Exotic Places to Visit Right Here in the U.S.!

who wouldn't want to splurge on an

exotic trip to a tropical locale and

some far-flung destination or a

cross-country trek across Europe the

problem for many is finding the time and

money to do so the good news is that you

can find some exotic places right here

in the United States from the

often-overlooked to US territories to

destinations that are even closer to

home Big Sur California if the Italian

Riviera is on your bucket list

experience the feel of the stunning

Mediterranean region before you get

there by visiting California's stunning

coastline here the Santa Lucia Mountains

rise along a dramatic coastline with

picturesque beaches and even the

occasional waterfall that plunges to the

sand this epic Mediterranean style

stretch of the California coast has been

called the American Riviera and is one

of America's most stunning destinations

Aleutian Islands Alaska these islands

are ideal for exploring nature in one of

the most remote places in Alaska here

wildlife thrives amid the harsh climate

stormy seas and active volcanoes it's

hard to find places that feel more

remote than this while there are a few

settlements on some of the larger

islands you'll see more animals than

people Great Sand Dunes National Park


the most exotic hike in the US can

arguably be found in Colorado's Great

Sand Dunes National Park reminiscent of

the Gobi or the Sahara these unique

landforms are the tallest dunes in the

country rising up to over 700 feet in


those who hike to the top are rewarded

with panoramic views of nearly endless

dunes America's highest sandbox offers

the chance to try out sand boarding and

sand sledding too because of its high

elevation and frequently clear skies

this is also an incredible place for


Denali National Park Alaska

if climbing the Himalayas is what you

dream of doing

check out Denali National Park in Alaska

it's home to the highest peak in North

America at 20,000 310 feet in height

that's 10,000 feet shorter than Mount

Everest so it'd be a good place to try

out your skills while you're here watch

out for wildlife including grizzly bears

wolves moose caribou and Lynx t-west

the Florida Keys this chain of islands

off the southern coast of Florida is the

best place to experience the Caribbean

without leaving the continental US the

Caribbean vibe makes the keys feel a lot

more international than back on the

mainland among the most popular

destinations is Key West where nightlife

beachy boutiques art galleries

snorkeling sailing and kayaking all

await when you're in need of a cultural

moment you can pay a visit to the former

home of Ernest Hemingway Santa Fe New

Mexico the oldest state capitol in the

u.s. Santa Fe has a very colorful

history including a historic main plaza

that will make you feel as if you're in

an entirely different country it's

renowned for its abundance of unique

attractions a wide array of art

galleries extraordinary museums and

magnificent architecture the adobe city

is also famous for its transformative

qualities in fact many come here just

for the area's healing energy

Joshua Tree National Park California

step into Joshua Tree National Park and

you won't just feel like you're in

another country you'll feel as if you're

walking on another planet filled with

bizarrely shaped plants indigenous to

the region like the Joshua Tree as well

as enormous boulders that rise hundreds

of feet into the sky the landscape has

the appearance of a scene from a sci-fi

flick Joshua Tree National Park is a

photographers hikers and climbers dream

while the village of Joshua Tree has a

unique charm Olympic National Park

Washington tucked away into the extreme

Northwest this destination is home to a

breathtaking wild coastline with forests

dipping down to storm lashed beaches as

well as glacier capped mountains misty

cliffs cascading Falls and a temperate

rainforest that holds a vast primeval

wilderness drenched in more than twelve

feet of rain per year

the Westside Valley's flourished with

the continents best remaining examples

of a temperate rainforest for

adventurers who want to experience one

of the country's most beautiful places

with natural landscapes like nowhere

else this may be your best bet

Biltmore Estate Asheville North Carolina

if you thought you'd have to go to

Europe to find a castle you thought


Biltmore Estate has never officially

been named a castle but as the largest

privately owned home in the nation it's

often referred to as such this former

mansion of George Washington Vanderbilt

is so big that it even has its own

winery along with manicured gardens

across the a thousand acre estate the

250 room French chateau style mansion

features a bowling alley 65 fireplaces

beautiful medieval tapestries and an

immense library Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii's

most stunning and least developed island

is unlike any other on the planet while

it requires a little more traveling to

get there it's worth the reward with its

lush mountain landscapes that feel

worlds away from anything remotely

American a few of its standouts include

the soaring cliffs of the Napali Coast

Waimea Canyon and wailua falls no matter

where you are on the island there are

few places where humans have managed to

obscure its tropical beauty