55 Plus Retirement Communities in Arizona

what's going on everybody this is Jeff

with living in Arizona and today we are

going to talk about 55 plus communities

so where are people where are people

retiring in Arizona and where is a good

place to retire so that's what the

subject matter today is going to be

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just tuning in so we're going to talk

about the retirement communities we're

going to talk about where I would retire

which is going to be towards the latter

part of the video if I had my way where

I would recommend going and then we're

going to talk about what the national

average is or what the consensus among

the national publications is the best

place to retire we're going to talk

about RV parks for retirement because


who just want to travel around with

their RV they want to hang out in

Arizona will enjoy the the weather

considering that Arizona most recently

was rated number two best weather in

America red behind Hawaii so better

weather than Florida and whatnot we're

also going to talk about some of the

other key places that you may be

considering retiring and how that stacks

up against Arizona some reasons why you

might want to choose those places like

Florida why would you choose Florida

over Arizona or why would you choose

Arizona over Florida or some of the

other places that are coming up nowadays

like Hawaii expensive but people want to

retire in Hawaii why or why not live in

Hawaii so thank you to the two people

who crushed up the lights and let's go

ahead and dive in here and talk about

this so reasons to retire in Arizona I

mean it's fairly friendly for a tax tax

place it's not the best tax friendly

place in the world for taxes for

retirees but it's still pretty good I

mean it's fair it's not great it's not

bad it's just bare you have low cost of

living I mean the housing costs are

pretty affordable compare it to like

Florida if you go to Lake I don't know

anywhere on the east coast of Florida

you know or the Gulf Coast of Florida

you're going to be paying quite a bit of

money to get a house on the ocean or

even on the bayou or on

Everglades wherever you choose to go but

it's gonna be more affordable to

actually own a home or rent a home

whatever you choose when it comes to

living in Arizona verse Florida so

that's a perk you know fairly low cost

of living depending on where you're

coming from though it's gonna vary the

varied climates I mean we've got pretty

good climate we we all know about that

but the sunshine is definitely a benefit

to retiring in Arizona it goes without

explanation how good 300 plus days of

sunshine feels possible health benefits

so the air the dry air is for some

people with breathing difficulties it's

considered a good thing to retire in a

place with dry climate I know my grandma

who who had emphysema she was told by a

doctor to move to Arizona because of the

the good weather so it was good better

for her lungs but you know there's also

some issues with dust and pollution in

Arizona it's been well documented but

some of the health benefits can outweigh

the the negatives there's also some

pretty good attractions across the state

we've talked about some of them in other

videos but you have recently they've

been really highlighting Carson or

caverns we haven't even really talked

about Parker caverns but it's a cave

system that's in southern Arizona and we

also have the Grand Canyon we have

Antelope Canyon you have all the hiking

around the moji on rim and fossil creek

all the way to Flagstaff and then in

southern Arizona you have the organ pipe

National Forest you have Mount Lemmon

you have skiing - too big ski resorts in

Arizona during the winter even if you

just want to go up there and get a cabin

and just hang out and watch everyone

else you know I realize retirees might

not want to hit the slopes too hard but

some of y'all I know are like 75 years

old still hitting slopes also there's a

lot of other fellow retirees so if

you're looking to be around other people

who are 55 and over and that's just your

cup of tea you're gonna find that in a

lot of these communities so let's talk

about some of these communities we'll

start with the RV RV parks first because

that seems to be a really popular thing

people they after they sell their house

they're like this is too big of a house

for me and my wife or me and my you know

whoever and then you decide that you


live out of an RV for a little bit and

maybe you buy I don't know maybe you buy

a piece of property and you gotta just

post up there I don't know how many

people can actually live in an RV for a

long term but there are significant

amount of people so RV parks to consider

so the number one that people really

like is out in Apache Junction it's

called the sunrise resort in Apache

Junction this is on camper report com

this is their list pueblo el mirage

which is in west Phoenix Lost Dutchman

another one out there by the so the Lost

Dutchman RV Resort that's out there in

superstition mountains which is by

Apache Junction you have Gold Canyon

which is also out there by the

superstitions orchard gardens

cooperative RV park Desert Springs Ranch

whispering palms Monta Vista Village

Resort in Mesa Apollo village in Peoria

Casa del Sol resort East Glendale and

Fortuna de Oro and Yuma so it looks like

a lot of people who have RVs are going

towards Mesa patch Junction which are

side by side communities so that's

pretty good if you're looking for these

higher-end communities that you may

consider if you've got the budget and

you just want to kind of stay still I

mean number one pretty much for the most

part still Sun City Sun City was then

you have another city which is south of

Phoenix called Green Valley you have Sun

City Grand which is going to be a higher

end of Sun City and then you have Sun

City Festival Sun Lakes ok Pebble Creek

which is in Goodyear Sun City festivals

in buckeye so there's some communities

being built out there in Buckeye and

then according to golf at 55 if you're

into golf and you want to retire on a

golf course near a golf course because

