Top 10 Places To Travel AFTER Coronavirus

what's up guys my name is Ryan and if

you're like me you're probably

quarantined in your house just

daydreaming a1 you can get back out into

the world once this whole madness clears

up so I wanted to make a list of some

places you can go after this virus so

here are my top places to visit after

kovat 19 alright so for our first

destination we're in a head over to

Scotland now this summer I did a road

trip around Scotland and I went to the

eyeless guy it's the greenest place I've

ever been I felt like I was on a giant

golf course with some wicked rock

formations one of my favorite places in

Scotland is the old man of storr it's a

spectacular rock formation that looks

something out of a fairy tale

another beautiful place is the

Glenfinnan via duct you may have seen it

before in the Harry Potter films it has

this beautiful train that goes across it

I mean it's just such a stunning place

there the main down Edinburgh is an

amazing place - I felt like I went back

in time as I was walking down the

cobblestone streets there one of my

favorite things I did in Edinburgh was

hike to Arthur's Seat in a Holly rod

part it was extremely windy but I got a

wonderful view of all the city I

definitely recommend visiting Scotland

if you want to go back in time feel like

you are in a fairy tale alright so after

Scotland were to head down to Greece to

visit the mystical town of meteora i met

dr is known for its ancient monsters

that are built upon massive rock pillars

me and my brother went there about two

years ago we made the 4-hour drive from

Athens all the way to the small town of

meteora I felt like I was on the set of

Game of Thrones just waiting for a

dragon to pop out of nowhere I was

stunned by just the massive rocks and

the overall scenery there the

monasteries were just mind-boggling I

can't believe how they were built in the

15th and 16th centuries like how is that

even possible

if you want you can go into the

monasteries just like a few euros when

me and my brother went there we had

really fine conditions that made the

whole place feel magical we had such a

good time running around the rocks and

taking in the beautiful scenery it's one

of the most enchanting places at

Ben make sure you add that to your post

Corona travel is alright so after we're

going to head over to Spain to one of my

favorite islands ever Ibiza

now Wallabies ax is known for its crazy

nightlife and party scene it also has

some of the world's best beaches and

cliff jumping so me and my brother had

the crazy idea to go there during

Halloween because why not we spent the

first few days exploring the island and

I was honestly pretty disappointed

because I couldn't find any cliff jump

spots on her last day we had a few hours

before her plane was about to take off

and he found this secluded cove that had

some prime cliff jumps so we hiked down

and made sure the water was deep enough

he found this perfect cliff and I threw

some jumps off it and my brother did a

wild dull backflip off the cliff but

it's one of my favorite child memories

whether you want to go to Ibiza for

cliff jumping or parting it up with kygo

it's one of the most entertaining places

to visit all right so after Ibiza we're

gonna head down to Brazil to visit Rio

de Janeiro now Rio is one of my favorite

cities that I've ever visited

it's home to beautiful beaches massive

granite mountains and an energetic

culture one of the most famous places in

Rio is the iconic Christ the Redeemer

it's this massive statute that is over a

hundred and twenty five feet tall when I

was there I was able to get some unique

360 shots and got some beautiful views

of Rio

there are also some amazing beaches one

of Rio's most famous is the in Ponemah

beach before visiting real this is what

I imagined Brazil to look like it's just

the scenic beach that has so much energy

one of my favorite look out in Rio is

the morontia Dona Marta now it's this

amazing look out that has some of the

best views of the entire city I went

there for sunrise and got one of my

all-time favorite time lapses over the

Sugarloaf Mountain if you go to Rio next

year in February you also experience the

iconic carnival festival it's one of

those wild celebrations I've ever

experienced so such a cool place make

sure you had Rio to the list after Rio

we're gonna head up to the USA to visit

one of my favorite places the Zion

National Park now Zion is


pictures and videos don't do it justice

it's home to steep red rock cliffs that

are thousands of feet high and they're

just hard to believe one of my favorite

and most famous hikes

is the hike to angel's landing so it's

about a five mile round trip hike that's

famous for sketchy change trail that

leaves at the top of Angel's landing I

recently did the hike we crossed the

bridge over the Virgin River and you'll

head up the trail we went up some steep

switchbacks and went through a small

canyon and did even more such backs

until we reached the top before we

started angels lining angels lining is

famous for its thousand foot drop offs

and cliffs that lead the way I did the

hike in wintertime so it was a little

icy but I brought my 360 camera so he'd

get every possible angle on the trail I

was able to reach the top and the view

blew my mind I was able to see all of

Zions canyon and it was surreal I will

say the trail was pretty crowded so be

prepared for lots of people if you do it

