Best travel destinations 2021: When to travel where in the world - A month by month travel guide!

oh my god the flights to Mexico is so

cheap right now and let's book it

okay perfect I can take off some days at

work damn it rainy season so if you know

this kind of situation this video is for

you it happened to us already a couple

of times so of course we always have to

do some research but sometimes I just

want to have like a quick and dirty and

easy list which countries are good to

travel to in which month so I try to

summarize this in this video I did some

research I read some blog I went through

some websites and I put together like a

month-by-month guide so no more talking

we start straightaway January by the way

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January January is a good time to go to

Australia as it's summer right now also

a New Zealand summer right now

Norway is freaking cold right now but

it's a good time to see the Northern

Lights Shetland Scotland here you can

find the fire festival South Africa

Mexico Brazil you sopia West Indies and

the Caribbean Dominican Republic if

you're up for skiing France Switzerland

Austria this would be a good place for

you right now but apart from that try to

avoid Europe as it's quite cold right

now in Madagascar Mauritius

there's cyclone season also avoid

Indonesia sea shells and Polynesia it's

rainy season February

murmurs typhoon free right now northern

India as typhoon free right now

Philippines no typhoons as well also the

whale shark season starts right now in

the Philippines Nepal is quite good for

tracking Argentina is a nice destination

right now named as Egypt and South

Africa maybe you want to go to Hawaii at

this time of the year and it's midsummer

in Brazil also in February most of the

times this is the time where you can

find the Brazilian Carnival still

cyclone season in Madagascar Mauritius

stayed over Indonesia sea shells and

Polynesia March if you plan to visit

India this is may be a good time to go

right before the monsoon season starts

the south of Europe is getting warmer

and I'm really talking about the south


spain south and italy maybe southern

france it's getting a little bit sunnier

and it's still not crowded maybe a good

place to check out in cuba we have dry

season and argentina is do a good place

to visit certain places in america could

be a good time to visit for example New

York or Florida Japan really depends

where you want to go but for most places

they say travel season for Japan starts

in March in Kenya some heavy rain falls

right now so don't go also in Canada the

winter is over everything is like wet

and dirty and mosquitos are coming maybe

still not the time to go to Canada April

in Amsterdam the tulip season starts so

Netherlands may be a destination you

should consider going to the Balearic

Islands Greece all places which are

getting quite warm already in April so

place you can consider going as well

during this time of the year and Central

Europe the weather is quite [ __ ]

