Here's Why You Should CHANGE YOUR OWN OIL!!

in this video let's talk about why you

should be changing your own oil whether

you own a car or a truck changing your

own oil can be very rewarding it is a

relatively simple process where you're

just draining out the old oil refilling

it and changing the oil filter but I

know that is easier said than done you

do have to climb under the vehicle you

do have to deal with your old dirty oil

and that for a lot of people is not fun

however in this video I'm gonna break it

down and make it as simple as possible

and today we're gonna be working on this

2003 Chevrolet Suburban being that I

Drive a large SUV I have plenty of room

under the vehicle without having to jack

it up but let's say you drive a car or

your SUV or truck is very low to the

ground well you're gonna need a jack and

that's what I have here in my case I'm

gonna look under the truck for a strong

point on the frame to put the jack

definitely consult your owners manual to

know exactly where your manufacturer

suggests you jack up your car or truck

alright well I chose a point on the

frame and I'm gonna start jacking this

vehicle up just to get some more room

while I work and now that I have the

truck jacked up I'm gonna use this jack

stand to support it and with the jack

stand in place I'm gonna let down the

jack slowly to set it nice and slow into

the jack stand now that I have my jack

stand supporting the entire weight of

the vehicle and my jack still in place

with tension for good measure I can

safely climb under the vehicle and not

be crushed okay so our vehicle is now

safely supported let's take a look under

the hood and look for our oil fill cap

in this case my oil fill cap tells me I

need to use 5w30 weight oil let's go

ahead and remove the cap doing this will

help your old oil flow out when you

remove that drain plug I'm gonna open my

owner's manual

and look for the capacities page on this

page I can see my Vortech 5300 v8 with

the VIN number of Z which is a flex-fuel

motor takes six quarts of oil with the

filter now speaking of the oil this is

one of the major reasons why you need to

start changing your own oil I can now

choose which oil I want to put in my

vehicle during this oil change I'll be

using this Mobil 1 5w30 just like my

motor calls for and as you can see this

is advanced full synthetic motor oil you

can even choose an extended performance

oil which gives you 15,000 miles between

oil changes also I can ensure the exact

oil filter as recommended by the

manufacturer now it's time to climb

under the vehicle oh and don't forget

your drain pan okay so here you can see

my drain plug and just underneath I have

my drain bucket I'm gonna put it a

little forward accounting for the arc

that's gonna happen when I open this

drain plug I've got my 15 millimeter

wrench and I'm gonna loosen this thing

up okay so it's loose I'm now going to

loosen it all the way by hand waiting

until it skips over on itself keeping

positive pressure and there I just felt

it now I'm gonna pull the bolt away and

with your drain pan properly placed

hopefully you won't spill a drip and now

is a great time to check the condition

of your drain plug not only can you

check the gasket you can check how your

magnets doing mine seems to be doing

just fine okay we are now officially

done draining the oil I'm going to take

a paper towel and just wipe the surface

and then take my bolt and thread it in

by hand now I can take my wrench and

just snug it down and don't forget to

wipe off your excess oil here that way

you can check it later on to see if

there's any drips or anything going on

here and you'll know if you see

something that you need to tighten your

oil drain plug with the drain completed

and our drain plug bolted back in place

we can now remove our oil filter and

sometimes these oil filters can be kind

of tough to get off in my case I'm gonna

use one of these oil filter wrenches I'm

just gonna slide it on and slowly but

surely wrench it off now that that's

loose I can start unscrewing the oil

filter but I'm also going to make sure

that my oil drain pan

properly placed do this as quickly as

possible okay we can now prep our new

oil filter I'm gonna take it out of the

box and place it with the seal up now

I'm gonna take a quart of oil put some

up in the lid which puts just enough oil

inside this lid for me to use my finger

and lube up this seal we only need a

little here and if you're lucky enough

to have a filter that screws in

completely vertically you can pre-fill

this thing in that case all you do is

simply pour some oil in the center of

the filter give it a few minutes so the

filter media can soak up some of this

oil and then refill the filter media

within the oil filter soaks up quite a

bit of oil I've already filled it up

twice now and I'm gonna do it a third


and that is how you pre fill an oil

filter and now we can install it just

going to simply bring it up to the

threads try to keep it completely

vertically and spin it on you may need

to clean off the filter or use some sort

of rag to try to get more leverage on

the filter and tighten it as tight as

you can by hand it doesn't have to be

he-man tight but you do want it somewhat

tight all right well that's it guys we

now have reinstalled our drain plug and

our filter and we're done underneath the

vehicle back up top the only thing we

have to do now is pour in our six quarts

of oil just grab a funnel to make the

job a little easier I'm gonna start with

the rest of the court that I was using

to pre-fill the oil filter now I'll go

ahead and add my five remaining quarts

okay well this will be our last quart

our sixth quart all right with

everything buttoned up underneath and

six quarts of fresh oil in the motor

we're going to give it a start and here

we go

and the oil pressure looks great

everything sounds good too

help with that guys we've just finished

a top-notch oil change on our vehicle

sure it took some effort and sure we got

a little dirty but it is extremely

rewarding knowing full well exactly what

type of oil is in our engine make no


a vehicle is an investment a poor

investment but an investment nonetheless

we need to try to minimize our loss by

taking the very best care we can and

today by changing our own oil we've

ensured the quality the quantity the

type of filter and the fact that the job

was actually done personally I've vowed

to always change my own oil whenever

humanly possible it is such a simple

process but the lifeblood of our engine

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