you want to cruise around in the golf

cart that's what everyone wants to do

right a man who doesn't want to drive

around it at a leisurely golf cart at

sunset right so one of the ones that

they're going to say is number one is

Pebble Creek I mean Goodyear then they

have trilogy at this Vistancia

out in Peoria so they're offering the

finest resort

with world-class amenities a stunning

contemporary Clubhouse and public golf

course recognized by Golf Digest with a

5 out of 5 rating so that's over there

at trilogy of Vistancia up and then if

you go south of here you go into

Maricopa you got Providence a refreshing

feast for the eyes the true desert oasis

has acres of lush green grass lakes and

canals world-class amenities the

stunning clubhouse and very affordable

pricing so in Goodyear you have another

one called can Tamiya that one's right

there on a lake with the clubhouse on

the lake that's pretty good out here

near me we have in quintero which is a

private Country Club that is growing I

mean it's they're still building it but

it's up-and-coming

and then you have Sun City festival out

and Buckeye another one in Buckeye sun

city grand and then court to bella

Robson ranch and Eloy and then Sun City

anthem Merrill ranch down in Florence ok

so if I had it my way and I you know

money was I don't know maybe I was in

the range of three hundred to five

hundred thousand dollars or I was under

I was under a million right let's just

give me a budget of anywhere between

three hundred thousand to a million

because yeah I mean you can get houses

like that I mean there's price you know

price ranges with Country Club fees and

all that let's say you're in that

ballpark in money wasn't so much of an

object where would I go I would say look

at Fountain Hills Cave Creek places that

I would look and if I wanted a fourth

one I would go with a place like dove

mountain right next to Oro Valley so

basically I just put you in two

different markets Tucson and North

Scottsdale or Scottsdale area because

Fountain Hills is west of Scott's or

east of Scottsdale and Cave Creek is

north of Scottsdale those are the areas

that I would say start zeroing in really

seriously about that if you're in the

range of 250,000 to 500,000 some places

that you might consider would be Sun

City out in the west side of Phoenix

anthem in the north side of Phoenix if

you wanted to do south east Phoenix you

do some Lakes so there's some stuff like

that you could do Sun City anthem

Merrill ranch which is different which

is down here in Florence so I just

wanted to put that out there because

there is gonna be some people who are

gonna want to not spend that much maybe

even put a little bit into an RV right

so now I'm going to look at some of the

questions here that are coming in and

chris says Sun City is for me price and

amenities that's if you're going to Sun

City you're going to be around a lot

more people who are going to be 55 and

older so that's really good if you're

the reason that we didn't mention Sedona

is Sedona is a good place but it's most

retirees are really fed up they're fed

up with the cold and Sedona has actually

Sedona is a good place to live it's just

it's still it's expensive so you know

you can do Sedona for probably $700,000

for a house but it's pretty expensive

it's gonna be cold and from what I've

understood about most retirees they

don't want to go places where they're

still gonna have to deal with the snow

but some of them who actually don't mind

a little bit of snow a little bit of

snow maybe for four or five different

sessions you know he might rain four or

five times in a winter in Sedona

sometimes less sometimes more I think

last year we had three episodes of snow

in the in the Sedona area we already

have had snow what in September we had

snow up in the high country which is

near Sedona so if it was snowing in some

of the higher countries it was

definitely pretty cold in Sedona by that


so yes the Dona has Four Seasons I think

from what I've understood about retirees

is they don't they also want a low

maintenance yards that's a benefit of

living in the desert you just do that

decorative rock to do some cactus and

you don't have to worry about mowing

lawns and doing all these kind of things

that come along with you know retiring

or high maintenance of your yard and so

you can do a high maintenance yard

that's not out of the realms of

possibility but most people they don't

want I may miss yards so they move to

these communities like if you go into

Mesa for example to a

five plus communities you'll notice

there's no green it's just palm trees

cactus and different of rock and it all

looks that that way you're like wow this

is different than where I live where I

have trees well why because older people

don't want they've spent all their life

grooming and maintaining and manicuring

lawns and all that they're like no I

mean that's that's why you go into those

retirement communities that's all just

really just this like dirt brown color

crisp I mean exactly

been there done that will snow here in

my in New York tomorrow

so it's snowing in New York thanks to

the 14 people crushed up the likes I'm

going to answer some more questions

sorry just joined any thoughts on Gold

Canyon Gold Canyon did make the list I

know you just joined but yeah what Gold

Canyon and was on the list of places

that people are considering retiring out

here in Arizona so my thoughts on Gold

Canyon it's right there at the base of

the superstitions a pretty good area you

should check it out and then Mary rink

says awesome topic snowing like heck in

Michigan today hubby is there freezing

in here in blue sky warm Arizona for

another couple days I don't want to

leave where you at marry in Arizona and

then Tameka Acton says what about home

prices in Maricopa Maricopa does have

really good home prices I mean you talk

in two hundred and fifty thousand three

hundred thousand dollars for a pretty

good-sized home around about 1502 to

2,300 square feet depending on you know

what you're looking for but you can find

that in Maricopa the one thing that

people don't like about Maricopa is

