my paint in the southeast

value they also have the best downtown

area it is small but it's emerging it's

coming around it's growing beautiful

city I mean Gilbert I have I've done a

couple of driving tours of Gilbert I

should really do a couple more showing

off just how beautiful this place really

is it's a lot more green than some of

the other previously established Arizona

communities so definitely add Gilbert

look at they've got a farmers market

here they're showing off the next town

that I'm going to talk about is going to

be one of my personal favorites

especially as a kid I'm going to show

you where this is here so you're gonna

go into Scottsdale and you're going to

head over towards Fountain Hills so

Fountain Hills is called that because of

a big fountain well it used to be the

world's largest fountain let's see if we


get a picture up close on this let's see

you do they have 360-degree view of the

fountain well either way Fountain Hills

as a kid this was one of my favorite

places to go the big fountain is great

that's where it's at this is just a

gorgeous community and big old homes up

here all up along the this ridge line it

is gonna be a little bit more expensive

this might be you might be pushing five

hundred thousand to a million dollars

depending on how far up into the

foothills you're gonna go into Fountain

Hills but again a casino right nearby

Fort McDowell I really like a Fountain

Hills it's out it's it's out there it's

further out there then say Gilbert I

mean you're going to be really out of

the met the mega grid of Phoenix because

you got to go across the McDowell

mountains in order to get to Fountain

Hills you can see on this map go look on

the map yourself if you also want to get

some insight but Fountain Hills is gonna

be for people with a little bit higher

budget and if we go right up the road

here more closer to the city comes to

our next best place well some would say

this is the premier destination to live

in all of the Phoenix is going to be

Scottsdale Scottsdale at the base of the

McDowell mountains it's really a

beautiful high desert Enclave they've

got true and true north if you got the

big money you go to North Scottsdale if

you really want peace and serenity you

go to North Scottsdale but you got to

have big money and that's what it's

gonna look like in your backyard

basically now downtown Scottsdale is

going to be a lot more affluent the

further you go into Scottsdale and we've

made a couple videos about this there's

a video on our channel which I can post

a link to also at the end of the video

you're gonna have Scottsdale Road which

is going to be basically the big

premiere area but once you get past Shay

you come in to Gainey ranch and

McCormick Ranch and then over here you

have Paradise Valley which is considered

a really it's its own city but I would

say Paradise Valley is probably more

part of Phoenix so I'm gonna say that

really Scottsdale and Paradise Valley

are kind of the same if you're

considering Scottsdale go check out

Paradise Valley

now areas around Scottsdale there's also


got still which is going to be off a

shake so when you get to Scottsdale Road

and Shengo East then I'll take you to

Fountain Hills if you want to do all

three Paradise Valley and Fountain Hills

and Scottsdale in a day or in a in a

trip but these are for the big money

people so you got to have big money for

this okay

you can get nice condos you can get nice

um houses property all that in

Scottsdale it is probably the premier

spot and then they have a nice night

life which is going to be a little bit

further down though so if you're living

in North Scottsdale and you like to go

out you're going to be pretty far away

from Old Town Paradise Valley if you

need to be in the grid and you need that

serenity that Scottsdale provides but

you don't want to live in North

Scottsdale twenty or thirty minutes away

from you know the affluent areas the

Biltmore and downtown then you're gonna

go to Paradise Valley Arcadia District

okay that's Arcadia right there it's all

around the Camelback Mountain providing

this information for you because this is

the stuff you're gonna want to know when

you're looking for homes in Scottsdale

so take notes because what I just told

you there is very crucial information

especially for those of you are looking

to go to Scottsdale now if you want to

move to the Phoenix metro area and

you're looking for a pretty nice place

that's connected to the city it really

is it's all with two key I'll what two

key is close to the city I'll show you

exactly where all the two key is it's

over here so this is all with two key

it's up against the the mountains over

in South Mountain right here you have I

ten so from I ten you go west okay and

you're gonna be basically so you're

gonna be basically south of the US 60 on

i-10 south of Tempe and Guadalupe but

this is really a beautiful area I mean I

think that if I could if I had it to do

all over again and I had the money it is

a little bit more expensive I think then

Gilbert but it's really it's really nice

let me just show you guys what it looks

like around Ottawa to ki you can see

what these beautiful mountains it's nice

I mean it's close to Tempe I would

really recommend taking a look

especially if you don't have the big

budget I mean it is a little bit older

but all with two keys

in Nice area I mean they have newer

homes obviously newer home communities

in there

these roads look like they're just tore

up though from all that Arizona heat but

ABBA to key is so close to town it's I

would say it's got pretty low crime the

closer you are to the South Mountain

South Mountain the better off you'd be

you know you've got these golf clubs

golf courses yeah I mean I recommend

taking a look at I'll go to key to be

honest with you it's I mean what I'm

saying is yeah that's good I'll go to

he's pretty pretty amazing and then

there's gonna be Queen Creek which is