now while we're still in Utah we're in a

head over to the Bonneville Salt Flats

now the Salt Flats are located about two

hours from Salt Lake City the salt flats

are one of the craziest locations in

Utah and if not the world

it's basically thirty thousand acres of

mud covered in a layer of salt there's

no vegetation and all you can see is is

white and surrounding mountains the salt

flats have been featured in many music

videos and movies such as Pirates of the

Caribbean I love coming out here and

messing around the salt where that's

setting up a trap on the salt flats or

jumping over my car since the salt is

completely thought the world's fastest

land record has been set here if you do

go be cautious about driving on the salt

because you can sink your car if the

salt isn't dry when it rains the salt

flats become the world's largest mirror

it's truly a surreal place you got a

visit alright so after Utah weren't head

over to the nearby California to visit

big surf located on the Pacific 101

highway mixer is one of America's most

scenic drives known for its winding

turns seaside cliffs and views of the

misty coastline one of the coolest

places in the Big Sur is the big speed

creek bridge it's one of California's

most photographed bridge you understand

why when you get there I'm just so

freaking cool mixers also home to the

Mik wave Falls which is an 80-foot

waterfall that fell onto the beach below

if you're looking for a post quarantine

road trip you gotta take a ride

coast all right so after Big Sur worn a

head over to the Middle East to visit

Dubai Dubai is one of the strangest

places I've ever been

it's basically what happens when a city

has a blank slate and limitless budget

to make some of the craziest buildings

and structures in the world it's home to

the Burj Khalifa the world's tallest

building at two thousand seven hundred

and twenty-two feet high when I was

there I went to the top 124 floor

the highest you can go as a tourist and

anyways you'll write up on one of the

world's fastest elevators I got an

awesome time-lapse of Dubai's craziest

highway roads after I headed down to the

bottom to watch this spectacular dubai

fountain show which happens pretty much

every day it's such a cool experience I

had such a great time walking around

enjoying the light show on the Burj

Khalifa you're gonna be blown away if

you want to experience the beach in

Persian Gulf I'd recommend the do Moriah

public beach it has an awesome view of

the Burj outlaw Rob which is considered

one of the only seven star hotels in the

world had such a good time running

around the beach and enjoying incredible

surroundings one cool thing I did when I

was in Dubai

was a desert safari so he went out to

the middle of the desert and gotten some

cars and rode the dunes to her spot a

little sketch but I had such a good time

watching the sunset and experiencing the

crazy deserts of the UAE alright so

after Dubai we're going to go ahead over

to Iceland now known as the Land of Fire

and Ice

Iceland offers some of the world's most

unique landscapes it's home to massive

waterfalls glaciers and

out-of-this-world scenery it's a popular

filming destination for blockbuster

movies such as interstellar and star

wars me my brother got to go there in

November for just a few days we flew

into Reykjavik and got our rental car

and headed out to explore Iceland one of

our first stops was the skogafoss

waterfall it's probably Iceland's most

popular waterfall when we had a good

time just walking around and getting

some really cool shots after we headed

over to the rainiest ferony beach

probably said that wrong I like to call

Black Rock Beach because it's easy to

say they have these really cool sea

pillars in the ocean and then the beach

is just full of these tiny black pebbles

I mean we were only Iceland for a short

amount of time so we couldn't see more

but I definitely

gotta go back after this whole

quarantine to go check it out alright so

for our last location we were gonna head

over to my favorite place in the world

the Italian Dolomites so two summers ago

I spent 14 days exploring all the beauty

that the Dolomites have to offer and

when I say I mean it they are the most

beautiful mountains in the world they're

located in northern Italy and to get

there you can fly into Milan or Venice

and make the 4-hour drive over to the

Dolomites one of my favorite places is

the mounting of Sustaita it has to be

one of the most epic mountains in the

world it's so jagged and the contrast of

the green slopes with the rocky peaks

make it one of the most unique mountains

you can explore the whole area and

you're gonna feel like you're walking

around in fairytale such a magical place

another one of my favorite places is

Lago Debray it's one of Europe's most

famous lakes as such a unique color with

an incredible backdrop of mountains when

I was there ahead of shower today so I

decided to put on a show and jump into

the freezing cold water

I also recommend visiting stretchy meat

delivery know it's home to the iconic

train teammate which are these massive

three rock pillars I spent several days

just exploring the area there felt like

I was on the side of Lord of the Rings

you got to go there after to this whole

coronavirus clears up alright well that

is it for my video I hope everyone is

staying safe and healthy you guys can

find me on instagram at Shirley dot

films is Ryan and we will see you later