Top 7 INCREDIBLE Travel Destinations of 2020 | Where to Travel This Year!

discovering unique travel destinations around the world has become more

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My name is Erik Conover I'm a professional filmmaker and World traveler living in New York City.

In this video I'm going to share with you the top most incredible travel destinations of 2019

Now every location on my list I have traveled to, filmed and experienced firsthand.

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without any ado what these are the top travel destinations for 2019

Number one on my list is Tanzania! Tanzania is an East African country known for its vast wilderness areas from the plains of the

Serengeti National Park gradually giving way to the tallest freestanding mountain

on earth now Kilimanjaro

I recommend traveling to Tanzania in January or during the dry season from

late June till about October which is the best time to view wildlife one in

Tanzania fly into the city of Arusha the best way to experience any new

destination is my fully immersing yourself through the eyes of local this

is my my 15 month my village I don't think we can call it the city's a

village is it's beautiful though very peaceful and for the more daring you can

take on the mission of climbing at the 19,000 341 feet to the summit of Mount

Kilimanjaro you start the climb trekking through the dense rainforest and by the

end you finished the summit surrounded by the glaciers of Africa in the crater

of the volcano experiencing unparalleled natural beauty come to Tanzania for a

new perspective on life after all there's no feeling like standing on top

of the world well except maybe a finish ice bath number two on my list is

Lapland Finland Lapland is Finland's northernmost region known for its vast

sub Arctic wilderness ski resorts and of course the elusive Northern Lights to

get there take a short flight from Helsinki north to the town of Keith

Allah and you will find yourself immersed in an actual winter wonderland

Lapland on average gets 60 to 90 centimetres of snow per winter and the

snowpack is deepest in mid-march this is a snow test the secret to this deep

treacherous snow in Finland pair these boys snowshoes they are a must in

Lapland if you're feeling kind of lazy or you're

looking for a bit more of a thrill rent a snowmobile and venture far out into

the remote wilderness notice how quiet it is with all the snow I could

literally hear the snowflakes hitting my jacket that's our fire to this you can't

find this in New York when you're this far up north the best thing to do

sometimes is just embrace the cold and stay a night at the snow village ice

hotel the temperature is minus 9 or minus 10 Celsius it's actually colder in

the ice hotel than outside the hotel comes complete with an amazing

restaurant movie theater bar and even a chapel and on a clear cold night headed

to an isolated cabin far from city lights look up at the night sky and if

you're lucky you'll see the most spectacular show of lights dancing and

darting through the night sky number three is West Sweden Sweden is a

Scandinavian country with thousands of coastal islands and during the summer

months when the Sun doesn't set it's as close to perfect as you can get head to

the city of Gothenburg and take a ride at the amusement park swim in a glass

pool high above the city stroll the streets and have a classic Swedish fika

then catch a boat out of Gothenburg to the island of Verone go and make friends

with the most Swedish man in the entire country so my name is Hong Kong called

stem and we are in my garden and celebrate a traditional Swedish

midsummer in his garden surrounded by family strawberries dancing like little

frogs around the Maypole and of course schnapps

lots of snots catch your own lunch experiencing swedish fish and culture

and spend the day working as a deckhand on a crayfish and boat or grab some

kayaks and explore the thousands of islands along the west coast find a 70

foot high cliff and take the plunge into some of the cleanest water on planet

earth come to West Sweden to relax and enjoy a simpler life by the sea next up

on my list is Martinique Martinique is a rugged Caribbean island of parts of the

Lesser Antilles and if you're based in New York it's only a quick flight away

you land in the bustling capital city a gateway to Martinique where the culture

reflects a distinctive blend of French and West Indian influences the northern

half of the island is defined by the towering multiple a volcano a sea of

vivid green lush tropical rainforest blankets the rugged landscape of the

north I recommend hiking to these summits of

the volcano then adventure down into the narrow gorges below it to cool off in a

hidden waterfall Martinique is one of the most environmentally friendly

islands in the Caribbean you can even spend the night in a giant eco friendly

jungle bubble resort yes this is the thing

this is the strangest thing I've ever seen make your way to the very

southernmost points of the island to the brilliant white shores of lace Elina

which is actually the most beautiful beach that I have ever seen on earth

come to Martinique to experience the full vibrance of the Caribbean on one

single Island next on my list is the Land of Fire and


Iceland is defined by its dramatic landscape with active volcanoes hot

springs and massive glaciers covering 11% of the landscape 60% of the

population lives in the capital city of Reykjavik leaving the majority of the

country in pure isolation the best way to explore Iceland is by renting a car

and making your way down the southeast coast on your road trip stop at the most

famous waterfall in the country skogafoss make friends with some locals

who will lead you to a secret hot spring well off the beaten path rent an Airbnb

in the small fishing village of veek and explore the world-famous black sand

beaches with its enormous basalt stacks and roaring Atlantic waves explore the

crystal ice caves and towering glaciers which float to the sea and wash up on

the shore dazzling at Diamond Beach my biggest piece of advice while in Iceland

is arrived to the touristy locations at sunrise to avoid those crowds and keep a

very very close eye on the weather

but the next destination on my list has pretty much sunny skies year round

California California is a western US state that stretches from the Mexican

border along the Pacific Ocean for nearly 900 miles the terrain includes

cliff lined beaches vast areas of desert and the sprawling city of Los Angeles

the best way to fully experience California is to road trip down the

historic highway one start off in San Francisco make your way south through

Big Basin and experience the wonders of the redwood forest continue down to

Santa Cruz for a quick surf really take it slow as you drive it through Big Sur

which is one of the most dramatic meetings of land and sea on earth take a

tour of the extravagant Hill topped Hearst Castle spend some time lounging

by the pool in Palm Springs trade in your car for an RV welcome to our home

on wheels and head way out into the desert to do some soul-searching in the

spiritual Joshua Tree National Park and if you really want to get away headed to

one of the most remote countries in the world New Zealand New Zealand is a

country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean marked by incredible geothermal

wonders rolling green hills and more sheep than people fly into Auckland and

head right to the top of the sky tower harness yourself in and get a 360 view

of the cityscape walking around at the narrow sky walk or if you really want to

beat that jet lag just base jump off the building leave

the city behind and visit the tranquil town of Hobbiton head out into the bush

and hike through a forest of Silver Ferns

to Bridal Veil Falls or kick back and relax and take a healing a geothermal

sulphur mud bath at Hell's Gate and finally do a full send-off of a 25-foot

waterfall down the rapids in if you're new to the channel make sure

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