what up guys I'm Kristen would be my

travel muse and welcome to another

fantastic video about solo travel so

this video is all about the best places

in the world that I have found to travel

alone and I'm a bit of an expert on this

topic because I've been traveling mostly

alone for the last seven years and I've

been to every continent except for

Antarctica which is probably not a great

place to travel though out of all of

those places I have quite a few places

that I think are fantastic for solo

travelers but the ten on this list all

have either EES nice price attraction of

other solo travelers or it's really safe

place to go so without further ado these

are my top 10 best places in the world

to travel by yourself especially if

you're a solo female traveler beginning

with number 10 and ending with my number

one pick so let's start with number 10

and that is Japan why do I love Japan so

much for solo travelers well first of

all it's a very well-organized clean

safe place to travel so when you go

there you're going to find that people

are very kind and friendly will often go

out of their way to be helpful to you at

least that's been my experience there

and the wonderful thing about traveling

in Japan is the culture it is so unique

and so interesting

I remember heading to Harajuku in Tokyo

and just being amazed by the fashion by

the food I mean I went to this place

called robot cafe and it was just kind

of absolutely crazy and it's not just

places like Harajuku all over Japan

you're going to see a super unique

culture from the shrines that you'll

come across to the amazing amazing

Japanese food and there's also museums

there like the team lab borderless in

Tokyo which I can just stay in all day I

mean I basically did actually my first

day there so if you want to go somewhere

that is artsy interesting and delicious

Japan fits the bill the only downsides

of Japan it's not very cheap and I will

say the Tokyo Metro is like pretty hard

to navigate but don't worry because


really friendly people there to help you

if you get lost so that's number 10

let's go all the way over to South

America for number 9 so my number 9 pick

is Peru so in terms of something that is

just going to wow you

Machu Picchu is one of the most

incredible I think it's an ancient

citadel no one really knows the whole

history of it but in terms of ancient

ruins it's just so spectacular and the

great thing about it is if you choose to

hike there on this all Conte trail or on

the Inca Trail which is why I did you

can join a group and they're very well

organized the food is really good on

these things you guys and so if you know

early enough when you're gonna go

because these do tend to book out a year

in advance during high season you can

join a group trek to this beautiful

place and have an amazing time so I

actually went on a four-day backpacking

trip by myself improve which I don't

recommend if it's your first time but

it's just such a stunning place with so

many glaciers amazing mountains and

blues that I have never seen in the

water before so in terms of wonderful

places in South America Peru is awesome

you can also bus around very easily and

there may be some language issues if you

don't speak any Spanish but I didn't go

there speaking very well as Spaniel so I

did pick it up and you can too next on

my list is the USA where I'm shooting

this video right now there's so many

places in the USA that are amazing for

solo travelers people might be surprised

that Hawaii New Orleans I mean really

any major city in the u.s. can be so

much fun to travel around if you're

alone but in particular for me I really

love the American Southwest

you've got Utah Arizona the amazing

deserts and mountains of California and

if you really want a truly solo

adventure going out there camping

hiking seeing the Stars it's just one of

the most amazing solo trips I have ever

taken now I did sometimes meet people

when I was camping but for the most part

that is a trip that you will be doing on

your own unless you're going to the

really popular national parks like Zion

in Utah or arches or the Grand Canyon of

course but when it comes to an amazing

adventure where you can truly come back

to yourself and spend some time alone

and just endless expanses without anyone

else around I think the American

Southwest is one of the only places in

the world where you can truly do that

next is Germany I admit I'm biased

because I did live in Berlin for about

four and a half years but when it comes

to funky awesome friendly once you get

to know people and interesting Germany

has so much to offer I mean you've got

the Alps you've got Oktoberfest

obviously if you're into that you have

beautiful and amazing Christmas markets

the nature out there is just absolutely

stunning and then of course I'm a big

fan of the capital city of Berlin there

is always something going on I mean this

is truly the city that never sleeps it's

pretty safe for the most part just watch

for pickpockets and that goes for all of

Europe they're really good I know they

got me so


New Zealand is held by many as one of

the most beautiful countries on planet

earth and I can attest that traveling

around New Zealand is easy very friendly

if you're an outdoorsy type there is so

much hiking there that is just

next-level beautiful and if you've got

time definitely explore the South Island

and the North Island and get a campervan

and you'll meet so many people that way

or if you don't want to do that staying

in hostels is a great way to meet people

I probably wouldn't do that if I were in

my 30s because it's a younger crowd I am

in my 30s so I wouldn't do that but you

can always meet people on meetup groups

or couchsurfing there's a lot of

different ways only downside is it's not

exactly a cheap place to travel that's

the only thing that I would say about it

but otherwise it's very safe and a

fantastic place for solo travelers

especially solo female travelers so my

next pick is French Polynesia

some of you may have never even really

thought about going to French Polynesia

before but it is one of the friendliest

places I have ever been I went for the

first time just a few months ago and I

was just amazed by how friendly and

sweet and welcoming the locals were on

my first day there the guesthouse owner

where I was staying invited me to eat a

meal with his family and I just thought