now where I live which I don't have a

problem with Queen Creek you know I said

I would rather I would probably consider

moving to all with two key if I had it

to do all over again

yeah probably honestly I mean it would

be between Scottsdale and Iowa two key

not probably people I'd probably be more

inclined to go up into all the two can

look a little bit further but uh yeah

so Queen Creek the thing about Queen

Creek if if you move to Queen Creek it's

great its up-and-coming it's got a it's

got a lot of opportunity moving forward

but it's really far out there compared

to down compared to say Alma to key so

Queen Creek is better than all with two

key because it's newer but it's so far

out there there's not much out here yet

because you can see all these farms

they're like filling in each one of

these grids as they're moving further

out towards Queen Creek but if suburban

lifestyle and slower pace and less

traffic is a big thing for you than

Queen Creek is going to be there that's

why it's on this list you can see

Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport is now an

International Airport and that just

recently happened so there is big plans

for this area

it just is going to take 10 to 15 years

to get there but you're in a pretty good

situation if you're considering Queen

Creek and you like being rural but still

connected close enough to the grid I

mean just look here's Queen Creek okay

here's Phoenix we're talking of probably

about an hour to an hour and a half to

get there so it's something to keep in

mind whereas Alba Tukey right here in

Phoenix so you can see I would to be so

much closer right and then if you were

to just go bounce up here found Hills to

Phoenix that's

way more rural and built on the

mountains than Queen Creek but some

people like to build these big homes and

then you can see North Scottsdale up

here Pinnacle Peak true north which is

probably the most beautiful but look how

far away it is from Phoenix I mean it's

really out there but you also have to

have you also have to be playing with

some big money in order to get out there

this whole west side of Phoenix is

alright I guess if you needed to move to

the west side of Phoenix don't know I'm

just kidding

do what you want to do but if you wanted

to move to the west Phoenix you could

probably go mmm I don't know out here so

surprised this is this whole area right

here but look I mean you saw Queen Creek

has like you know greenery round you

know things grow that tells you

something things out here don't grow

this is a moonscape it's really hot

there's a reason why the landscape looks

like that out over here in the West

Valley and not like that in the East

Valley okay so there there's a big push

to get people to go west but most of

people who go west or like why did I go

west why didn't I go east there you go

so I'm just giving a little bit of

information on that but places like

Musante are really nice I mean you you

want a pounding community in and west

Phoenix I mean I would consider

Vistancia honestly check out Vistancia

actually so that's really going to round

out our list in in the south and

southern part and then if we go north

and you want to live in northern Arizona

probably the best destination that I

would tell you to consider is going to

be press kit so press kit I've mentioned

this a couple times I really like press

kit its high desert northern Arizona two

and a half two hours away from down our

downtown Phoenix probably Phoenix metro

is maybe an hour and a half away you're

gonna really like press kit if you're

into the colder climates and the pine to

the ponderosa pines that's what most

people consider great about press kit

it's it's cooler it's not as hot but I

mean it's it's it is a smaller town

environment you are going to be I would

recommend you to be a great at an

outdoors person if you're gonna move out

here because the big city life is two

and a half hours away two hours away

depending on traffic I mean you could

see I mean here's here's press kit and

here is Phoenix you can see it's

quite a big difference and the other

places around Prescott that you may

consider are going to be Yavapai Hills

and Prescott Valley if you want to go

really far north the Chino Valley that's

where you can get some property and yeah

I mean this whole area if you start

moving more east you get up into Jerome

Clarkdale Cottonwood

Cottonwood Verde village Cornville and

then you head over to Sedona Sedona is

great but we're gonna leave that one off

the list but it could get honorable

mention a lot of you already like Sedona

but people don't want Sedona to get too

big and if I just hype it up you know

people will start moving there so I'm

gonna say press kit because press kits

still pretty close to Sedona I mean it's

an hour drive away so you're in good

good shape to get over there if you need

to anyways guys thanks to everyone who's

liked these videos share this video with

your friends and family who are

considering moving out here and

hopefully this answers the question that

was asked about Peoria Mesa Phoenix I

mean yeah those aren't on this list but

if I had to pick broderick if you're

still watching I would say you would go

with either Peoria or Mesa Phoenix is

just down to the whole Phoenix area I

would say is a little bit more expensive

but also or well it's not too expensive

but it's just it's it doesn't have the

vibe that Peoria in Mesa have and it

just depends you want ease Phoenix or

west Phoenix between Mesa and Peoria but

if I had to pick between Peoria and Mesa

I would say either East Mesa or Peoria

like towards Vistancia so hope that

answers the question and this goes over

the best places to live in Arizona in

terms of family and housing costs and

all that bang for your buck quality of

life that list that I just gave you is

really it's a variety of different

prices but all really safe and pretty

pretty good places to live and watch any

of these other videos if you guys