there's one Road in and out of Maricopa

basically so if Maricopa had more roads

because what happens is if there's a

stoppage in traffic Maricopa gets

clogged up you good luck trying to come

in from Phoenix into Maricopa if you're

just doing commerce and stuff in

Maricopa no problem but if you're coming

in and out of Maricopa and there's a

road closure or an accident or something

like that

Maricopa is locked down you're it's not

good at least out here in Scottsdale if

there's an accident on the loop on the

101 you can take one of the surface

streets whether it be Scottsdale or

Hayden or some

other options that you have Maricopa

doesn't have that leisure and a lot of

people complained about that so that's

the one downside the Maricopa has but it

is out away from the big city so you can

kind of breathe a little bit you still

get views of the the desert and it's

been built up in a nice way

Chris over the fudo says thanks for the

videos moved from San Diego Phoenix back

in June because of your videos awesome

so tell me Chris man how are you

enjoying Arizona so far Bonnie says

trilogy in Wickenburg looks really nice

western themed so is trilogy all the way

in Wickenburg or is it just before you

get to Wickenburg but Wickenburg is a

high desert you're gonna get a nice

green desert out in Wickenburg like you

would get in Cave Creek Wickenburg is

it's an old western town it's been old

western town so you still get people who

are locals been there for a long time

kind of like cowboys who don't

necessarily like to see their city

turned into a Phoenix type suburbia a

kind of environment so they they kind of

protest that but that's what you get in

a place like Apache Junction area or

Wickenburg even Cave Creek kind of gets

that a little bit but cave creeks been

growing so steadily over the last few

years that you don't really have to deal

with that best cities in

chandler-gilbert Earth okay fancy mace

man says best cities in is

chandler-gilbert and Peoria so there's I

would assume Arizona local who's been

around his name's fancy man he says the

best cities of chandler-gilbert in

Peoria I don't think he's wrong thank

you Chris for the compliment third power

prod best city that satisfies diversity

culture and decent neighborhoods

Scottsville now that we've probably said

that a couple times but Scottsdale is

considered a good place for food it's

considered a good place for culture

being that it's close to the Botanical

Garden is booked it's close to Camelback

Mountain it's close to Papago it's

closer to the airport I mean when we're

talking close to the airport 15 to 20

minutes by by car you know depending on

how fast you are

and then is there a retirement

communities in Peoria yes there is

there's one that we just mentioned here

earlier on this live feed the one in

Peoria is called Vistancia so VI ST and

CIA it's called that's the name of it

it's called trilogy at Vistancia we also

trilogy is like a builder or a community

name kind of like Sun City as a brand

name trilogy is a brand name and they

have a couple trilogies actually another

one of theirs is I believe trilogy at n

Cantera out in San Tan Valley which is

now Queen Creek they also have trilogy

at power ranch in Gilbert Gilbert's

another area that's pretty good for that

and I mentioned earlier in this video

Fountain Hills is going to have more

you're not you they're gonna have

country clubs but they're not going to

be as congested you know you're going to

have two or three acres to yourself kind

of thing and your neighbors are gonna be

your neighbors are gonna be coyotes and

then some Bobcats and mountain lions and

some quail and some rabbits and then

you're gonna have another neighbor

that's what you get out and found the

hills for the most part Sam with Cave

Creek you're gonna have your neighbors

are gonna be the wildlife and then a

neighbor so that's pretty good you know

if you like that kind of stuff best okay

so here we go we we love it says Chris

rented for six months we closed our

development next month nice Tameka says

what other attractions are in Scottsdale

so in Scottsdale you're going to have

cure 'land which is a shopping area

you're going to have Pinnacle Peak in

the far north people like to go hiking

in that area of Pinnacle Peak they're

also going to have so you're going to

have Frank Lloyd Wright he was a builder

he built a there's a there's like a nice

place for you to check out there used to

be like well there is Westworld there's

also rawhide which they've repositioned

then you have Scottsdale Fashion Square

which is a really popular place to go

you also have some water parks near

Scottsdale you have Big Sur you have

golf land Sunsplash which is closer

towards Mesa but still then you have

Tempe which is a hop skip and jump away

from Scottsdale depending on where years

because Scottsdale runs north to south

right so if you're in the far north the

Tempe might feel far away but if you're

in like the middle to South you've got

that whole area of Rio Salado Mill

Avenue and all that and then you've got

Old Town Scottsdale which a lot of

people like for shopping just going out

for brunch on a Sunday or Saturday and

then you know old town old town has like

an old town in a new town right there in

downtown right that's that's what you

basically get in Scottsdale

forget moving into a retirement

community if you have a prison record

says Mary Smith okay so anyways guys

just wanted to make this video this came

as a popular demand you know we were

getting this from a couple different

people on living in Arizona in our group

this one came from Linda Marie so we had

a lot of comments from people who are

saying yes please my stepdad would

appreciate a video like this Julian

Percy says I just hit 50 so people are

really interested in moving to Arizona

so we'll see you guys next time thanks

everyone crushed up the likes and hope

this video helps some of you if you just

now tuned in you can go back to the

beginning of the video after it's

published and watch from the beginning

as we gave the list so we'll see you

guys bye Tamika