How to Change the Oil in Your Car (the Right Way)

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today I'm going to show how to correctly change oil in a modern car, now over the

years, both cars and the oil that goes in them have changed, for instance in my

old Toyota Celica here, I use conventional motor oil, and change it

every 3,000 miles, that's how older cars were made, but a

modern car like this Toyota Matrix, that has variable valve timing, it's much more

complex, and really requires a synthetic oil, these oils are lighter for tighter

tolerances, in this case, it's a 5w30 oil, so you match it with this Platinum oil

that's also a five-way dirty oil, and of course, you can use any quality synthetic

oil, I'm using this because it's a good oil, and it was on sale at Walmart for

five bucks a quart, and in the case of this 2007 matrix Toyota requires five

thousand mile oil changes, now if you have a late-model car, like this Toyota,

that uses a 0w oil, you can use the Pens ultra platinum full synthetic oil,

and you only need to change it every ten thousand miles, or once a year, which is

what Toyota suggests, to change it once every ten thousand miles or once a year,

and if you're going to change your oil that less frequently, you really need a

better oil filter, than some of the cheap ones, that don't filter that well, but how

can you tell if the filters better or not, well first let's weight them to see

which has more material in them, okay now the cheaper auto light filter

it weighs 160 grams, while the Platinum filter, it weighs 192 grams, so it's

obviously more in the fancy filter, well let's call them in half and look inside,

we got the grinder and cut a half,

I will cut the Platinum in half too

now we'll compare the insides, the cheaper filter and the expensive ones

have the same type of shell, but the seal on the cheaper one melted right off and

fell, well the one here just stuck on the better filter, so it's got a better seal

on it to begin with, but the main difference is the filtration material,

the cheaper one you can see has much less pleat, so there's less surface area

and it uses a cheaper paper material, well this is a better composite one that

can hold a lot more dirt, and when we look at the bottom of the filters the

anti drain back valve, it's real cheap made out of plastic on a cheaper filter,

but here it's all metal with a metal spring, so it's going last a lot longer,

so if you're going through all the trouble using the right oil for your

engine, you might as well use the right filter that's going filter it for a long

time, and now I'm gonna show you how easy it is to change your own oil, you just

have to jack the car up a little because all modern cars are pretty low to the ground,

now some guys who are really were to put a jack stand under here, but really we're

just jacking a car up the tires are still on the car, so even if it went down

the car would still land on the tires, it wouldn't crush you, and here's what years of

experience have taught me a lot, sometimes it's hard to get those drain

plugs off, so get a long bar like this, with a socket on it, then you can easily

pull it loose, and of course you have your drain pan ready to catch the oil when it

comes out, here's the oil drain plug, you just put the socket on, and give it a big

pull, and with your fingers and gloves so you don't hurt anything, out

it comes, and of course realize that you should run your engine for maybe five

minutes, and let it sit for 10 minutes before changing the oil, so the oil is

warmed up and flows better, but it's not too hot that's why you wait ten minutes

to change it, and realize, for the drain plug it's good idea to get a new gasket

every time to put on, before you put it back on to make sure it doesn't leak,

then once it stops dripping, put the plug on with your fingers, then put the socket

on to make it nice and tight, and comes the oil filter, know that I'm strong, so I

can unscrew these things by hand, but sometimes they stick on

or maybe your not that strong, so they make these simple tools that cost about

seven bucks at autozone, they go right on the oil filter, and you put a wrench and

an extension on them, and then they can turn them off real easy, now before you

put the new oil filter on, here's a tip, stick your finger in the oil, wipe it

around the lip, where the seal is, that makes it seal better, plus it makes it

easier to take off next time, then you just screw the filter back, on make it

nice and snug, then you just pour the correct amount of oil back in, and

there's two ways of doing that, you can either look it up on your book,

google it and find what it is, or you can do it the old-fashioned way, you can

check it before you change it, make sure it's full, then measure exactly what

comes out and put the same amount back in, you can't beat that, and then the

question arises, what do you do with the old oil, well I pour mine in a container

and take it to a recycling center, and many auto parts stores take your old oil

too, you can just pour it back in the containers it came in and give it back

to them, and they'll recycle it, so now you know how to correctly change oil in

a modern car, because you don't want to ruin one of these fancy modern engines

they cost a fortune to repair, and oil changes are simple and quick, and

remember if you've got any car questions just visit the scotty kilmer channel