welcome back to Mauro huge think the

easiest tuning for hooking me up I'm

making this video making it happen let's

go and check it out see what we're doing

today so from the get-go as you can see

we've got our easiest tuning box let's

go check and see what's inside all right

boom so we've got a total of seven

liters of 0w 40 liqui moly motor oil

we've got a filter housing removal tool

we've got magnetic drain plug this is

from ECS this is pretty cool this is

like set a magnetic drain plug

pretty slick we've got an o-ring oil

filter housing I'm sorry we'll filter


and this one's pretty cool so this one

says it's called a as you can read here

bleh aluminum oil filter cap this is

this looks pretty cool and it's got a

really nice you know look to it but it

also uses I believe a 17 or not maybe a

19 it looks like so you can use it

without having to pull one of those out

so as you guys already know easiest

tuning is one of the largest coms for

the automotive industry in the US you

can go ahead and check the link below to

go ahead and get the exact same stuff

here you can get the kit or you can get

the oil from like Lamont to all the

brands to even get any things like the

drain plug or the filter housing cap so

check the link below I'll put them all

individually go and check it out and get

it yourself for doing DIY feel free to

otherwise go to use espn.com and check

it out yourself and of course the huge

things to advant polishes so I'm gonna

give away a few kits to you guys all you

gotta do is kind of below what your

first car was and then I'll just go

ahead and pick a couple random windows

you have to subscribe and follow me on

Instagram I was like three of you guys

to win all of this I'll divide it up I

got a lot more than what you see here so

I've got a handful of boxes that they

sent me so I've got some towels some

sprays and some swag and I'll send some

to you guys big thanks to them for

keeping my ride mini fresh so I've

you've already guessed that we're going

to Jiffy Lube we're gonna go again the

old change done but it's not because I

want to go to jail it's not because I

can't do it's not because I don't want

to go to BMW primarily for the sake of

time we've got some things coming up I'm

actually just go in there getting them

just do the labor while I provide all

the equipment and all the obviously the

supplies so different hands same outcome

so let's go and get into it hold it up

all right let's do it

all right so I just got I just got to

Jiffy Lube pulled up and pretty good no

one here the only thing is that I guess

I had to wait for the second Bay because

the first babe had like a bump in it so

it doesn't really work for I guess

lowered cars or something like that so

there's a car in front of me right now

it'd be about 15 minutes but not a big

deal and told them I'm gonna bring my

own oil and all that kind of stuff so

should be good to go currently at about

looks like here's 57,000 miles all right

so I'm here I got here pretty much on a

good time as you already saw but you can

see here it says Jiffy Lube

but I dropped the car off or I'm still

here but I'm just waiting outside but

we're gonna go ahead and get all six and

a half liters of oil taken out replaced

and it's gonna go ahead with the new

drain plug and new filter housing cap on

with new filters and everything so

pretty good and a lot of people are

gonna hate me for this but to be honest

it's the same thing as if I were to do

it myself or if I went to a BM to

dealership at the end of the day it's

about what goes in the car

not as much as who does it it is

important but these guys know obviously

with you do a nail they do all the

changes for life and for their lives I

should say so that's why I'm here

okay some of you didn't believe me

everything in there and we should be

pretty good to go get started and they

did all the headlight stuff like the

blinker and reverse lights checking for

any airs and all that kind of stuff so

yeah five out of five service

appreciate a man and that wraps up this

episode of mash tomorrow don't forget to

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pieces coming together a lot of cool

parts coming out speaking of parts I've

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introduced probably in the next couple

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Yui 99 two guys three series and em I've

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