actually so you never know what you get

if you plan to visit Europe try to go

sell turkey could be a destination as

well in April what about the United

States of America there are a couple of

places which are quite nice during this

time of the year maybe do road trip to


did it good weather here Japan the

sherry blossom season starts Mexico

perfect timing we traveled around Mexico

during April for three weeks weather was

perfect Australia is still good before

winter is coming

Thailand there is New Year's Eve so the

festival called Hong Kong this is like a

big water fight but apart from that

maybe try to avoid Asia as ages getting

quite hot right now sandy Bahr in

Tunisia there is a heavy rainy season

starting also South America is getting

wet even though we travelled around

Mexico in April maybe try to find out

which spots are a little bit crowded in

the United States and Mexico because of

spring break if you don't want to see

too many naked people try to avoid those

places may Europe is finally getting

warmer and warmer so now those are the

time where you can go to let's say

Scotland for example England Ireland

raesha Hungary Portugal all good places

to go right now

spring is also starting and practica

petals Czech Republic and they have a

spring Music Festival Philippines

Bahamas Mexico still good to go if you

want to go on a safari in Kenya the

prices in May are cheaper than usual if

you consider to go to Russia and if you

check out the temperatures and weather

conditions in Russia the earliest months

during the year would be May you want to

go to Russia I haven't been to Russia

it's on the list

Namibia here you will find some great

wildlife spots India Sri Lanka it's

finally over don't go there in May

monsoon season also a lot of rain in

Sandy but right now June midsummer in

Scandinavia Sweden Finland Norway I went

to Norway during this time of the year

and the Sun doesn't go down some people

don't like it but it's a nice experience

it's dry and there are nice temperatures

in Brazil right now now the weather in

Canada is nice is even Canada Day there

festivals all over the place like the

montréal Film Festival or the

International Jazz Festival definitely

think about Canada in June if you plan

to go to a whole bush in Mexico go there

in June as this is when the whale shark

season the flamingo season and the

dolphin season starts on that island in

April we saw like five flamingos far

away in June you see them all over the

place they don't go to India hot and wet

Central Africa and Middle East forget it

it's too hot now in Cuba we have rainy

season July maybe think about Peru

Bolivia is not too warm and the ranges


Indonesia is also a good choice right

now it's also a good time of the year to

visit the national parks of America and

on Iceland this is the time where you

can have the best weather but of course

no no the lights as they only appear

during winter in Vietnam the high season

starts during July it's getting hot it's

getting a little bit more expensive of

course the weather conditions on the

seashells are the best during July in

Asia the monsoon season started so there

are many countries I wouldn't go to

check out the countries individually

also synagogues getting really wet right

now in the Middle East in general it's

still freaking hot August

Africa would be a good place

roooar Tibet are good places for hiking

right now Europe summer is finally here

so maybe if you want to check out some

other places cheaper places think about

Slovenia you have nice weather great

landscapes and you can travel on a

budget as many people don't go to

Sylvania they go somewhere else so maybe

check out this country in Canada to

Selman run starts it's from August to

November so a highlight there's still a

monsoon season in Asia you can still go

to Bali or some islands in the south of

Indonesia as they don't get hit by the

monsoon season middle east still odd

September Europe is still perfect

countries like Germany Croatia Portugal

or maybe even Ireland Denmark as well

Belgium nice places to visit during

September Africa is not too hot right

now and you have white life time the

bubbler is dry and warm America Japan

Canada still on the list Galapagos

Islands would be a spot you could check

out in September between September and

May it's warmer and the sea is calm err

also in September detergent star to

later acts it's hurricane time in the

Caribbean Central America and Asia

October Africa in general is getting

nicer Egypt Madagascar for example we

traveled around Madagascar during

October and it was perfect

same for Mauritius South Africa southern

Europe it's still nice and getting

cheaper again in Mexico you have the day

of the debt at the end of October and

Nepal you have the best weather

conditions right now for hiking and I

checked out a couple of websites about

China China is a good place to go in

October because the month before is

quite hot and now the way the drops is

getting a little bit cooler but it's not

too cold yet and also for India the best

time to travel India starts right now

don't go to Thailand right now as

typhoon season starts you don't want to

go to Fiji New Guinea or the Gulf of

Mexico or the Caribbean we have a lot of

hurricanes here November we're getting

to the end of the year spring sighs a

New Zealand

Hawaii would be a good place also South

America Morocco Hong Kong Germany if

you're up for it

Christmas market in Nepal we still have

the best weather conditions for hikes

and if you go to a gteen awright now you

go there before all the people are

traveling to Argentina so this would be

a month where you can avoid those crowds

also from the member to February would

be probably the nicest time for the

Middle Eastern countries it's not that

hot anymore

December almost made it Mexico believes

again if you're someone who's up for

skiing from Switzerland Austria the

Caribbean Cambodia somewhere in

Australia New Zealand you see many years

ago I arrived in Sydney during July and

I was freezing so December is definitely

the better time to go it's warm all over

the place you have New Year's Eve in

Sydney from December to March it's a

good time to visit Thailand also from

December to April is a good time to

visit Cuba don't go to Malaysia right

now we have some monsoon season over

here I know a lot of information but I

hope this video helped you in a way to

plan your next trip to find out where

you want to go and which month of course

there are many many many many more

countries I haven't even mentioned but I

tried to make that video as short as

possible to give you a quick overview

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