Best Time to Visit the Bahamas for Vacation

Hi, my name is Scott Bateman.

I’m a professional journalist and publisher of Caribeez.com, a Caribbean travel guide.

I have some tips to offer you about the best times to visit the Bahamas.

This brief informational video will show how to plan for better weather.

First we look at total rainfall in inches each month.

This chart shows Nassau has a dry season from December through April.

Nassau also has a rainy season that goes from June through October.

Rain jumps in the summer and early fall because of the Caribbean hurricane season.

Islands throughout the region between June and late fall have a higher risk of heavy

rain, storms and hurricanes.

A closer look at the chart shows an arrow in the lower left corner.

Average rainfall is only two inches a month from December through April.

Arrows in the middle at the top show 8 inches in June and 9 in August.

July, September and October are almost as bad.

It’s clear that June through October is risky.

But some people get lucky and end up with days like this one.

The number of days it rains each month is another way to plan for weather.

This chart shows December through April have the fewest days with rain.

The worst month is August with 19 days followed by July and September.

Rain is often a problem in the summer.

But summer is a lot hotter than winter.

The average high temperatures in the Bahamas have a greater range than Caribbean islands

to the south.

Daytime temperatures go from the mid 70s Fahrenheit in the winter to about 90 Fahrenheit in the


Winter is a good time for land activities, but seawater temperatures are chilly.

Summer and early fall are good for the water but have a higher risk of rain.

Late spring has the best combination of warmer temperatures and lower risk of rain.

Now this is how I want the weather to look.

That’s why I picked the month of May for my last visit.

I have one last bit of information for you.

This chart shows the most and least popular months to visit.

March and April are the most popular followed by summer.

September and October are least popular because of hurricane season.

Thanks for listening to my tips.

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