Why Oil Change Shops are a Scam

rev up your engines, Michael says hey Scotty, what's the deal with these oil change

shops, you going for an oil change before you leave they tell you need an air filter

transmission fluid, new oil pan, excetera

okay it's called capitalism, I remember when I was a kid and I was going we're

going to New York my father's going to play bridge and I was riding with him to

hang out in New York City and we're going on New York State throughway, so he

goes in and those days was full service gasoline, they filled your car up, well

you go in fill it up, kid tells my father you need a new air filter and my father

who ran his own gas station said, hey kid I just put a new one in before we took the

trip to New York City you're of it, but the kid got paid like fifty cents for

every air filter he sold, so it's the same thing that you're gonna find here, people are

just selling you things that you don't necessarily need, they're told to do it

they get a percentage cut, you need to check all that stuff yourself, you know

look at it and then you know if it's dirty change it, if it's something that

is old for mileage or years put it in a little notebook in your glove box and

then you know when you really need a change

Cooper sport GB says hey Scotty what's your opinion on classic minis, oh I love

the classic minis, the classic minis I'm not talking about these modern ones that

BMWs making in England, I'm talking about the classic ones, post-world War two, the

English wanted a small reliable car and they came up with the minis they're the

Morris garages a front-wheel drive cute little vehicle that was cheap that

could run for a long time, take up a tiny space and not that slow, I mean they

could zip around they had no top-end, they didn't go that fast but they're

very interesting, cars it was the first real mass-produced front-wheel drive car

and they sold millions of those things, you know there are long stay away

from the modern minis the modern minis are BMW designs, they cost too much they

break down, when they get older they have electrical failure problems, they're

automatic transmissions are garbage, the standards are okay, but I liked those old

classic minis I think those are neat cars, my neighbors from England she

had one she was in England she still dreams about it she loved that car,

Christopher bear says Scotty, I'm looking to purchase a classic car Datsun

240z, I live in East Coast and a lot in the West Coast, you think it's worth the risk

of purchase from California, yeah if you want one that isn't rusted out those 240z's

were killer cars, and their simpler cars too cuz the 240z had carburetors

on it, it's not fuel-injected you can fix that stuff easily yourself and

there's many parts readily available, and if you get a car from California that's

actually been there the whole time and the frame isn't rotten, you can't go

wrong the car's not gonna rust and if you're gonna bring it to New York my

advice is, put it up in the winter when the salts on the road and only drive it

in the summer, cuz you don't want to ruin a classic like that if you get a good

one and fix it up and they are worth money their classic cars and people really

like those things they're pretty well made, like I said you can still get parts

of those things pretty readily, Sam I am so say Scotty I just got my first manual

transmission car, should I change the manual transmission fluid if so much how

much should I remove and add, manual transmissions are only splash

lubrication there's gears inside and the oil inside

just splashes around and lubricants them, it's not like an automatic transmission

that has a pump inside that pumps the fluid and it shifts by fluid pressure

all's it is displace lubrication but that said, it's a good idea to change

the fluid every eighty thousand miles or so, now manual transmissions are easy

there's a drain plug, you take it out and all the fluid drains out, then you put

that plug back in and then above it somewhere there's an add plug and you'll

unscrew that and you pump new fluid in there until it comes out that hole, their

very easy to do and you know every 80 90 thousand miles change the fluid it'll

make them last longer, eagle arms USA says Scotty would you

recommend replacing the lifters that are ticking in a 1988 Bronco 2 or to get

something else, you know people are starting to collect those old Broncos

and lifters aren't all that expensive you know, if the vehicle is in good shape

otherwise it really doesn't burn a lot of oil and it isn't a clunker that's all worn

out, I'd do it you know those old things that can run long time and their

simpler, plus since it's a classic Ford design there's always parts available

for those things, it's not like you got something that you can't get parts for

anymore, there's parts that are ready available for those things and if you

don't mind the relatively poor gas mileage that that thing gets, if I were you I'd go ahead and fix it

Allen es says Scotty what do you think about weird electrical gremlins

in older cars, I have an 04 Ford Ranger that only blows AC out of the defrost

vents and nowhere else, no heat either all that stuff it may be old but it's

modern enough 04, what happens is your HVAC system, the heating vent and ac

that's all run by computers and you're now stuck in the default, which is

defrost when the system breaks, it goes to defrost and stays there it's a safety

thing, so that when a winter your windows won't fog up and you can't see or kill

yourself, it's not a bad idea really, but you have a problem in that system knowing those

it's usually the control unit goes bad and that won't switch them back and

forth anymore, you're going to have to find a guy like me that has a dealer level scan tool

to do bi-directional testing to see, is this working, are the actuators

working and you can't do that without one of those computers it's a very

complex system, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair

videos, remember to ring that Bell!