that was so sweet and that just really

set the tone for the trip people are

always saying Johanna which means hello

and there are plenty of other solo

travelers there and they may be there to

surf scuba dive or swim with all of the

amazing sea life but I find that when

there's a shared interest like a sport

or something like that that brings

people to the country you're in a really

good position to meet other solo female

travelers like yourself it is a really

good place to go if you want to feel

truly welcomed I mean there is something

to be said for Polynesian culture next

on my list is Indonesia so we're moving

into Southeast Asia now because I

believe that this part of the world is

truly the best for people who are

traveling on their own

Indonesia is a big country but a lot of

people will go to Bali or right next to

Bali are the ghillies and Lombok and the

Neuse islands and these are all great

places to travel alone and to meet other

people you can do amazing scuba diving

there you can do surfing you can just

enjoy the beaches and it's just a

friendly place especially if you are on

your own and looking to meet other

people because tons of people go to Bali

actually Bali welcomed over 7 million

visitors last year so it's not my

favorite place to be honest with you

because it doesn't feel that authentic

to me anymore but I do love Lombok I do

love the ghillies there's a lot on this

channel that can show you how amazing

those places are the other great thing

about Indonesia is it's super cheap once

you get there food accommodation a

motorbike if you feel like driving

yourself around and activities are all

really affordable so I do love that

about Southeast Asia they are definitely

a tourist friendly part of the world and

easy enough to communicate because most

of the locals do speak at least a little

bit of English if they work in tourism

and I find it's pretty easy to navigate

as well so when it comes to solo

traveler friendliness Indonesia is easy

and awesome okay next is the Philippines

I love the Philippines because the

people there make it an amazing place a

lot of them speak English and they're

very very friendly and welcoming people

I mean you are hard-pressed to find

people who are more proud of their own

country than Filipinos and whenever I'm

there I just get so many suggestions on

great places to go people want to take

pictures together in the more remote

places at least and it is just so

stunningly beautiful it's also very

affordable and I have found that you can

find accommodation options really to

suit any range but even when you go

higher and it's not that expensive and

one of my favorite things about it is

that you almost can't run out of islands

to visit so I have gone back three times

now because there's just so much to see

there and because I just feel so

welcomed every time the only downside of

traveling in the Philippines is

logistics it can be hard to get around

because there are so many islands so

just keep in mind that you should pack a

lot of patience if you're going to go

alright we can't talk about awesome

places to travel solo without my

number-two spot Iceland

Iceland is a fantastic place to travel

solo because it is regularly ranked the

safest country in the world I mean

people seriously leave their car running

when they go in to go grocery shopping

now that I think about it that's not the

greenest thing to do but anyway that

just I think illustrates how safe of a

country it is and how much people really

trust each other there and it's really

hard to top Iceland in terms of amazing

beauty I mean it is just stunning

you've got insane waterfalls you've got

amazing hiking you've got the Northern

Lights for a half of the year and it's

just really hard to come up with a place

that is more stunningly beautiful than

Iceland I mean I was just pulling over

it felt like every five minutes in order

to take another photo or like pedda

horse or to just experience the beauty

of Iceland and it is definitely a very

touristy place to go in the summer but

if you go in a shoulder season you're

going to get so much of it all to

yourself and it's truly spectacular

now if that scares you meet up with some

people in Reykjavik hatch a plan to

travel together rent a car together a

camper van and go have an adventure I've

got a ton of information on my blog

about how you can prep for a trip to

Iceland and the best itineraries as well

so you can hit that in the show notes

below okay so are you ready for my

number one best place in the world to

travel solo


it's Thailand in terms of the best

places to travel solo because it

attracts other solo travelers is super

affordable is very tourist friendly is

easy and has like seriously probably the

best food in the world it's just you

can't beat Thailand I realized that some

parts of Thailand are very touristy but

you don't have to visit those places

there are amazing spots up north and

also in some of the islands that just

don't even get that much tourism so you

can go to places like Coach Cal and

Koplin yang if you want to meet a bunch

of people but if you want to be on your

own you can go to Koh Yayoi or koi Yayoi

and these are just beautiful stunning

places and if you want to get some

fiction you can go to Bangkok and Chiang

Mai is a wonderful place it's so full of

expats you're going to meet tons of

people and then my personal favorite

part of Thailand is the northern areas

where very few tourists go

so I actually rented a car and drove

around and saw a bunch of stuff up there

so you could always meet some people in

Chiang Mai share a car with them and go

on a road trip so I've got a video of

some really amazing hidden places in

Thailand on this channel as well for you

to check out so I hope this video helps

you to pick some places to travel solo I

hope it helps you to think about some

attributes a place can have that make it

wonderful for a solo traveler and if

it's your first time or whatever your

50th time traveling solo I have so much

information on my blog for you and I've

got a free solo female traveler

checklist that you can get when you sign

up for the email list so that is also in

the show notes below I hope that you

found this video helpful thank you for

showing up thank you for being here

thank you for traveling the world

because I think it makes us all better

human beings