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Who said that Travel needs to break the

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we're counting down the top ten most

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this list we're taking a closer look at

cities across America where according to

USA Today your travel budget will go the

farthest without compromising on the

quality of your holiday number 10 San

Diego California the Golden State sure

is beautiful but the glorious weather

and picturesque landscape for which

California is famous also makes it

incredibly popular and wherever there

are crowds prices tend to skyrocket

thankfully compared to the state's other

major population centers like San

Francisco and Los Angeles San Diego is

relatively affordable the average cost

of hotels tends to be noticeably lower

here than in the outer mentioned cities

and yet San Diego still checks most of

the boxes that people are looking for in

a California vacation including

beautiful beaches trendy neighborhoods

nearby hiking trails surfing a vibrant

nightlife and more not only is it home

to the world-renowned San Diego Zoo but

because of its close proximity to the

border many argue that this is the best

Mexican food to be found in the United


number 9 Detroit Michigan in the Motor

City not only does your dollar go far

but there's also a lot to see and do

that won't cost you a thing for starters

the Detroit Historical Society Museum

offers free admission meaning that you

can get a crash course in this city's

rich history other free attractions

include the GM Renaissance Center and

the Art Deco Guardian building another

solid reason to visit America's comeback

City is the Eastern Market which many

consider to be Detroit's beating heart

the largest open-air historic public

market in the country and dating back

over 150 years it makes for a

fascinating experience even if you don't

buy anything

though vendor prices do tend to be quite

fair number eight Milwaukee Wisconsin

Milwaukee might be unlikely to appear

high on the average person's must-visit

list but the prices here might just have

you thinking differently fear food

entertainment this under the radar city

has got it all and at a fraction of the

cost you're likely to encounter in other

American destinations as the home of the

Miller brewery

it's something of a mecca for mainstream

American beer enthusiasts the city's

beautiful waterfront remarkable

architecture and numerous parks can all

be appreciated without spending a dime

and free live music is never hard to

find especially during Milwaukee's

annual Summerfest number seven Phoenix

Arizona the southwestern United States

with its abundance of national parks and

diverse wilderness is a region of the

country where you can experience a lot

while spending relatively little for

those looking to explore the American

Southwest but not just the outdoors

Phoenix is without a doubt your best bet

for starters the average price of

airfare to the City Sky Harbor

International Airport given that it's a

major transportation hub is among the

cheapest in the nation food and drink is

affordable and with a wide range of

accommodations there's a place to rest

your head to fit every budget and back

outside with the entirety of the Sonoran

Desert to explore you'll never be at a

loss for inexpensive but unique

experiences number six Denver Colorado

in Denver you might expect to pay

slightly higher prices for your

accommodations than in some of our

earlier entries but the prices here are

well within the affordable range if your

budget is really tight you're in luck

because the city has hospitals starting

as low as 19

and in terms of a place to sleep in the

United States that's about as cheap as

it gets without having a friend in the

city with a couch to spare Denver also

stands out from the crowd and that it's

home to a number of free museums like

the US Mint and the Buffalo Bill Museum

you can also get a free tour of the

Coors brewery though it is a short drive

outside the city

number five Austin Texas keep it weird

but also keep it inexpensive now we feel

that this particular entry deserves a

caveat as a hip and trendy city known

for its festivals food and music scene

Austin is the sort of place where if

you're not careful you can easily spend

a small fortune artisanal cocktails and

boutique fashion accessories don't come

cheap thankfully while the hotels in the

business district are quite pricey you

can easily find a bargain by going a bit

off the beaten path and there's just so

much to do in this city like climbing

Mount Bonnell swimming at the Barton

Springs pools and watching over a

million bats take flight at Congress

bridge number four Salt Lake City Utah

nowadays Utah's capital and most

populated city is actually pretty kind

to a traveler's bank account the price

of accommodation is definitely on the

steeper side but you're guaranteed to

make up the difference with a multitude

of free and inexpensive attractions and

experiences airfare is also a big

selling point

flights to Salt Lake City International

Airport are about as cheap as they come

in the United States outdoorsy travelers

will find that it's the perfect home

base for all manner of adventure in

Utah's various state and national parks

while within the city itself there's

plenty of green space as well as free

museums and tours to enjoy number three

San Antonio Texas they say that

everything is bigger in Texas and at

least as far as San Antonio is concerned

that also seems to apply to savings

beyond seriously affordable food and

drink this view

full City has a wide range of activities

attractions and experiences that won't

cost you a dime apart from the cost of

public transportation San Antonio

missions National Historical Park is

home to four churches some dating back

to the 1700s history buff or not most

travelers are sure to appreciate the

city's biggest slice of American history

the Alamo which is similarly free to

visit and the same goes for the San

Antonio Museum of Art add to that

outdoor spaces like the city's Riverwalk

Brackenridge Park and Market Square and

you can see San Antonio's appeal number


las vegas nevada in las vegas they want

you to come and stay as long as possible

so that you keep feeding those machines

and hitting the tables resorts make far

more profit from your daily bets than

they ever could by upping the price of a

room knowing that you're most likely to

gamble in the hotel you're staying at

they all try to keep the price of their

rooms to the absolute bare minimum and

this philosophy extends beyond

accommodations to food and drinks within

your hotel as well if you can keep that

particular activity to a relative

minimum you can actually have the

vacation of a lifetime for a fraction of

what you'd usually spend you can instead

put your funds toward shows and other

memorable Vegas experiences number one

Orlando Florida we all know why people

come to Orlando the theme parks and

while your time at Disneyworld or

Universal Studios will cost you a pretty

penny the City of Orlando itself is

actually just about one of the cheapest

cities in America to go on holiday

flights to the city are incredibly


once you arrive not only are there many

discount and budget hotels to choose

from but you can also go the alternative

route of renting out a timeshare they're

typically offered in one-week chunks and

many of these places have excellent

facilities that will make you feel like

you're staying at an upscale resort and

yet somehow the prices remain very

reasonable making them a great value

especially for families add to that the

low cost of food and drinks in the area

and Orlando makes for a cheap sunny

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